Person:Mary Norris (1)

Mary Ann Norris
m. 14 Mar 1870
  1. Elizabeth Mary Norris1871 - 1951
  2. Mary Ann Norris1872 - 1935
  3. Walter Norris1874 - 1949
  4. Reuben Norris1876 - 1955
  5. Agnes Norris1878 - 1961
  6. Rose Hannah Norris1880 - 1926
  7. Thomas James Norris1882 - 1964
  8. Arthur Fritz Allen Norris1884 - 1962
  9. Emmaline Norris1886 - 1981
  10. John William Norris1889 - 1969
  11. Amanda Helen Norris1892 - 1901
  12. Lavinea Norris1895 - 1967
  13. Son Norris1897 - 1897
  14. Son Norris1898 - 1898
m. 3 May 1890
  1. Elizabeth Rose Hannah Barton1891 - 1893
  2. Della Ladoyski Barton1893 - 1920
  3. Joseph Thomas Barton1894 - 1980
  4. Charles Barton1896 - 1975
  5. Dewey Lavon Barton1898 - 1986
  6. Maude Ethel Barton1900 - 1975
  7. Edwin James Barton1902 - 1970
  8. Mary Ann Barton1914 - ABT 1999
Facts and Events
Name Mary Ann Norris
Gender Female
Birth? 15 Sep 1872 Randolph, Rich, Utah, United States
Marriage 3 May 1890 Randolph, Rich, Utah, USAto Joseph Thomas Barton
Death? 8 Sep 1935 Elko, Elko, Nevada, United States
Burial[1] 15 Sep 1935 Kaysville, Davis, Utah, United StatesKaysville Cemetery
Ancestral File Number 1Z0LRG
Reference Number? norris
Other? Lot 38B3 Cemetery Description

BEP-P-BIC Mary Ann Norris Barton

My mother, Mary Ann Norris was born September 15, 1872 in Randolph, Rich, Utah, the daughter of Walter Norris and Rose Hannah Parker. As a small child Mother spent much of her time with her grandparents, William and Caroline Norris. She went to live with them when she was only four years of age and she was still making her home with them when she was married. Mother went there to live because her grandmother needed some one with her.

Mother was the belle of Randolph, she was popular and respected and admired by all who knew her. She had high ideals and stuck to them. She attended school for only a few months as a girl but was self-educated.

When Mother was seventeen she met Joseph Thomas Barton. A young man who had helped a rancher drive his cattle from Kaysville to Randolph. They were introduced by a mutual friend. Mother was in town with her sister Elizabeth and another girl friend when the two boys joined them. After an afternoon of fun the boys walked the girls home. Joseph took Mother and her sister home and the other fellow took the other girl.

Since Mother was living with her grandparents, they dropped Elizabeth at her home and then walked on to the grandparent’s home. Joseph asked her for a date for the dance the following Saturday. Mother told him she had a tentative date with another boy if he could get away from the ranch where he was working, but if he was not there by five o'clock Saturday she would accompany Joseph to the dance. The fellow failed to come and so Mary Ann went to the dance with Joseph. The man Joseph was working for saw them together and told him to stick to her, that she was the best catch in Randolph.

The following spring on May 3, 1890 they were married in Randolph and went to live for a short time with Mother's grandparents.

Written by Mary B. Larsen - daughter

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