Person:Margaret Downey (2)

m. Bet 1780 and 1790
  1. John Downey1792 - 1851
  2. Margaret Downey1801 - 1851
m. 25 Dec 1823
  1. Mary Jane Parkison1825 - 1867
  2. William Charles Parkison1827 - 1875
  3. John Downey Parkison1829 - 1898
  4. Phrona Parkison1837 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Margaret Downey
Gender Female
Birth? 23 Oct 1801 , , Ohio, Northwest Territory,
Marriage 25 Dec 1823 , , Champaign County, Ohio,to James W. Parkison
Census 17 Nov 1850 , Muddy Precinct Twp, Coles County, Illinois,with James W. Parkison
Death[5] 1 Aug 1851 , Goose Nest Prairie, Coles County, Illinois,
Burial[4] Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Twp, Coles County, Illinois,
  1. Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Twp, Coles Co, IL. ( shows: Downey, Margaret, b. 23-Oct-1801, d. 1-Aug-1851, spouse: James W. Parkison, m. 26-Dec-1823 shows: Parkison, Mary Jane b. 8-Apr-1825 d. 12-Dec-1867, husband George Furry m.10-Aug-1843, mother Margaret Downey, father James W. Parkison .
  2. The Prairie Sleeps (Vol 1). (Coles Co. Genealogical Society)
    Mt. Tabor Cemetery listing shows Margaret Parkison (wife of JW) 1802- 8/1/1851.
  3. Charleston Courier. Epidemics in Coles County. (
    Since writing the foregoing, we learn that Cholera has broken out in Goose Nest Prairie, 8 miles south of this place, and that there has been 4 deaths, to wit: Grandmother Furry, wife of Peter Furry, who is now lying in a critical state, recovery doubtful, also his son Jacob's wife & child, also the wife of James W. Parkinson. There are several other cases reported at that point.; July 31, 1851.
  4. Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Twp, Coles Co, IL. (
  5. Asiatic Cholera epidemic