Person:Lavinia Hurst (1)

Lavinia Elizabeth Hurst
m. 26 Mar 1857
  1. Mary Jane Moss1863 -
  2. Eliza Ellen Moss1865 - 1960
m. 4 Aug 1867
  1. Susan Charlotte Mcgrew1868 - 1957
  2. Henry Alexander McGrew1871 - 1943
  3. Phillip Asbury McGrew1873 - 1938
  4. David Eli McGrew1876 -
  5. John William McGrew1878 - 1947
  6. James Edward McGrew1883 - 1965
Facts and Events
Name Lavinia Elizabeth Hurst
Gender Female
Birth? 18 Mar 1839 South Carolina, United States
Marriage 26 Mar 1857 to Bursitan Alexander Moss
Marriage 4 Aug 1867 Clarke, Mississippi, United Statesto James Alexander McGrew
Death? 20 Jan 1890 Clarke, Mississippi, United States

Lavina was buried in Kennedy Cemetery, Clarke Co., MS, which has since been destroyed by a timber company.

Lavina first married Bursitan Alexander Moss (Born 5 Jan 1837) on 26 Mar 1857. He was killed in the Civil War near Chattanooga. They had two children:

Lavina married James Alexander Mcgrew on 4 Aug 1867, and they had six children. Viney was a midwife and a self-taught nurse who would go anywhere, any time the sick needed her. She rode a horse astride and was not "afraid of the devil himself." Her husband objected to her "comings and goings" so he took all of the unmarried children except for the two youngest sons and moved out in 1886. Lavina became ill with cancer of the uterus and was bedridden for nearly a year. She taught her young sons, 7 and 11, how to cook, spin thread, knit and keep house before she died.

Source: The Mcgrews Grew, by Everette McGrew