Person:Lazarus Benton (1)

Lazarus Benton
b.bef. 1716 prob. England
d.aft. 1777
m. bef. 1716
  1. Lazarus Bentonbef 1716 - aft 1777
  2. Elizabeth Bentonbef 1716 -
  3. Lemuell Bentonbef 1716 -
  4. Job Bentonbef 1716 -
  5. Sarah Bentonbef 1716 -
  6. Epaphroditus Bentonbef 1716 -
  • HLazarus Bentonbef 1716 - aft 1777
  1. Titus Benton - 1777
  2. John Benton - 1777
Facts and Events
Name Lazarus Benton
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1716 prob. England
Death? aft. 1777

Records of Lazarus Benton

  • Granted 116 acres, part of the Loyal Comapny grant, on both sides of Elk Creek, a branch of the New River (Virginia) on December 12, 1774.
  • Granted $20 currency in 1777 for the rest of his life as he said he'd had 4 sons killed by the Indians. Two sons John and Titus were killed by Indians at Rye Cove.
  • Another document mentions that he had lost 8 family members, including sons and sons-in-law to Indians. He was an old man in 1777. Thought to be the same Lazarus Benton listed in 1716 Chowan County, North Carolina Deed book #1 Deed #1615 in which Epaphroditus Benton "proves rights for ye importation" of 8 people including Lazarus Benton, probably Epaphroditus' son.
  • December 2, 1777 - Virginia The following was a petition to the Virginia Congress by Lazarus Benton: A petition of Lazarus Benton who presented to the House, and read; setting forth that he had the misfortune last Spring to have four of his sons and a son-in-law, who were in the service of the country, killed by the Indians; that by this severe stroke he is left, far advanced in years, without any of his children to assist, support, or comfort him, except his widow daughter, who is also in low circumstances, and a little girl; and therefore praying such support as will keep him from sinking under his poverty and afflictions. He received 20 pounds per year for life.
  • Abt. 1778 - Lazarus Benton received 100 acres of land in Surry County, NC on the south side of the Dan river near the mouth of Turkey Branch including the plantation whereon he lives. The warrant was later sold to a “R.L.” so the actual grant probably occurred before 1778.