Person:Mary Batt (3)

Mary Batt
b.est 1586
m. 18 Apr 1605
  1. Ralph CarpenterAbt 1602 - Aft 1638
  2. Frances Carpenter1604 - 1688
Facts and Events
Name Mary Batt
Alt Name Mary Bath
Gender Female
Birth? est 1586
Marriage 18 Apr 1605 Salisbury, Wiltshire, EnglandSt. Thomas' Church
to William Carpenter

Parents may have been Rev. Robert and Alicia (Lockey) Batt of Wiltshire. Robert Batt mentioned a Carpenter in his will, and witnessed the 1599 will of Robert Carpenter and the 1614 will of Richard Carpenter. Alternatively, her father could have been Richard Batt (a baptismal record for a Mary Batt, daughter of Richard Batt, has been found in the right place at the right time - see below). If so, Robert Batt may have been an uncle or other relative.

See notes on her family page regarding lack of evidence for her children.

Eugene Cole Zubrinsky, "William1 Carpenter of Newtown, Shalbourne, Wiltshire (Bevis, 1638)" (2008), Carpenter Sketches. Main web page at:

Gene Zubrinsky makes the following comment.

Mary's surname appears as Bath in the published transcription of church records including that of her marriage, at Salisbury in 1605, to a William Carpenter. It has not been established that he was the man who is the subject of this account (see Gene Zubrinsky's notes for William1 Carpenter, MARRIAGE section).

E-MAIL: From: 25 Sept. 2001 Subject: [CARPENTER] Re: CARPENTER-D Digest V01 #184 Re: Batt-Hatt (sounds like Dr. Seuss) In my search of Hungerford and Great Bedwin parish records, I found Batts in both. (The difference between B and H in 17th-century handwriting is quite distinct.) The marriage of William Carpenter and Mary Batt, however, occurred at St. Thomas the Martyr, Salisbury, Wiltshire. In a March 1998 letter, David Kendall Martin, FASG, indicated to me that Batt family records published in the NEHG REGISTER in 1897 (vol. 51) show that this Mary Batt "would be no more than a distant cousin of the Christopher Batt of the BEVIS." (I haven't seen the article.) While it would be a mistake to jump to any conclusions, I know of no evidence allowing us to rule out the POSSIBILITY that this marriage was between the eventual parents of Rehoboth William. When Abigail (Briant) Carpenter's age was recorded on the BEVIS passenger list as 32, she was actually either 34 or only days short of that age (bap. Shalbourne, 27 May 1604). If husband William, whose age is recorded on the passenger list as 33, was actually a year or so younger than that, it would comport with the likelihood that the first child of William and Mary (Batt) Carpenter (m. 18 April 1605) was born about 1606, rather than about 1605, as the passenger list implies. One wonders if perhaps they fudged their ages slightly, so as to conceal the unconventional fact that Abigail was a couple of years older than William. THIS, HOWEVER, IS PURELY SPECULATIVE.

The aforementioned David Martin has found that a Mary Batt was baptized at St. Thomas the Martyr on 7 August 1584, daughter of Richard Batt, who had married at St. Edmund's, Salisbury, 4 September 1581, Agnes Danyell. Richard was buried at St. Thomas the Martyr, 2 September 1600; wife Agnes had been buried at St. Martin's, Salisbury, 28 February 1587. Perhaps Mary was sent to live with relatives in the vicinity of Shalbourne but returned to Salisbury to be married. AGAIN, THIS IS NOTHING BUT SPECULATION. WHILE TANTALIZING, IT IS NOWHERE NEARLY SUFFICIENT TO CONCLUDE THAT SHE WAS REHOBOTH WILLIAM'S MOTHER!!!