Person:Julius Dugger (4)

Julius Arnold Dugger
m. bef. 1777
  1. Julius Arnold Dugger1777 - 1860
m. Before 1798
  1. Mark Dugger1797 - After 1870
  2. John A Dugger1805 - After 1883
  3. Meredith Dugger Arnold1807 - After 1850
m. 24 Oct 1811
  1. Lydia Dugger1811 - 1877
  2. Freelove Dugger1812 - After 1850
m. 17 Apr 1824
Facts and Events
Name Julius Arnold Dugger
Birth Name Julius Arnold
Gender Male
Birth? 1777/1778 Wilkes, North Carolina, United States
Marriage Before 1798 Carter, Tennessee, United Statesto Unknown Unknown
Marriage 24 Oct 1811 Carter, Tennessee, United Statesto Elizabeth "Betsy" Robinson
Marriage 17 Apr 1824 Carter, Tennessee, United Statesto Nancy A Overbay
Death? 1860/1870 Carter, Tennessee, United States

Julius A. Dugger was born ca 1777/78 in NC, most likely in Wilkes Co, NC on or near Elk Creek, probably in the Dugger Mountain vicinity. I am told by Robert T. Nave, (a noted researcher, and Dugger descendant) that Julius A. Dugger was, per family tradition, an illegitimate son of Julius Dugger (1760) and a Miss Arnold. He was born prior to Julius' (1760) marriage to Mary Hall ca 1779. So if illegitimate, the law would require him to use his mother's maiden name (or married name if married to or widowed from someone else at the time), so that would explain "Julius Arnold", the "Dugger" added onto his name could have been his own preference, or perhaps he had it legally changed, if Julius (1760) acknowledged him as his son.

In any event, I have seen no proof that Julius Arnold Dugger is a son of Julius Dugger (1760), but it seems to be a likely possibility. Other choices would be a son of William Dugger (1750) (who already had a son named Julius), or a son of Benjamin Dugger (c1747). I'll leave him with Julius (1760) until some evidence is found to sway me otherwise. Neither Julius nor his heirs were mentioned in the extensive Will of William Dugger in 1872. William left all his estate to his brothers and sisters and their children. Julius would be his half-brother, but not mentioned.

There was a family tradition among the Mark Dugger descendants that an ancestor of theirs was born to a Miss Arnold by a Dugger and raised by the girl's father. This was from a 1981 letter to him.

Julius A. Dugger may have married for the first time ca 1798 in Carter Co, TN (no record found). This is speculative, based on several children born in this time frame that are thought to be his. If he was married around this time, this wife died before 1811.

In Feb 1810 Carter Co., TN court, George Baker brought a suit against "Julius Duggard Arnold" for debt. (Thanks to M. Hougland for sharing this)

Julius A. Dugger married Elizabeth "Betsy" Robinson on 24 Oct 1811 in Carter Co, TN (name and dates per Pam Creswell). I didn't find this marriage among the Carter Co, TN marriages, but this was shared with me by Pam Creswell, who is a Robinson researcher. She also shared the names and dates, etc of Julius and Betsy's two daughters. After looking again at the marriage records, I did find it. He is listed as "Julius D. Arnold" and she as "Elizabeth Robertson". This is further proof that he was illegitimate, why else use the name "Arnold" as a surname on some records, and "Dugger" on others.

For the War of 1812, Julius A. Dugger enlisted on 18 Oct 1813 Captain Jesse Cole's company. He either enlisted again, or we have another Julius A. Dugger, as someone with that name enlisted on 10 Sep 1814 as a Private in Captain Hunter's Tennessee Militia. This last record shows him dying 10 Nov 1814, which doesn't work for the Julius A. Dugger under study here. Either that date is wrong, or this is a different Julius. (Thanks to Carol Valantine Dugger and Mary Floy Katzman for sharing this information).

The 1820 census was lost for all of Eastern Tennessee, so we have no record of Julius A. Dugger from this census.

Julius' wife Betsy died sometime prior to 1824, for on 17 Apr 1824, "Julius A. Dugger" obtained a marriage bond in Carter Co, TN to marry Nancy Overbay.

Julius A. Dugger was listed on the 1830 census in Carter Co, TN. He wasn't listed near any of the other Dugger families. "William Overby" was listed two pages away, and could be a relative of Nancy. Neither of Julius' two known daughters from his first marriage were yet married by 1830, but they weren't listed with him in this census. It is possible (and likely) that they went to live with Robinson relatives after their mother's death. There was one apparent daughter born ca 1815/20 with Julius in 1830. This one is unknown. Analysis:

  • Carter Co., TN page 33 Julius A. Dugger 0000000100000-0010010000000
  • 1 male 50-59 (1770/1780)=Julius A. Dugger (c1778)
  • 1 female 30-39 (1790/1800)=Nancy A. Overby Dugger (c1790) wife
  • 1 female 10-14 (1815/1820)=Unknown daughter

Julius A. Dugger was listed on the 1840 census in Carter Co, TN. Once again, he wasn't near any other Dugger families. William Overby from 1830 was now on the same page with Julius. His age was about the same as Nancy's, so he could be her brother. Apparently, Julius and Nancy had no children together, or none that survived to the 1840 census. Analysis:

  • Carter Co., TN page 179 Julas A. Dugar 0000000010000-0000000100000
  • 1 male 60-69 (1770/1780)=Julius A. Dugger (c1778)
  • 1 female 50-59 (1780/1790)=Nancy A. Overby Dugger (c1790) wife

On the 1850 census, Julius A. Dugger and Nancy were listed in Carter Co, TN. Once again, they were not near any other Dugger families. The census taker for their district apparently misunderstood one of the census columns: the "married within census year" column was supposed to be checked if the person had married between June 1849 and June 1850, but instead, he wrote in the marriage year of each couple, which was a pleasant "mistake" to find! He recorded Julius and Nancy's marriage as "1825" which is wrong, but close (1824). Once again, William Overby wasn't too far away, he was two pages distant on this census, listed as age "60" (same as Nancy).

7th Census of the United States - 1850
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Birth Place
Carter Co, TN - 10th Civil District
Page 229b, House # 99, Family # 99
Dugger Julius 72 M W Laborer (M 1825) NC
Dugger Nancy 60 F W VA

Julius and Nancy were still in Carter Co, TN for the 1860 census.

8th Census of the United States - 1860
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Pers $ Birth Place
Carter Co, TN - Division Second
Elizabethton PO
Page 455b, House # 1035, Family # 939
Duggar Julius 87 M W Farming 25 50 NC
Duggar Nancy A. 70 F W NC

Julius and Nancy both probably died between 1860 and 1870.

  1.   The original version of this text was written by Marty Grant and published on his personal website. It has been moved here by the author. Special thanks to Robert T. Nave, Wayne Dugger, Ruby Coleman and Pam Creswell for data shared on this family.