Person:Joseph Wardwell (17)

Joseph Wardwell
b.12 JUN 1761 York, York, ME
d.21 JUN 1834 Frankfort, Waldo, ME
m. OCT 1757
  1. Lucy Wardwell1757 - AFT 1791
  2. Mercy WardwellBEF 1759 - AFT 1791
  3. Joseph Wardwell1761 - 1834
  4. Joel Wardwell1764 -
  5. Jeremiah Wardwell1765 - AFT 1791
m. 6 JAN 1789
  1. Jeremiah Wardwell1790 - BEF 1820
  2. Mercy Wardwell1793 - 1860
  3. James Wardwell1796 -
  4. Mary Wardwell1798 -
  5. Ann Wardwell1802 - 1887
  6. Elizabeth A. WardwellABT 1805 - 1868
  7. Tryphena WardwellABT 1805 - 1883
  8. Julia Ann WardwellABT 1808 - 1900
  9. Susanna WardwellABT 1808 - AFT 1850
  10. Joseph Wardwell, Jr.ABT 1812 - 1867
  11. Adelaide E. Wardwell1814 - 1895
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 12 JUN 1761 York, York, ME
Baptism[3] 13 SEP 1761 York, York, ME
Marriage 6 JAN 1789 Penobscot, Hancock, MEto Elizabeth Anderson
Death[2] 21 JUN 1834 Frankfort, Waldo, ME
Burial? Locust Grove Cemetery, Hampden, Penobscot, ME

Though very young, Joseph served aboard The Ranger in the Revolutionary War. Joseph and Elizabeth Wardwell's grandson, Frederick Ferdinand Low, was the 9th Governor of California. Maine Families in 1790. Living in Penobscot at 1800 census with one son under 10, one 10-16, 2 daughters under 10

His Revolutionary War pension application says the ship was captured in Charleston, S.C. and he was imprisoned there for a month and then moved to Philadelphia where he was imprisoned for several more months.

"I Joseph Wardwell on oath say and declare that I have no personal estate nor any income whatever...bedding and wearing apparel excepted. Except two cows, six sheep, two goats. I am a seaman but by reason of age and infirmity I am unable to go to sea. I have 5 children under age, one son 8 years old, the rest daughters. Without my pension I am unable to support myself and my family." (Written) 15 July 1820 -Revolutionary War Pension File W22496

From his widow's Revolutionary War Pension Application: "That she is the widow of Joseph Wardwell who was a volunteer seaman, who entered service about the commencement of the war and served most of its duration. At the time of his entering the service he resided in the town of Castine in the then district of Maine. She has no documentary evidence in her possession of her husband's service, but refers to the records of the War Department for proof as her husband was a pensioner for several years, evidence of which may be found in the said records of the War Department. She further declares that she was married to the said Joseph Wardwell about the sixth day of January in the year of our Lord Seventeen Hundred and Eighty Nine, as near as she can possibly recollect. That her husband died on the Twenty First day of June Eighteen Hundred and Thirty Four, and that she was not married prior to his leaving the service, but that the marriage took place previous to the first day of January Seventeen hundred Ninety Four, viz at the time above stated and that she has never since been married." -Revolutionary War Pension File W22496

"I Joseph Wardwell of Hampden in the County of Penobscot and State of Maine of lawful age being first cautioned and sworn depose and say that I am the son of Joseph Wardwell late of Frankfort and Elizabethe Wardwell his wife and I know that the said Joseph Wardwell my father died at Frankfort aforesaid on the Twenty First day of June Eighteen hundred and Thirty Four and I also know that my mother who has now applied for a pension is still living unmarried and that she has not been married since the death of her husband Joseph Wardwell." -Revolutionary War Pension File W22496

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