Person:Lillian Sedgwick (2)

Lillian Sedgwick
m. 23 Dec 1897
  1. Daniel Baker Sedgwick1898 - between 1950 - 1970
  2. Mary Isabell Sedgwick1902 - 1928
  3. Henry Gustave Sedgwick1904 - 1910
  4. Lillian Sedgwick1907 - 1995
m. 15 May 1929
  1. Don Carol Longmore1931 - 2012
Facts and Events
Name Lillian Sedgwick
Gender Female
Birth? 9 Feb 1907 Riverside, Bingham, Idaho, USA
Marriage 15 May 1929 to Elmer Henry Longmore
Death? 25 Dec 1995 Draper, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Other[1] LDS Ordinances
Burial[2] West Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah, USARedwood Memorial Cemetery

Idaho Timeline (1910,1920) Utah Timeline(1930,1940,1950,1960,1970,1980,1990)

I arrived in this world on a cold morning the 9th of February 1907 in Riverside, Bingham County, Idaho. My father was Daniel Hall Sedgwick and my mother was Isabelle Baker. I always called my father Papa and my mother was known to others as Belle. My brother Daniel Baker was eight years older than I. My sister Mary Isabelle was five years older and my brother Henry Gustave was three years my elder. I was the baby. My brother Gustave died when he was six years old. He had diphtheria and whooping cough at the same time. My sister Maybelle died when she was twenty six. She died of a ruptured appendix leaving her husband and three young children.

My father was a schoolteacher, businessman, and farmer and lived in many different places during my life at home. Among these places were Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Ammon, Garfied, Woodville, Lincoln, Inkum, Downy, Cambridge, Moreland, Mountain Home and Blackfoot. All of these places were in Idaho.

My first memories were when I lived in Inkum when I was about four years old. Probably the thing I remember about Inkum is the Lava rock. Then we moved to Downy where Papa owned a furniture store. He gave me a little table for my 5th birthday. We moved to Mountain Home where I was in the third grade and then to Pocatello. I had scarlet fever and I was sick a lot and I had to repeat some of my grades in school. In Pocatello my father owned a grocery store and he eventually went broke because he gave too many people credit and couldn't meet his obligations.

Papa also ran a farm for a congressman. He also ran a dairy farm and he bought a truck. (It was the first motorized dairy truck in Pocatello.) Once again it just didn't work out and he lost his dairy farm. We moved to Lincoln where there was a terrible flu epidemic and everyone was sick. Then for the next three years we lived in Pleasant Grove which was known as "Hog Holler". We had a farm with pigs, cows, horses, and chickens. We did our cooking on a coal stove. This is where I made my first cherry pie while my parents were away. And it was a total flop. Really the pits.

We then moved to Woodville where papa taught school. Papa got rich there. I remember well riding in the sleigh in the winter and it was lots of fun. Next move was to Ammon. I was thirteen and fourteen years old. I especially remember the swimming hole. The whole group would go there four or five times a week and it didn't cost a penny. Papa had a farm and did well so he invested in a service station and lost all.

I enjoyed my activity in the church. When I was a gleaner girl in the Blackfoot First Ward I was chosen to sing in a chorus of twenty-four girls from the entire Stake. This chorus came to Salt Lake in 1926 to sing in the "Jubilee". It was a real thrill. Papa taught school in Basalt for a while. In September 1928 I worked in the Primary of Woodville, Idaho as organist and Seagull girl teacher. I served as assistant organist in the Sunday School also. I went to work at a bakery. The owner told me to feel free to eat all the goodies I wanted and I did, and never got tired of them. Some of my favorite foods even today are cookies, sweet rolls, cake, donuts and on and on.

In Pocatello I attended high school and especially enjoyed playing basketball on the girls basketball team. We went from town to town and played with the boys team. That is the year I lettered in basketball with a big large letter “P” on sweater for Pocatello High. Here I had lots of friends and lots of fun. At this time my father was on the High Council.

After this we moved to Blackfoot where I proud to wear my beautiful sweater from Pocatello High. I was known that year as the girl with “P” ( pee) on her sweater. What memories I lived during the era of the silent movies with Charlie Chaplin, The Sheik of Araby. We had fun dancing The Big Apple, The Charleston. We loved the short-fringed skirts, those cute short haircuts, just call me a Flapper.

While attending a dance at Progress Hall in Blackfoot one of my friends introduced me to a fellow she had been dancing with during the evening. Namely Elmer Longmore. We danced several times that evening and many Saturday night dances yet to come. One evening after the dance Elmer asked to take me home. Then he started to pick me up and take me to the dance. He was quite the romantic fellow. Then the "bum" went to California for a year. While he was away I dated a fellow by the name of Hank Evans and thought seriously about marrying him but Elmer returned home from California, we met again at the dance and that was "all she wrote".

We were married in Salt Lake on a nice cold rainy day, May 15, 1929. We were married at Aunt Susie Smith's home at 291 Almond Street. The witnesses to our marriage were Aunt Susie and Uncle Johnny Smith. (Aunt Susie Smith is my mother’s sister) Uncle Johnny took us to the depot. We met Maybelle's husband, Harry King, at the depot and he took us to dinner. We missed the bus to Magna so we took the train to Garfield and walked on to Magna four miles away. It was a cold rainy walk, we were soaking wet, especially our feet because there were holes in the soles of our shoes. We were on our way to Uncle Alf Walters home where we were staying for a time as Elmer was working in that area.

Written by Lillian (Autobiography)

I was born 9 Feb, 1907 in Riverside, Idaho about 3 miles west of Blackfoot Idaho, Bingham County. My father was Daniel Hall Sedgwick and my mother was Isabelle Baker. My brother Daniel Baker was eight years older than I. Sister Mary Isabella was five years older and my brother Henry Gustave was three years my elder. My father was a schoolteacher, businessman, and farmer and lived in many different places during my lifetime at home. Among these places were Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Ammon, Garfield, Woodville, Lincoln, Income, Downy, Cambridge, and Mountain Home also Blackfoot. All of these places are in Idaho. Moreland and Riverside also.

While living in Blackfoot where I met the man I married, Elmer Henry Longmore, son of George Brooks Longmore and Maud Mary Walters. We were married May 15, 1929 at my Aunt Susie Smith's home at 7:45pm. The witnesses to our marriage were Aunt Susie and Uncle Johnnie Smith, 291 Almond St. Salt Lake City, Utah. There were eleven children came to bless our home. They were Lavon Goldie, Don Carol, Lew Roy, Dwayne, Steve Aldon, Del Lamont, Orlan Kay, Byran Elmer, Val Lee, Alaina Sherrell and Sharla Rae. The eldest and the two last children were girls; the eight in between were all boys. I have gained a strong testimony of the Gospel through the years and have had my prayers answered many times. The strong faith I have in God has helped me tremendously in times of trials and tension and brought me out of many depressions.

Music has meant a great deal to me in my life and I have appreciated greatly the opportunity I have had to work in the music departments in Relief Society in Primary and Sunday School. By singing a simple melody it is possible to cast away the evil that is in ones soul. To keep it out we must be prayerful and live the commandments of God. By doing this we have a melody in our heart that will make us feel like singing.

Teaching in Sunday School, Primary and Mutual have also helped me a great deal and I appreciate these opportunities. Now I am working Genealogy and I hope the Lord will bless me that I will be able to do this very important work, as I should. I enjoy it very much.

On the 21st of November 1935 Elmer and I went to the Temple in Salt Lake City and received our endowments and were sealed to each other and had our three children sealed to us. This was the day we had been waiting for, for so long, an answer to our prayers, a dream come true. This was truly the day of all days, now with Gods help we could face the world and the many problems that were before us.

Building our home has been a big problem but we have been greatly blessed so we could keep out of debt in building it. The Lord surely had a hand in the location of our home here in South Cottonwood and I am surely thankful that we are here. There is no place that I know of that I would rather be, and I am truly grateful for our beautiful home.

I am also thankful for the wise and generous husband who has given all that he could earn for the support of his family and building our home. His honesty, strong will, and desire to do that which is right is very outstanding and has helped me many times.

For my wonderful family I am indeed thankful and I love them all dearly. I hope and pray that they will grow up to be strong men and women and will always keep the commandments of the Lord that may have joy all through their lives. The greatest happiness there is comes from keeping the commandments and helping your fellowmen.

Lillian died on 25-Dec-1995 "Citation:Social Security Death Index Lillian S Longmore" 1

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  2. East of Moseluem. GPS Coordinates 40.63124 / -111.94013