Person:Mary Pollock (13)

Mary Pollock
b.abt 1660
Facts and Events
Name Mary Pollock
Alt Name Mary Pollok
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1660
Marriage 14 Nov 1678 to Robert Semple, 5th Lord Sempill 'of Beltrees'
Marriage abt 1717 to John Cochran
  1.   Members of the Pollok Family.

    Alexander Pollock & Edward A. Langslow Cock

  2.   Patterson, James (Editor); James Sempill; Francis Sempill; and Robert Sempill. The Poems of The Sempills of Beltrees: Now First Collected, With Notes And Biographical Notices Of Their Lives. (Edinburgh, Scotland: Thomas George Stevenson, 1849).

    V. Robert Sempill of Beltrees, only lawful son and heir of Francis Sempill of Beltrees, married Mary, eldest daughter of Robert Pollock of that Ilk, 14th November 1678. By the contract of marriage she was infeft in the ten merk land of Thirdpairt, reserving L200 Scots to Jean Campbell, his mother, as an annuity. Robert Sempill took upon him the debts of his father, Francis. On the 13th April 1686, he owed 890 merks and L505. Also annual rents amounting to L94. Four other bands for money appear by Robert Sempill of Beltrees. He renewed a band to Robert Chapman, son and heir of the deceased Robert Chapman, Glasgow, for 4000 merks, over the lands of Thirdpairt, 9th June 1701. He paid a visit to Ireland, with the view of prosecuting the family claim to the lands of Carberry, of which they had been deprieved during the usurpation; but he returned in May 1703, not having met with suffiecient encouragement to institute legal proceedings.

    Robert Sempill of Beltrees was alive at the Union, as his son, Robert Sempill, younger, is mentioned in the Act. But he died before 1717, in which year “John Cochrane, [second] husband to the Ladie Beltrees,” was brought before the Presbytery of Renfrewshire, accused of adultery. Lady Beltrees would be about fifty-six years of age at this time. She had to Robert Sempill of Beltrees:-

    1. Robert, his heir, born 8th Jan 1687.
    2. Jean, born 21st Sept. 1679
    3. Elizabeth, born 12th Nov. 1680.
    4. Grizel, born 14th May, 1682

    Robert Sempill of Beltrees seems to have died in the course of 1713. He was according to tradition, a remarkably handsome man. Two lines of a local song, popular before the middle of last century, allude to Beltrees: -…

  3.   Lyle, Andrew Crawfurd's Collection of Ballads & Songs 1828 "Ladie Beltrees and Her Bonnie Lads"

    Ladie Beltrees and Her Bonnie Lads
    DESCRIPTION: Matthew Orr goes to Glasgow to see Lady Beltrees. She hides from him "ahint the bed." Her friends/servants(?) say "she wasna in." Doesn't she remember when "I kissed thee in thy bed" and she said she liked him better than Johnny Blair or Ned Davidson?
    AUTHOR: unknown
    EARLIEST DATE: 1828 (Lyle-Crawfurd2)
    KEYWORDS: sex nonballad lover
    FOUND IN: Britain(Scotland(Bord))
    REFERENCES (1 citation):
    Lyle-Crawfurd2 145, "Ladie Beltrees and Her Bonnie Lads" (1 text)
    Roud #15126
    NOTES: Lady Beltrees is Mary Pollock, born c.1661, and married to Robert Sempill of Beltrees in 1678. Patterson prints the song without being able to identify the other characters named, except to say "it would appear that Ladie Beltrees was somewhat of a gallant." We know she married unhappily after Sempill died sometime between 1707 and 1711 (source: James Paterson, The Poems of the Sempills of Beltrees (Edinburgh, 1849 ("Digitized by Google")), pp. lxxx-lxxxiii). - BS
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