Person:Lowell Glover (1)

Lowell H Glover
d.Aft. 1897
m. 1835
  1. Harrison Glover1837 - 1876
  2. Lowell H Glover1839 - Aft 1897
  3. Jay O GloverABT 1841 - BET 1920 AND 1930
  4. Tamerson Glover1843 - Aft 1910
  5. William H GloverABT 1847 - Bef 1900
m. 03 Oct 1865
  1. Fanny Eugenia GloverBET 1866 AND 1867 - Aft 1930
Facts and Events
Name[1] Lowell H Glover
Gender Male
Birth[1] 25 Feb 1839 Orleans, New York, USA
Census? 1850 Age 11 b NY
Census? 1860 mother, age 21 b NYEdwardsburgh, Cass Co, MI, w
Other[3] 1863 Justice of the Peace, Cassopolis, MICivic Duties
Marriage 03 Oct 1865 Cassopolis, MIto Maryette Harper
Census? 1870 Cassopolis, Cass Co, MI, pg ,age 31, Lawyer, born NY
Census[2] 1880 Cassopolis, Cass Co, MI, page 467A
Death? Aft. 1897
Occupation[2] Attorney at Law

Cass County Michigan Genealogy - Biographies L. H. Glover

The Publishers, in acknowledging their indebtedness to the Editor, Mr L. H. Glover, whose true historical instinct, keen memory for dates and facts and unabiding interest in every department of the undertaking insure to the public the faithfulness of the endeavor and the value of the volume as a history of the county, take this opportunity in the closing pages of the volume to give a brief sketch of the life of the Editor.

Having considered on previous pages the sources of emigration of the early settlers, it is not surprising to find that Mr. Glover, like so many of his fellow citizens, is a native of New York state. Born in Orleans County, February 25, 1839, he is none the less practically a native son of Michigan, since his parents moved to White Pidgeon prairie, in St Josph County, in the same year. His father, Orville B Glover, who was born at Upton, Mass., April 11, 1804, died at Edwardsburg in 1852; and his mother, Julia Ann (Carr) Glover, who was born at Albion, NY, Jue 28, 1818, died Buchanan, Mich, in 1893.

The family came to Edwardsburg in 1840, and when the boy, Lowell, first came to knowledge of circumstances and events beyond the walls of his own home he looked upon the people and the environments which characterized Edwardsburg of sixty years ago. Edwardsburg in those days was the metropolis of the county, and by its situation on the Chicago road had a thriving, bustling air such as stimulated more than one boy to rise above the commonplace in life.

Mr Glover's early experiences were marked by a brief period in the village school and by a period spent as a clerk in one of the early mercantile enterprises of Edwardsburg. An accident by which he lost his right hand when about sixteen years old limited his choice of pursuits, and it was about this time that his decision to becme a lawyer became a definate aim to be triven for without ceasing.

After a residence at Edwardsburg until April, 1861, he moved to Cassopolis that he might have the association and opportunities of study offered in a lawyer's office. His preceptor was the late Judge Daniel Blackman, to the value of whose example and the strength of whose character Mr Glover never ceases to give credit. In October, 1862, he was admitted to the bar after an examination in open court, and as elsewhere mentioned, is at this date the oldest lawyer in length of active practice in the county. Mr Glover has been a life-long Democrat and confesses to ahving offered himself upon the altar of sacrifice as that party's nominee to various offices. In April, 1862, he began official service through his election as a justice of the peace of LaGrange Township, and with the exception of one year has held that office to the present time. Under Cleveland's first administration he held the ofice of postmaster, serving from September, 1885, to November, 1889. The only break in his long residence and professional activity in Cassopolis was occasioned by his service as deputy commisioner of the state land office at Lansing in 1891-1892.

Mr Glover is himself a true pioneer of the county and took for his wife the daughter of one of the prominent pioneers of Cassopolis and the county. October 3, 1865, he married Miss Maryette, youngest daughter of Joseph and Caroline Harper. The one daughter of their marriage, Fanny Eugenia, is wife of John F Ryan, of Marquette, Mich.

Since the death of C. W. Clisbee, in 1889, Mr Glover has been historian of the Pioneer Society. Before, as well as since that time, he has been enthusiastic in his interest in Cass county history. His painstaking care in the preservation of historical material and his recognized cyclopedic knowledge of Cass county, ledto his selection as the editor of this history, and it is a simple statement of fact that the worthy fulfillment of the publisher's purposes is due to the conscientious thoroughness of the Editor. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Mentioned as Secretary and Historian of Pioneer Society in the Cassopolis Vigilant, 17 June 1897

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