Person:Major Dowell (6)

Major A Dowell, "Sr."
  1. John Dowell1756 - 1853
  2. Major A Dowell, "Sr."1758 - 1821
  3. William Dowell1762 -
  4. Thomas A. DowellAbt 1764 - Bef 1834
  5. Reuben Dowell1767 - 1856
  6. Nancy Dowell1768 - 1813
  7. Elizabeth Dowell1772 -
  • HMajor A Dowell, "Sr."1758 - 1821
  • WMary Dowell1763 - 1809
  1. Major Dowell
  2. Virginia Dowell
Facts and Events
Name[1] Major A Dowell, "Sr."
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1758 Profitt, Albemarle, VA
Marriage to Mary Dowell
Death[1] 1821 Augusta, VA

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Major Dowell, Jr., vs. Major Dowell, Sr.--O. S. 232; N. S. 82--Major Dowell, Sr., was employed as a blacksmith at the Barracks, near Charlottesville, in Revolution. Orator was son of John Dowell. Nancy Salmon, cousin of Major, Jr., and daughter of Thomas Dowell and sister of Major, Sr. Nancy's mother was Avey Dowell. (Note: this Major Dowell was referred to as "Major Dowell Sr." to distinguish him from his [slightly] younger cousin, Major Dowell, Jr.).
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