Person:Maggie Smith (12)

m. 10 May 1855
  1. Maggie M. Smith1856 - 1918
  2. Biggers M. Smith1857 - 1947
  3. Fannie M. Smith1861 - 1952
  4. Hattie Dowd Smith1863 - 1906
m. 29 May 1872
  1. Stella Atkinson1873 - 1941
  2. William Samuel Atkinson, Jr.1875 - 1959
  3. Ada Atkinson1877 - 1938
  4. John AtkinsonAbt 1879 -
  5. Edward Atkinson1883 - 1949
  6. Grace AtkinsonAbt 1890 -
  7. Lois AtkinsonAbt 1895 -
Facts and Events
Name[2] Maggie M. Smith
Married Name[1][5] Maggie M. Atkinson
Gender Female
Birth[1] 7 Mar 1856 Chester, South Carolina, United States
Census[2] 1860 Chickasaw, Mississippi, United States
Census[3] 1870 Chickasaw, Mississippi, United States
Marriage 29 May 1872 Chickasaw, Mississippi, United Statesto William Samuel Atkinson
Census[4] 1880 Chickasaw, Mississippi, United States
Census[5] 1900 Chickasaw, Mississippi, United StatesHouston Precinct
Death[1] 18 May 1918 Chickasaw, Mississippi, United States
Burial[1] Houston, Chickasaw, Mississippi, United StatesHouston Cemetery

Photo of the Atkinson Family from about 1892

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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Find A Grave

    Name: Maggie M. Atkinson
    Birth: Mar. 7, 1856
    Death: May 18, 1918

    In Memoriam.
    On Saturday, May 18, 1918, at one o'clock p.m., at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Joe Ford, Mrs. Margaret S. Atkinson, widow of the late W. S. Atkinson, passed away. Surrounded by her entire family, from the day she was stricken with paralysis, Monday, the 13th inst., she received every attention that lies within human power. Skilled physicians and nurses attended her; friends were there, but all to no avail. The hour for her going had come, and as in life, hers had been the ministering hands to smooth the brow, her children tenderly and lovingly hovered over her, day and night watching for some look or word of consciousness. If this mother could have chosen the setting for this last scene in the drama of her life, we feel assured that it would have been just as it was. There is no love no unselfish as mother love, but Mrs. Atkinson's pride in and for her children, and the pure, self-sacrificing love she had for them were often spoken of by her friends, and it was nothing unusual to hear said, of her, "There was never a better mother."
    Mrs. Atkinson lived her life by doing good to others, with no hope of reward here, for she sought out those who were needy indeed.
    Although, only sixty-two years old Mrs. Atkinson had accomplished more than most women much older. She had led an active life always, and her ambition was to be active until she died. This she was, and had had almost no sickness of any moment, until this stroke, which took her off.
    For years, Mrs. Atkinson has had the care of her aged mother, Mrs. Sallie Smith, and her tenderness to that mother was as sweet as the mother's for her babe.
    Just a few years back, the late W. S. Atkinson died suddenly from a stroke of apoplexy, and the shock of his death had its effect upon the companion left behind, and since that time, she had not been her same, cheerful self, but her best efforts were put forth in the attempt to be.
    For some time, there was some cause for alarm, lest she suffer this stroke, and every precaution had been taken, a specialist consulted, and her case fully diagnosed, but the tie which bound together this devoted family is broken, the mother gone, and it but remains to these four noble women, her daughters, Mrs. L. T. Fox of Derma, Mrs. Tilden Pryor of Calhoun City, Mrs. Joe Ford and Mrs. V. B. Philpot of Houston; her sons, Will S. Jr., and Edd, two substantial citizens of Pickens, Mississippi, to carry on the life she has so well planned out for them.
    The remains were laid to rest beneath a wealth of flowers, at the local cemetery, after an appropriate funeral service at the Baptist Church. Rev. J. W Gillon officiating.
    Thus ends here, the work on earth of one of the noble women, the aged mother, the staunch friend and the faithful neighbor. But never will memory cease to hold in sweet reverence, these recollections of a life of unselfishness and lvoe for God and her fellowman. To the bereaved, the Times-Post joins the entire community in extending sympathy. [from the Times Post, Houston, Mississippi, Friday, May 24, 1918, page 5]

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    Sheet 175A, 1860.

    Roll: 579
    PO: Hohen Linden; Division No. 1; Pg: 134

    Name: Margy Smith
    Gender: Female
    Age: 4
    Race: White
    Birthplace: South Carolina
    Page: 134

    Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
    J D Smith M 26 South Carolina
    Sally Smith F 23 South Carolina
    Margy Smith F 4 South Carolina
    Bigers Smith M 3 Mississippi

    Household ID: 1032
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  3. Chickasaw, Mississippi, United States. 1870 U.S. Census Population Schedule
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    Roll: 724
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    Name: Margret Smith
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Race: White
    Birthplace: South Carolina
    Page Number: 86

    Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
    John D Smith M 37 South Carolina
    Sarah H Smith F 34 South Carolina
    Margret Smith F 14 South Carolina
    Biggers M Smith M 13 South Carolina
    Fanny Smith F 10 Mississippi
    Harriet D Smith F 7 Mississippi

    Household ID: 692
    Line Number: 29
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  4. Chickasaw, Mississippi, United States. 1880 U.S. Census Population Schedule
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    Roll: 643
    Houston Precinct; ED: 50; Pg. No: 26

    Name: Maggie Atkinson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Marital Status: Married
    Race: White
    Occupation: Keeps House
    Relationship to Head of Household: Wife
    Birthplace: Mississippi, United States
    Father's Birthplace: South Carolina, United States
    Mother's Birthplace: South Carolina, United States
    Sheet Letter: B
    Sheet Number: 210
    Person Number: 1
    Volume: 1

    Household Role Sex Age Birthplace
    William S Atkinson Self M 30 Mississippi, United States
    Maggie Atkinson Wife F 24 Mississippi, United States
    Stella Atkinson Daughter F 6 Mississippi, United States
    William Atkinson Son M 5 Mississippi, United States
    Ada Atkinson Daughter F 3 Mississippi, United States
    John Atkinson Son M 1 Mississippi, United States

    District: ED 26
    Sheet Number and Letter: 210B
    Household ID: 12819132
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    Household ID: 105

    Name: Maggie M Atkinson
    Age: 44
    Marital Status: Married
    Number of Living Children: 6
    Years Married: 28
    Birth Date: Mar 1856
    Birthplace: South Carolina
    Father's Birthplace: South Carolina
    Mother's Birthplace: South Carolina
    Mother of how many children: 9
    Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
    Wm S Atkinson Head M 50 Mississippi
    Maggie M Atkinson Wife F 44 South Carolina
    Edward Atkinson Son M 17 Mississippi
    Grace Atkinson Daughter F 10 Mississippi
    Lois Atkinson Daughter F 5 Mississippi
    Line Number: 100