Person:Mary Buchanan (78)

Mary Ann Buchanan
b.Bef. 1725
m. Bef. 1722
  1. Rebecca BuchananEst 1722 - Bef 1754
  2. Mary Ann BuchananBef 1725 -
  3. James BuchananEst 1725-1735 -
  4. Hannah BuchananEst 1725-1740 -
  5. Ruth BuchananEst 1725-1740 -
m. est. abt. 1742
  1. Mary Ann Campbellest 1743 -
Facts and Events
Name Mary Ann Buchanan
Gender Female
Birth? Bef. 1725
Marriage est. abt. 1742 to William Campbell

Records of Mary Ann (Buchanan) Campbell in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 1, 1747. - (191) Mary Ann Campbell, Ruth Buchanan and Rebecca Buchanan, the other criminals, be committed for trial till May Court. (191) Rebecca Hays, Isabella Taylor, Sarah Paxton, Elizabeth Davis, Mary McClung, Agnes Gray, Esther Lyle, Agnis McClure, Catherine McNabb, Jane Hall, Prudence Campbell, Elizabeth McCroskie and Hannah Miller appeared and their husbands recognized that they appear at May Court to testify against Rebecca Buchanan, Jr., and Senr., Mary Ann Campbell and Ruth Buchanan. John Carmichael also recognized.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 20, 1747. - 192) Trial of Rebecca Buchanan, Jr., on suspicion of murder, and Rebecca Buchanan, Sr., Mary Ann Campbell, Ruth Buchanan, alias Carmickell, on suspicion of being accessories. All acquitted except Rebecca, Jr., who was committed for trial at Williamsburg.