Person:Mary Fuller (53)

Mary Florence Fuller
b.8 DEC 1885 Stuart, Nebraska
  1. Mary Florence Fuller1885 - 1979
m. 8 DEC 1904
  1. Idella Marie Jaques1906 - 1994
  2. Mildred Jaques1908 -
Facts and Events
Name Mary Florence Fuller
Gender Female
Birth? 8 DEC 1885 Stuart, Nebraska
Marriage 8 DEC 1904 O'Neill, Holt, Nebraskato William Arthur Jaques
Death? 9 MAY 1979 Nampa, Canyon, Idaho
Burial? Nampa, Idaho

FAMILY OF GABRIEL BAUGHMAN 1791 - March 29, 1886

The first record we have of the Baughman family, is of Jacob Baughman of Heidelburg, Germany, who married Christine VonArenthal, of Vienna, Austria, who had six children, Abram, Joseph, Ludwig, Henry, Ruth and Elizabeth. We are descendants of the Abram Baughman branch of this family. Abram Baughman, of Heidelburg, Germany, married Charlotte Sager, of Fairfax County, Va. They were the parents of 8 children: Jacob, Henry, Gabriel, Abram, John Barbara, Elizabeth and Gideon. Those known to come to Illinois are Jacob, Abram, Gabriel, John, Elizabeth and Gideon. GABRIEL BAUGHMAN OUR WORTHY ANCESTOR was born in Fairfax county, Va., in 1791 before Napoleon measured swords with Wellington at Waterloo, and while Gen Washington was president of the United States. When young he moved with his parents to Ashland county, Ohio. There he grew to manhood and married Margaret Hoaric. About the year 1830 or '31 they moved with their family to Fulton county, Illinois, where he lived to the ripe old age of 95 years. On March 29th, 1886, he entered his eternal rest. His wife Margaret died February 17th, 1867 being 71 years of age. They were the parents of 12 children: 5 boys and 7 girls. All grew to man and womanhood except Louisa, who was born July 1839 and who passed away Oct. 14th, 1846. age 6 years and 3 months and lies in the Baughman cemetery near Smithfield, Ill. The other children were Absolom, who was born in Ohio, Aug. 1st, 1819 and died in Cass Township, Fulton County, Illinois, Aug. 5th, 1871 at the age of 52. John was born in Ohio, Oct. 11th, 1820. About 1859 or '60 he moved to Iowa and lived there many years; but later moved to Kansas and died near Maxfield Aug. 18th, 1883 . . . . . . . …….in Springfield at the age of 84 years. Mary was born in Ill, Feb. 16th, 1832 and died in Smithfield, May 22, 1912 aged 80 years. Margaret was born in Illinois, Dec. 27th, 1836 and passed away at her home at Marietta, Ill., at the age of 82 years. Hanna was born near Smithfield, Ill Jan. 26th, 1837, and died at her home in Smithfield Feb. 13th, 1928, aged 91 years. Almeda was born near Smithfield, Ill, July This family of 11 children was reared among the primitive forests of Ohio and Illinois; away back among the years that seemed to belong to the misty past; log houses were the rule; old fashioned fireplaces where sometimes the big back log was snaked in with a horse. School houses were few and far between. The Bible and spelling book being the only school books. Churches were scarcer than school houses, religious services being held in the homes. Wool was spun and woven at home. Barbara, Mary and Margaret did most of the spinning and Abram and Barbara did the weaving. Clothing of all kinds was completely home made. Among the general forms of amusement were the quilting bee, corn husking, log rolling, house raising and apple pairings. For food they had corn bread, honey venison, prairie chicken, wild turkey and fish. This family of 11 children have grown until it now numbers over 500.

Descendants Gabriel Baughman married Margaret Hoaric. Twelve children - Absolem Baughman, John Baughman, Abram Baughman, Barbara Baughman, Samuel Baughman, Gideon Baughman, Elizabeth Baughman, Mary Baughman, Margaret Baughman, Hanna Baughman, Louisa Baughman, Almeda Baughman.

8.Mary Baughman married Singleton Beckett and James Harrel. Five children --- John Beckett

                              Minerva Beckett (our great great grandmother)
                  Hattie Harrel
                              Nellie Harrel
                              Ida Harrel