Person:Mary Shipman (2)

Mary Ann Shipman
b.5 Sep 1861 MO
d.3 Dec 1935 Granby, Newton, MO
m. 16 Jul 1856
  1. Mary Ann Shipman1861 - 1935
  2. John Wesley Shipman1870 - 1949
  3. Cora Shipman1878 -
  4. Thomas Lee Shipman1884 - 1939
m. 1881
Facts and Events
Name Mary Ann Shipman
Gender Female
Birth? 5 Sep 1861 MO
Marriage 1881 Newton Co., Thomas C. Ferguson
Death? 3 Dec 1935 Granby, Newton, MO
Burial? Greenwood Cemetery

Mary was my John Wesley's and Tommy's sister who married Tom Ferguson. He was the sheriff that I have some cool stories about I can tell you sometime and their home..."the old Shipman place" is still down there and we can all see it sometime! Daddy can take us. I "think" Daddy told me back when I sent him the photo you had at your site of Tommy that he recalls that very carpet where Tommy was sitting and that was at the Shipman place...or maybe I am dreaming.

Urcell was the daughter of John...but my dad never liked her...I think because he considered her to be a "loose woman " maybe.<grin> Okay...qu laughing! My dad always called her a "wood colt" which of course meant she was conceived out of wedlock by his own father John Wesley. However, I have the microfilm that says she was born to John Wesley Shipman and Belle Cornelius in 1885-ish I think. Anyway, she was never spoken of when I w growing up. As a kid I got the feeling that my dad and his siblings nev mentioned her due to being sensitive to John's wife and my grandmother, Laura Ellen Stringer Shipman who of course arrived in the saga a bit later. But, apparently she was around at times as the photo testifies. Urcell marri that Albert Whitaker-guy and my dad says the kid Mary is holding I believe was Marvin Whitaker...however I have never gotten anything on these Whitakers much. Loose thread to pull when I have more time...whenever that is!<grin>