Person:Martha Tarter (2)

Martha Ellen Tarter
Facts and Events
Name Martha Ellen Tarter
Alt Name Mollie Flanagan
Alt Name Martha E. Tarter
Gender Female
Birth? 19 OCT 1853 Pulaski, Kentucky, USA
Marriage 13 MAR 1876 Pulaski, Kentucky, USAto James B. Flanagan
Death? 30 OCT 1945 Russell, Kentucky, USA
Burial? Jamestown, Russell, Kentucky, USA
Alt Burial? Flanagan Cemetery, Russell Co., KY
Other? Russell, Kentucky, USABirth Order

I have very little info on the Flanagans past my grandfather, Loren Davis Flanagan. On G. F. (Gary Flanagan's) site there is a photo of Mason Flanagan, that's my G-Father's brother and they both served in WW1 together during 1918. My G. F. told me Mason F. and himself discarded their rifles and PU a French M.G. that had a round drum feed magazine on top. on November 11, 1918, the First Sgt. was about to blow his whistle for them to start the attack on German positions, when word came that the war was over! I also asked Loren Flanagan what happened to his WW1 uniform and he said, "I sold it to a draft dodger when I got home for $25.00, he wore it around to make the girls think he was a veteran. Of course that was a lot of money in Russell Co. He also told me about how his grandmother was at the battle of Mill Springs after the battle was concluded, viewing the slain Confederate Soldiers, I believe his mother was Mollie Tarter from around Faubush, KY. Wayne, Pulaski and Russell Co. lines come together in that vicinity. this was the Civil War of course. ---Brack Flanagan