Person:Joshua Wardwell (1)

Joshua Wardwell
d.Bet 1770 and 1805
m. 25 Nov 1706
  1. William Wardwell1709 - 1790
  2. Thomas Wardwell1709 - 1776
  3. Jonathan Wardwell1711 - 1788
  4. Sarah Wardwell1714 - 1757
  5. Dorothy Wardwell1715/16 - 1751
  6. Phoebe Wardwell1717 - Aft 1763
  7. John Wardwell1719 - 1799
  8. Hannah Wardwell1721 - Aft 1780
  9. Eliakim Wardwell1722/23 - 1754
  10. Nathan Wardwell1724 - 1738
  11. Mary Wardwell1726/27 - 1738
  12. Joshua Wardwell1728 - Bet 1770 and 1805
  13. Abiah Wardwell1731 - 1738
  14. Bethiah Wardwell1734/35 - 1738
  • HJoshua Wardwell1728 - Bet 1770 and 1805
  • WMary Sanders1727 - 1805
m. 17 MAR 1757
  1. Joshua Wardwell1757 - 1819
  2. Joseph Wardwell1760 - 1849
  3. Susanna WardwellABT 1763 -
  4. Ruth WardwellABT 1766 -
  5. Jeremiah Wardwell1771 -
Facts and Events
Name Joshua Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 6 Dec 1728 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 17 MAR 1757 Andover, Essex, MAto Mary Sanders
Death[2] Bet 1770 and 1805
Occupation? Tailor

According to Lawrence Dowse of Legbourne, England : his ancestors, descendants and connections in England, Massachusetts and Ireland: Boston: 1926, "Mary (Sanders) Wardwell married Joshua Wardwell and with him removed to Swansea taking her daughters, Mary and Sarah Foster with her. They settled the estate of her first husband, Joseph Foster, before they left, and the only heirs other than the widow appear to be her two daughters."

"Joshua, tailor most years, but once in 1762 an inn-holder, married Mary Sanders, widow of Joseph Lovejoy, and with a sister Ruth who is in business with them, inherit Amesbury lands from father Thomas Sanders. The great estate of Joseph Foster as sold by Mary to Hezekia Ballard; lot seems to be near Foster's Pond, or along "the brook that runs from it", and Joshua parts with the home up in the Centre, that was a part of Joseph Lovejoy's, a double house and near the Elm House site. But he is out in Swansea, Bristol County, when he transfers first to Henry Ingalls, then to Ballard, this last bit of Andover. His son Joshua who was a veteran of the Revolution drawing a pension till death, dies childless and non comp, leaving the neighbors in Frye Village to manage his estate, which fades away, and the widow at last has only her pension." -Some Wardwell Tax-Payers Charlotte Abbott Andover Townsman 07 May 1897

He is not found in either the 1790 and 1800 census, which may indicate he died before 1790.

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    WARDWEL, Joshua, s. William and Dorathy, [born] Dec. 6, 1728.

  2. Samuel Wardwell of Andover Marjorie Wardwell Otten.

    Samuel Wardwell of Andover
    Marjorie Wardwell Otten