Person:Leendert Otte (1)

Leendert (Lenard, Leonard) Marinusse Otte
m. 27 Nov 1797
  1. Maria Otte1798 -
  2. Adriaantje (Adriana) Marinusse Otte1802 -
  3. Jacob Otte1804 -
  4. Leendert (Lenard, Leonard) Marinusse Otte1805 -
  • HLeendert (Lenard, Leonard) Marinusse Otte1805 -
  • WCornelia Saarloos1799 - 1836
m. 17 May 1828
  1. Bastiaantje Leenderts Otte1829 -
  • HLeendert (Lenard, Leonard) Marinusse Otte1805 -
  • WJohanna Jansen1813 -
m. 9 May 1840
  1. Dirk (Richard) Leenderts Otte1840 - 1919
  2. Marinus Otte1845 -
Facts and Events
Name Leendert (Lenard, Leonard) Marinusse Otte
Gender Male
Birth? 22 Aug 1805 Dirksland,Overflakkee,Holland (The Netherlands)
Marriage 17 May 1828 Dirksland,Zuid Holland,Hollandto Cornelia Saarloos
Marriage 9 May 1840 Melissant, Zuid-Holland, Netherlandsto Johanna Jansen

birth date appears on Baptismal register; baptized between September 8 - Sept.15, 1805

Translated text of marriage license:

Marriage Certificate no 2,09-05-1850 Melissant.

At the year one thousand eight hundred and forty, theninth day of the month May appeared in front of us, Johannis Agatinus van Meel,council of the civil administration of the municipality Melissant, province Zuid Holland and in presence of their best man:

Leendert Otte, 34 years, laborer, born at Dirksland and living at Melissant, of age, son of Marinus Otte and Bastiaantje Okker , both deceased, widower of Cornelia Saarloos. And Johanna Jansen, 27 years, laborer, born at Melissant and lives at Melissant, of age daughter of Dirk Jansen, deceased, and Maria Scholten, laborer, living at Melissant,in attendance and giving her permission to the marriage.

The following wasrequested for delivery by this court in order to place its hands upon this purposed marriage: - two birth registration extracts of the purposed marriage candidates, -one extract of the death certificate of Cornelia Saarloos, -and an extract to confirm the decease of Dirk Jansen, - a deed showing that the groomhas did his duty at the national army, given by Mr. [illegible] van Zeeuw, Holland on the 31th of March this year, -a proof of indigence for both [marriage candidates,] - a certificate of the publishing of the marriage bans,

After thesatisfaction of the above, and after the bride and groom individually answeredthe questions of the council of the civil administration, they took each otherashusband and wife and declare to fulfill the duty which is dictated by the law.

We, in the power vested to us under the law, declared that these persons, Leendert Otte and Johanna Jansen, are hereby married.

We have made thisdeed in presence of Gerrit Schreur, 47, laborer, Wouter Kaugthof [illegible,] 23, laborer, Joost Besthof, 49 construction worker, Hendrik Verham, 23, laborer, all living at Melissant and all known to the bride and groom and Maria Scholten; whodeclared to be unable to write and sign, having never learned.

Gerrit Schreur Wouter Kaugthof Joost Besthof Hendrik Verham J. A. van Meel

Translated text of proof of Incapacity to pay for the marriage license:

Proofof Incapacity For whatever matter, except in the case of succession.

We, the undersigned, Otto Gervoorn, private person and Cornelis de Bruijn, agent,

declare after examination: the following persons Leendert Otte and Johanna Jansen,

living at Melissant are indigent and that they are not able to pay the amount necessary for the [marriage] deed.

Done at Melissant, April 15, 1840

The Mayor of Melissant, looking at the certificate above, as well thetax administration which shows that the mentioned persons are rated for 0.00 nihil anddeclares that Leendert Otte and Johanna Jansen, are known to be livingin such poor circumstances that they are not able to pay the official amount of money,for their marriage.

Done at Melissant, April 15, 1840.

J. A. van Meel