Person:Lillian Sears (1)

Lillian Celia SEARS
b.9 Jun 1874 Cleburne Co., AL
d.6 Oct 1906 Cleburne Co., AL
m. Abt 1860
  1. Bryant Blake Sears1861 - 1925
  2. Tabitha Talula SEARS1864 - 1937
  3. William Wilson SEARS1866 - 1887
  4. George Thomas SEARS1869 - 1940
  5. Louzana Delainie SEARS1871 - 1953
  6. Lillian Celia SEARS1874 - 1906
  7. Sarah "Sally" L. SEARS1879 - 1924
  8. Margaret Young SEARS1884 - 1955
  9. Dorothy SEARS1886 - 1973
  10. Mary Winnie SEARS1899 - 1965
m. Abt 1893
  1. Nellie Bomar1901 - 1985
Facts and Events
Name Lillian Celia SEARS
Gender Female
Birth? 9 Jun 1874 Cleburne Co., AL
Marriage Abt 1893 to Adam Ritter BOMAR
Death? 6 Oct 1906 Cleburne Co., AL
Burial? Blake Cemetery, Cleburne Co., AL

NEWSPAPER Issue of Saturday, October 20, 1906


For as much as it pleased almighty god in his wise providence totake out of this world, Celia Bomer, wife of Adam Bomer and daughter of W.H.and Gatsey Sears. A husband and two little children survive her. Shejoined the Baptist church at 16 years of age and lived a consistent christian untilshe was 33 years old at which age she passed from this to a better world.When she found herself passing away called to her aunt, Celia Hilton and said"death is but a dream". She rested in a daze and awake and said "I see my wayclear. Do you all see that pretty road; I am soon going to travel it and behappy as an Angel." Then she smiled and requested the song "asleep injesus" to be sung and the scriptures to be read, "blessed are they who die in thelord". The scripture reading was followed by the song "we shall know eachother there". These sayings were handed to the writer to be read at theinterment. A large crowd of sorrowing friends and relatives witnessed the burial. W.C. Cox Buried under her maiden name . Why? Badly burned in an accident. She and her family lived withGatsey until her death