Person:Mary Black (26)

Mary Black
Facts and Events
Name[1] Mary Black
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1896 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandPartick
Census[1] 1901 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandPartick

MARY BLACK was born in 1896 in Glasgow, Scotland. She appeared on the census of 1901 at Partick, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandS1. She married HARRY WOODHOUSE.

The William (Bill) Black Interview has the following quotes on Mary:

  • When (during Bill's 1954 trip to Scotland to meet his grandparents) they went to Aunt Mary's house she allowed Bill to have a drink with her and her husband, which really shocked Aunt Peggy & her husband Alec (Nicol), because Aunt Mary was a tee-totaler.
  • Before he went into the service Charles "Scottie" Black was a boxer. His sister Mary would help him to sneak out at night, letting him use her bike. Eventually, their father caught them both and this was the main reason Charles left for the Army (during WW1).
  • Charles (Scottie) Black was in WW1. He was 15 years old when he joined. His big sister Mary signed the papers for him so that he could get away from his father, who he didn't get along with.
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