Person:Kathryn Wright (1)

Kathryn Wright
b.14 AUG 1884
m. 7 NOV 1883
  1. Kathryn Wright1884 -
  2. Henry Wright1887 -
  3. Harvey Wright1888 - 1889
m. SEP 1910
Facts and Events
Name Kathryn Wright
Gender Female
Birth[1] 14 AUG 1884
Marriage SEP 1910 to Ford Vanderhoof
Burial? Carson City, Montcalm, MI

Letter from Katie Waight to George and Annie Sept. 19, 1897 Dearest Uncle, Aunt, and the babies:

Seeing as Ma is writing to you I will scribble a few lines. I am well and I hope you are. I am glad you have got a good baby. How I should like to see both of the children, If I was there I am afraid I should be as bad as Warren and love them until they would cry. I suppose you have got the Postal telling you of the sad news of Grandma's death. I saved some of the flowers but I shall send them to you and some of the ribbon also. Grandma had a lovely funeral, a beautiful black casket and such nice flowers. I arranged all of the flowers just to my liking. There was two wreaths, one open and the other around a cross and a mound of flowers and a lot of others. There were enough to cover the coffin all over. On the plate was inscribed "At Rest" Uncle Geo. I have got the shears you bought for Grandma, her nightdress, under waist and the cloak that Ma made over for her when she was here one winter. Grandma was buried in her black dress. There was a large white day lily put in the front of her dress. A big bouquet of pin and white flowers on her side and Daliah with two leaves in her hand. The coffin was filled inside with the flowers she liked best, sweet peas and a pink geranium and a lady Washington. If I can find any sweet peas I will send them to you. Uncle Andrew's whobe family went. They had a nice two seated carriage and Uncle Herb, Aunt Sarah, Pa, and Ma went together. George Nickerson and his wife, Bide, and Mag were there. The house was full and a good deal more, too. Everybody loved Grandma so. They said she was so patient and good. She thought so much of flowers, I have sent her a good many bouquets this summer. Mrs. Sly brought her down a few sweet peas every one she could find and Grandma, after she didn't know what she was talking about, would talk about those sweet peas. They were so sweet, pink and purple. Grandma gave ma your drawing table. She brought it home with her yesterday. Ma didn't get any of be bedding nor the springs, table or anything exeept the bed stead and one feather bed. From your neice, Katy

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