Person:Margarete Schmidt (1)

Margarete Agatha Schmidt
b.26 SEP 1882
d.16 OCT 1965
m. 11 OCT 1872
  1. Kate Schmidt
  2. Nicholis Schmidt - 1887
  3. Elizabeth Schmidt1875 - 1957
  4. Andrew Schmidt1878 - 1951
  5. John Frederick Schmidt1880 - 1937
  6. Margarete Agatha Schmidt1882 - 1965
  7. Mary Magdalena Schmidt1887 - 1975
  8. Annie Schmidt1889 - 1889
m. 06 MAR 1907
Facts and Events
Name Margarete Agatha Schmidt
Gender Female
Birth? 26 SEP 1882
Marriage 06 MAR 1907 to Edward Adam Luft
Death? 16 OCT 1965
Other? Known as "Maggie" Fact 2
Other? Mifflin Cemetary, Columbus, OHFact 1

Margarete's death Oct 16 or 17?

Elsabeth Fridley said that Agatha Farnlacher married Andrew Schmidt and had a daughter Margaret Schmidt who married Edward Luft, who along with her siblings were raised by Rev. Pfleuger.

From a Family Group Work Sheet by an unknown author... "(the burial plot for Andrew Schmidt was) paid for by Ed and Maggie Luft". Is this Maggie's father or brother? Also from this worksheet... "My Grandmother Maggie Luft before she was married was a housekeeper for the Peter Schille Family in their home on Bryden Road, Columbus (Ohio). Peter Schille owned Schille Soft Drinks Co. Their daughter Alice was a most famous water color artist in Columbus whose work is still on display. My Grandmother Maggie Luft never talked about her parents very much. I know her father rather fell apart after her mother died and drank a lot. Someone said maybe he was killed in a bar, but the record says heart attack. I'm sure if he'd been killed it would have been stated on the record. Mrs. Emma Pfleuger, wife of Pastor Pfleuger, helped raise the children. I gather that they were shipped around a lot. I know they were very poor. It seems as though they spent time in the Westerville area as I have my Grandmother's Confirmation Certificate from St. Paul's Lutheran Church (country church). I also have a copy of Michael Schmidt's naturalization papers. It is very dark & I'm not sure if it would copy."