Person:Magdalena Klupfel (1)

Magdalena Klupfel
b.29 SEP 1827
d.07 AUG 1894 Westerville, OH, USA
Facts and Events
Name[1] Magdalena Klupfel
Alt Name Magdalena Klipfel
Gender Female
Birth[2][3] 29 SEP 1827 Neidhardswinden/Mfr.
Marriage 24 AUG 1847 St. Paul Ev Lutheran Church, Columbus, Franklin County, OH, USAto Nicolaus Farnlacher
Death? 07 AUG 1894 Westerville, OH, USA
Other[4] 1894 Burial -- SPC Fact 2
Other? Lutheran Fact 1
Other[4] tombstone: "66Y 10M 8D" Fact 3

Bernadine Schott Daily assured me that Agatha and Magdalena Klupfel were indeed sisters, and that she was told this by someone "much older than me!"; to Jack Farnlacher at Farnlacher reunion, 8-23-98.

DOB may have been 24 Oct 1828.

Klipfel: also as "Klopfel" and "Klupfel", and Magdalena as "Magdalene" -- SPG marriage record -- assume umlauted letter "o" was changed to "i" to eliminate the umlaut.

1860 census, Blendon Twp, Franklin County, entry #271 -- "Lany",age 33,"dom",born--Germany; see Nikolaus Farnlacher's notes -- FWL,J&KF,5-26-1983

1870 census, Blendon Twp, Franklin County, entry # ? -- "Magdalena",age 43,"keeping house",born--Bavaria; see Nikolaus Farnlacher's notes -- FWL,J&KF,5-26-1983

1880 census, Blendon Twp, Franklin County, entry #3841 -- "Lena",age 53,"wife","keep house",self & both parents born in Bavaria; see Nikolaus Farnlacher's notes -- FWL,J&KF,5-26-1983

"The Klipfels made the voyage to the new world on the same vessel in which Mr. (Martin) Boehm crossed the Atlantic. There were fifty in the cabin and nearly all came to Ohio, settling in Columbus. They left Germany on the 2d of April and arrived in the capital city of this state on the 22d of July (1846)." -- article on George Boehm, in "Centennial Biography of the City of Columbus and Franklin County", pages 690-691. Copies of this book are in the Westerville Library and the Ohio Historical Society.

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