Person:Julia Timmons (1)

Julia Ann Timmons
b.ABT 1848 [[Place:, <Rusk>, Texas|, <Rusk>, Texas]]
d.BEF 1855
m. 1 Aug 1837
  1. Mary Ann Timmons1839 - 1861
  2. Hannah Ann TimmonsABT 1847 - 1865
  3. Julia Ann TimmonsABT 1848 - BEF 1855
  4. Barsheba Ann TimmonsABT 1850 - AFT 1864
Facts and Events
Name Julia Ann Timmons
Gender Female
Birth[1] ABT 1848 [[Place:, <Rusk>, Texas|, <Rusk>, Texas]]
Death? BEF 1855
Burial[2] BEF 1855 Smith Park, Henderson, Rusk County, Texas

1850 Rusk census Texas not on 1860 census Note from Helen Price: Do you remember No. 409 Report filed Jany 26th 1858? It listed the c hildren as Mary AnnTimmons, Hannah Ann Timmons & Barsheba Ann Timmons? Rusk Co Deeds Boo k J pg 461 dated 12th day of December AD 1855 had the children as Mary A,. Hannah & Anne Timm ons. There were just 2 on the 1860 census in Rusk (living with Hannah) &Mcleanna (living wit h Isaac) and buried with Timmons at Smith Park is Julia Timmons, b 1848 & d 1850's. The 185 0 census in Rusk has Simmons instead of Timmons with Mary, age 12, Hannah,age 6 and Julia, ag e 2. Barsheba must have beenborn after the census was taken in 1850 because she shows up a s 11 on 1860 census and this census had H Ann (Hannah or Hattie?) age 13. This one would b e18 in 1865. This doesn't match the age for Hannah on the 1850 census. But remember wha t a mess the census was when my cousin from CA wrote you and you sentme? On the 1850 census , Mary and Hannah had *s by their name so maybe they weren't sure. Wish they would use the s ame name for census and legal papers!

  1. Census: 1850 USA Federal Census.

    1850 Rusk County, Texas federal census
    Thomas Timmons 35 TN Julia 2 TX
    and family--see image

  2. Cemetery: Tombstone.

    Delilah Smith b 1862-?
    3 1/2'[Daughter of Burt Smith is written on one source, but that is unverified. Records do not show him as ever being married. HThis could be a daughter of his brother Marion Francis Smith who is listed as having heirs in Birt Smith's will.] The Rusk County, Texas historical society could not verify the name of the child or its parents.28" gapBert Smith b. 1837-d.1863
    7' x 32"28" gapJoe Smith b. 1825 d. 1861
    7' x 32"General's Tomb
    with wifeThomas Timmons b. 1815 - d. 1854
    7' x 32"28" gapFrancis Smith Timmons b. 1823 d. 1859 7' x 32" 28" gapJulia Timmons b. 1848 d. 1850's 3 1/2' Barsheba Timmons b. 1849 d. 1850's 3 1/2'

    Dimensions are from the Rusk County Historical Society:

    Buried in Smith Park cemetery, Henderson, Rusk County, Texas-- The James & Hannah Smith plot--see image