Person:Lewis Adkins (5)

b.22 Aug 1745 Surry Co, VA
m. Abt 1742
  1. Thomas ADKINS1743 -
  2. Lewis ADKINS1745 - 1810
  3. Elizabeth ADKINS1747 -
  4. Mary ADKINS1748 -
  5. William ADKINS1754 -
  • HLewis ADKINS1745 - 1810
  • WObedience HarrisBet 1760 & 1770 - Bet 1840 & 1850
m. 10 Jun 1804
  1. Moses B. Adkins1810 - Bet 1860 & 1870
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Lewis ADKINS
Gender Male
Birth[3][1] 22 Aug 1745 Surry Co, VA
Marriage 10 Jun 1804 Flint Hill Baptist Church, York Co. SCto Obedience Harris
Death[3][1] 1810 York, Co, SC
Burial? York, Co, SC

Lewis Atkins Military File Source:

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-Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the AmericanArmy During the Revolutionary War: (Record Group 93; M881; Roll #'s 952; 957; 977 NARA)

-Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land-Warrant ApplicationFiles: (Record Group 93; M804; Roll #86

Revelutionary War Soldier All his decendents should be proud of Lewis Adkins for his longand very hard seven years service in the Revoluntionary War.Only a VERY SMALL PERCENTAGE of the soldiers in this war foughtas long as seven years. He suffered through the early defeatsand retreats at Brandywine and Germantown. He also went throughthe terrible winter at Valley Forge with General GeorgeWashington. At the fall of Charleston, SC. he was one of only a handful ofmen from his brigade who escaped capture and prison for the restof the war, on the right flank in the first line, a very exposedand dangerous position call "Post of Honor". His decimatedregiment then became part of the group that went to SouthCarolina and Georgia to fight the rest of the war. He waswounded in Geogia in 1782. He was a "chip off the old block" ofhis GGGrandfather, Richard Adkins, who had fought in Bacon'sRebellion, the first armed revolt against the British in 1676,exactly 100 years before Lewis enlisted in the RevoluntionaryWar in 1776.

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