Person:Julius Dugger (7)

m. Before 1787
  1. Anna Dugger1782 -
  2. James Dugger1784 - 1814
  3. Mark Dugger1784 - 1827
  4. Julius Dugger1790 - After 1825
  • HJulius Dugger1790 - After 1825
  • WAnn McHargue1799 - Before 1830
m. 12 Aug 1813
  1. Lavina Dugger - After 1845
  2. Nancy Dugger - 1840
  3. Elizabeth Dugger1810 - 1843
  4. William Dugger1817 - 1850
Facts and Events
Name Julius Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? ca 1790 Carter, Tennessee, United States
Marriage 12 Aug 1813 Knox, Kentucky, United Statesto Ann McHargue
Death? After 1825 Coles, Illinois, United States

Julius Dugger was born ca 1790/1791 in Washington Co, TN (now Carter County). His birth date is based on the 1830 census entry which shows him aged 30-39 or born ca 1790-1800. It can be narrowed down further since we know he was from William's first marriage, and William married a second time in 1791.

He ran away from home with his brothers while a teenager, and went to Knox Co, KY before 1808.

Julius is not listed on the 1810 census in Knox Co., KY or elsewhere as far as I could find. His brother James was a head of household in Knox at that time and had two males age 16-25 (born ca 1784/1794) in his household. One of those is James himself. The other could be Julius, or perhaps it is their brother Mark Dugger instead. No way to know for sure.

Julius Dugger married Ann McHargue on 12 Aug 1813 in Knox Co., KY.

I was unable to find Julius on the 1820 census in Knox Co., KY or elsewhere. He was still alive at that point, but not listed.

By May 1824 Julius Dugger was in Greene Co., IN for he and Andrew Ferguson were tried for murder in court that month. They were accused of murdering Isaac Edwards with an ax. Ferguson was acquitted. Julius was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to four years in the state prison.

Julius Dugger was listed on the 1830 census in Clark Co., IL. This is next to Coles Co., IL where he was also thought to live at some point. His wife Ann doesn't seem to be with him, so she may have died by this time.

  • Clark Co., IL page 121 Julius Dugger 0000010000000-0111000000000
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male 30-39 (1790/1800)=Julius Dugger (c1791)
  • 1 female 15-19 (1810/1815)=Unknown daughter
  • 1 female 10-14 (1815/1820)=Unknown daughter
  • 1 female 5-9 (1820/1825)=Unknown daughter

Even though he was probably dead by then, Julius was named in his father's 1839 Will in Carter Co., TN: "I give and bequeath to my son, Julius Dugger, five dollars." It makes you wonder if William knew his son was dead, or just named him to make sure his heirs got something from the estate.

I wasn't able to find Julius on the 1840 census.