Person:Karoline Glaser (1)

Karoline Sophie Glaser
m. 1 Sep 1878
  1. Stillborn Glaser1874 - 1874
  2. Karoline Sophie Glaser1879 - 1937
  3. Ludwig Friedrich Glaser1881 - 1937
  4. Friedrich Wilhelm Glaser1886 - 1965
m. 16 May 1903
  1. Richard Friedrich Horrer1905 - 1985
  2. Wilhelm Friedrich Horrer1907 - 1942
  3. Lina Horrer1910 - 1936
Facts and Events
Name Karoline Sophie Glaser
Alt Name Karoline Rosine Glaser
Gender Female
Birth? 22 Jun 1879 Asperg, Ludwigsburg, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Alt Birth? 22 Jun 1879 Asperg, Ludwigsburg, Germany
Marriage 16 May 1903 Asperg, Ludwigsburg, Germanyto Friedrich Horrer
Death? 24 Dec 1937 Asperg, Ludwigsburg, Germany

info verified on Archive FGS (MRIN-7). According to this Archive FGS her husband is Friedrich Horrer. There are 3 individuals by that name in this database: 1) b. 1834 (RIN-32) who is the father of both 2 and 3, 2) b. 1872 (RIN-40), and 3) b. 1878 (RIN-44). I have insufficient information on this FGS to determine which if any of these are the spouse. #1's first wife outlived him and there is no record of another marriage on his FGS (MRIN-8).

  1. 2 died in the year of his birth. That rules him out as a possibility. #3 married Karoline Rosin GLASER who was also born on 22 Jun 1879 (according to his father's Archive FGS). In this database I have his wife's middle name is spelled Rosina (RIN-47). I have no FGS for this marriage.

It appears that some further verification needs to be done here to determine if Karoline Sophie GLASER and Karoline Rosin(a) GLASER are the same individual and if so which middle name is correct. In a handwritten book her first name is spelled Caroline rather than Karoline

 (not changed).  This lists her as being married to Fr. Horrer on 16 May 1903.
 This also added the day (24) to her date of death.  This book was written by
 Gertrud Ruf as the information was read by the Evangelish Priest.  Therefore
 spellings may vary (info from Gertrud Ruf in a conversation with Gerhard
 during 1994/1995.)

!RESEARCH: determine if middle name is Sophie or Rosine or Rosina.

Taken from Volume IV page 102 of the Lutheran Family register in Asperg/ Ludwigsburg. Extract available.

Religion: Evangelisch (Lutheran)

Could this be the same person as Karoline Sophie GLASER (RIN-30)?

A handwritten FGS where she appears as Wife lines out Rosine and replaces it

 with Sophie (not changed).