Person:Mary Cheairs (1)

Mary Ann Cheairs
m. 4 Jul 1795
  1. Mary Ann Cheairs1796 - 1868
m. Est 1813
Facts and Events
Name Mary Ann Cheairs
Gender Female
Birth[1][2][3][4][5] 8 May 1796 North Carolina, United StatesBirth place based on census records
Marriage Est 1813 Anson, North Carolina, United StatesEstimated date based on birth of oldest known child
to Nathaniel Scott
Census[3] 1850
Census[4] 1860 DeSoto, Mississippi, United States
Death[2][5] 15 Mar 1868 DeSoto, Mississippi, United States
"Glimpses of Yesterday", by Lucy Marion Reaves[1]

Nathaniel and Mary Cheairs Scott, subjects of these interesting old pictures, whose descendants came to Arkansas and acquired large tracts of land, are the grandparents of Sterling Price Scott and Mrs. Charles Welford Waring, who was Mary Rachel Doxey.

Mr. And Mrs. Scott were parents of 11 children. Among the children were Thomas Scott, who married Tabitha Pritchard, the parents of S. P. Scott; and Ana Scott, who married Dr. John Jockhart Doxey, the parents of Mrs. Waring.

The Scott and the Cheairs families came originally from Queen Anne county, Maryland. Thomas Cheairs, the first of his line to come to America from France, accompanied by two bothers, arrived on one of the first ships after the landing of the Ark and the Dove, the first ship to bring settlers to the Maryland Shores. Like many, who served in the Revolutionary war, members of the Scott and Cheairs families received land grants for service in North Carolina and Kentucky.

Nathaniel Scott was born in Montgomery county, North Carolina, on November 26, 1786. His marriage to Mary Cheairs took place in Anderson county, North Carolina. They lived subsequently in Montgomery county, North Carolina; Giles and Hardeman counties, Tennessee; and Tippa and DeSoto counties, Mississippi. After the death of his wife, Nathaniel Scott came to Little Rock to spend the remainder of his life with his daughter, Anne Scott Doxey, who after the death of her first husband had become Mrs. William Quarrels Pennington. Nathaniel Scott died July 17, 1868.

Mary Cheairs Scott, who was born May 8, 1796, was of Huguenot descent. She was the daughter of Nathanial Cheairs and Sarah Rush, whose marriage took place in Montgomery county, North Carolina, July 4, 1795. Nathanial Cheairs served under General Washington during the American Revolution and fought in the Battle of Yorktown. Sarah Rush was the daughter of William and Abigail Rush and the granddaughter of Benjamin Rush, the celebrated doctor of Philadelphia.

Great grandchildren of Mr. And Mrs. Nathaniel Scott of Arkansas connection are Sterling Scott of Carlsbad, al; Laurence Edward Scott, Mrs. James R. Vinson, who was Louise Estelle Scott; and Charles H. Waring, of Little Rock. Great great grandchildren include Elizabeth, Katherine and Martha Geen Scott of Carlsbad; Marie, Carolyn and Jane Scott and Mary Lynn Vinson and Gordon Scott Vinson of Little Rock.

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    . . . .
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    Mary Ann Cheairs was the child of
    Nathaniel Cheairs born on 4 - Jan - 1764 at Queen Ann Co MD
    died at Spring Hill TN on 2 - Oct - 1846 and his ( 1st ) wife
    Sarah Rush born on 4 - Oct - 1778 at Montgomery Co NC
    died at Spring Hill TN on 26 - Jun - 1848 married on 4 - Jul - 1795

    Mary Ann Cheairs born on 8 - May - 1796 at Montgomery Co NC
    died at De Sota Co MS on 15 - Mar - 1867