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Lawrence Litchfield
Facts and Events
Name Lawrence Litchfield
Gender Male
Birth? 1616 Egerton, Kent, England
Marriage 1640 Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusettsto Judith Dennis
Alt Marriage Abt 1640 Scituate, Plymouth County, Massachusettsto Judith Dennis
Burial? Bef 2 Oct 1649 1St Church, Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Death? 1649/50 Scituate, Plymouth, MA
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    Lawrence Litchfield, the common ancestor of all the name who claim a New England origin, was very early in America, but dates cannot be given. The Rev. John Lathrop in 1634 arrived in the ship "Griffin," with a church and colony of "Kentish Men" from Egerton, in Kent, England, and settled with them at Scituate, Massachusetts. With this company Lawrence Litchfield had numerous connections which he never forsook and who never forsook him. He must have been, at their arrival, a young man and unmarried. Here he is presumed to have remained until 1640. The first mention of his name on any records is in 1640 when he was received a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston. In 1643 his name appears in Barnstable records on a list of those able to bear arms. About 1645 he returned to Scituate, having a wife and two children. In 1648 his name occurs in the will of Thomas Dennis, of Scituate, and there are references to him in the Scituate records to show he lived there until his death in 1657.

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    LITCHFIELD: Lawrence Litchfield, in Plymouth Colony, before 1639, probably Kent, England, was a townsman of Barnstable, in 1643, and on the roll of Lieut. Thomas Dimmock; joined Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, 1640; was in Scituate about 1646, and died there about 1650. His wife was Judith, daughter of William Dennis, who married, secondly, William Peakes. Children: Experience (a son), born prob. Barnstable, about 1642, died in Scituate, 1673, unm.; Remember ( a daughter), born about 1844, prob. Barnstable, married Henry Luce, of Martha's Vineyard, and had at least nine children; Dependence (a daughter), born Scituate, Feb. 15, 1646, prob. died unm.; Josiah, born in Scituate, prob. April 3 or 4, 1648, married Sarah Baker, dau. Rev. Nicholas Baker, and became the father of seven children, from whom descends the Litchfields of New England.

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    vol. 3 [Litchfield] "LAWRENCE, Barnstable 1640, thot. to be progenit. of all of this name in N. E. rem. aft. 1643, and in 1646 is found at Scituate, had d. Dependence, b. 15 Feb. that yr.; and, perhaps, Josiah, 1647; but at B. had d. Remember (wh. Deane says, m. a Lewis of Barnstable, but I doubt his accuracy); and s. Experience, bef. ment. He a. 1650 at .S. and his wid. Judith, perhaps d. of William Dennis of Scituate, m. that yr. William Peaks.".