Person:Margaret Campbell (101)

Margaret Mary Campbell
b.28 NOV 1774
d.4 OCT 1853
m. ABT 1765
  1. John R. CampbellABT 1772 - 1847
  2. Margaret Mary Campbell1774 - 1853
  3. William Maj. Campbell1776 - 1842
m. ABT 1792
Facts and Events
Name Margaret Mary Campbell
Gender Female
Birth[1] 28 NOV 1774
Alt Birth? 28 NOV 1774 Virginia
Marriage ABT 1792 Fayette County, Kentuckyto David Campbell
Death[1] 4 OCT 1853
Alt Death? 4 OCT 1853 Calloway County, Missouri

25. Margaret3 Campbell (Robert2, Alexander1) was born 28 November 1774, and died 04 October 1853 in Calloway County MO. She married David Campbell Abt. 1792 in Fayette County KY, son of William Campbell and Mary Ellison. He was born October 1772 in Botetourt County VA, and died 1838 in Callaway County MO.

Notes for David Campbell: [Campbell Family.FTW]


David Campbell of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky was born in the year 1772, in what was then Botetourt County, in that part of Southwest Virginia lying on the South Fork of the Holston River. He was the eldest son of Captain William Campbell (1748-1800) and Mary Elizabeth Ellison (1755-1825).

Margaret Campbell, Wife of David Campbell:

David's wife, Margaret Campbell (1774-1853), was the daughter of David's great-uncle, Robert Campbell. William Campbell of Santa Clara tell us the following concerning his mother:

"Mother's father was an uncle to grandfather on father's side. Mother was by a second marriage. Her mother's name was Margaret Killpateric."

Margaret Campbell Pilcher states the following concerning David Campbell and his wife:

"David Campbell married Mary Campbell. They had three children: William, David and Margaret Campbell."

Although Mrs. Pilcher states that her first name was Mary, every document, which I have been able to find, refers to her as "Margaret." It is possible that her full name was Mary Margaret Campbell, she being called by her middle name. David probably married her in Fayette County, Kentucky about the year 1792.

Although, Mrs. Pilcher mentions only three names, David and Margaret actually had thirteen children. David's eldest son, William Campbell (1793-1885) of Santa Clara, tells us the names of these children:

"Father's family: I am the oldest, and was born the 12th of November 1793; John; Rice; Jane; Charles; David and Margaret (twins); Betsey; Mary; James; Robert; Ann, who died at 2 years of age; and Thomas - thirteen in all. Rice and David died in 1821. Jane died in [18]53 in Illinois; James died in Oregon; Robert and Charles died in California."

Emigration to Muhlenberg County, Kentucky:

About the year 1803, three years after the death of his father, Captain William Campbell, David and his family removed to Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. In 1805, David's widowed mother, Elizabeth, and most of his brothers and sisters also moved to Muhlenberg County. David spent most of his life in Muhlenberg and operated a tannery at the County Seat, the town of Greenville. David also owned farms, on Elk Pond and Cypress Creeks, in the southern part of the county. The following map shows the general area where David resided.

In April 1808 David Campbell was commissioned a Justice of the Peace for Muhlenberg County, by Kentucky Governor Christopher Greenup. In 1810, David was appointed a trustee of Greenville Academy, a school located in the town of Greenville, established by an Act of the Kentucky Legislature, dated 18 January 1810. In June 1811, David Campbell was commissioned Assistant Judge of the Circuit Court by Kentucky Governor Charles Scott.

Emigration to Callaway County, Missouri:

Late in life, about the year 1831, David Campbell emigrated to Callaway County, Missouri with his wife Margaret, daughter Margaret and at least three of his sons (James, Robert and Thomas). Shortly after the Campbells arrived in Callaway County, David's daughter Margaret married Reverend Abraham Norfleet, on 16 August 1832. David Campbell died testate in Callaway County in about the year 1838. His will, dated 20 February 1836, with codicil dated 20 June 1836, was probated in Callaway County, Missouri on 6 June 1838.

Children of Margaret Campbell and David Campbell are:

 68 i.   Elizabeth ("Betsy")4 Campbell. She married William R. Givins 12 November 1829 in Muhlenberg County KY. 

+ 69 ii. William Campbell, born 12 November 1793 in Fayette County KY; died 12 December 1885 in Tulare County CA. + 70 iii. Jane Campbell, born 19 January 1799 in Fayette County KY; died 29 August 1861 in Linn County KS.

 71 iv.   David Campbell, born 21 April 1803 in Green County Ky; died 1821 in Muhlenberg County KY. 

+ 72 v. Margaret Campbell, born 21 April 1803 in Green County KY; died 03 September 1872 in Cole County MO. + 73 vi. James Campbell, born 06 April 1807 in Muhlenberg County KY; died 29 July 1873 in Salem OR. + 74 vii. Thomas Campbell, born 1816 in Kentucky.

 75 viii.   Charles Campbell. 
 Notes for Charles Campbell:

Charles Campbell was a younger brother of William Campbell of Santa Clara CA. In 1839 he apparently was living in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Unfortunately, I know virtually nothing about his life. Charles Campbell also migrated to California; however, I don't know if he went with his brothers in 1846 or came out later.

Charles was in California by 1851 as he is mentioned in a letter written by his nephew, David Lee Campbell (son of David McCord Campbell and Jane Campbell) in that year.

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