Person:Joseph Wardwell (1)

m. 17 MAR 1757
  1. Joshua Wardwell1757 - 1819
  2. Joseph Wardwell1760 - 1849
  3. Susanna WardwellABT 1763 -
  4. Ruth WardwellABT 1766 -
  5. Jeremiah Wardwell1771 -
m. 26 SEP 1790
  1. Joseph Hemmenway Wardwell1791 - BEF 1795
  2. Sarah Jefferds Wardwell1794 - 1864
  3. Joseph Hemmenway Wardwell1795 - 1849
  4. Moses Hemmenway Wardwell1799 - AFT 1820
  5. Mary Saunders WardwellABT 1803 - AFT 1820
  6. Jane W. WardwellABT 1811 - 1833
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 29 Jan 1760 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Other 4 SEP 1790 Wells, York, MEMarriage Intention
with Sarah Hemmenway
Marriage 26 SEP 1790 Wells, York, MEto Sarah Hemmenway
Death[2] 5 Mar 1849 Rumford, Oxford, Maine, United States
Burial? 5 Mar 1849 Rumford, Oxford, Maine, United StatesRumford Point Cemetery

Joseph Wardwell was born in Andover, Mass. , January 29, 1759 , and was the son of Joshua and Mary Wardwell of that ancient town. He entered the Colonial service at the beginning of the Revolution, a mere boy, and served through the war. He entered as a private but was promoted to a Lieutenancy and served in the corps commanded by General Lafayette . He was in all the great battles of the long war, and gained an enviable reputation for gallantry and bravery. A sword presented him by General Lafayette for conspicuous bravey at the siege of Yorktown is still preserved in the family. At the close of the war, Mr. Wardwell found himself poor and so illiterate that he could not read a chapter in the Bible. The time when he naturally would have been at school was spent in the service of his country. But with characteristic energy, he engaged in study and graduated with honor from Phillips Andover Academy. He married Sarah , daughter of Rev. Moses Hemmenway , D. D. of Wells , and moved quite early to Andover, Me. , and from thence to a farm at North Turner which he purchased of Rev. John Strickland . Here he kept a public house and was a farmer. When quite advanced in years he came to Rumford and here he died March 5, 1849 . His oldest son, Joseph H. Wardwell , died about the same time, and both were buried the same day. When General Lafayette visited Andover years after the war was over, he was thus addressed by Lieut. Wardwell :

"General Lafayette : I served in the Light Infantry under you in two campaigns, the last in Virginia . I hold in my hand the war-worn feather which you presented me at Orangetown in the Jerseys, where Major Andrew , the British Adjutant General, was executed. The red top of the feather was taken off by a musket ball when I was at the abattis storming the first of the two redoubts before Yorktown , carried at the point of the bayonet, being led on by Colonel Jainott , that illustrious Frenchman. General, this is my son who now enjoys the liberties, together with his mother, brother and sisters, for which you hazarded your life, endured the hardships of war, sleeping on the cold ground in a land of strangers. These eyes bear witness to all this. I most ardently hope that the citizens of America will never be so lost to every sentiment of gratitude as to forget that the soil of their country was stained by the precious blood of Frenchmen to purchase the liberties which they now enjoy and have enjoyed for half a century." General Lafayette replied in fitting terms and the meeting between these former comrades in arms was very affecting. Mr. Wardwell was a member of the Cincinnati and a pensioner. He was proud of his military record, as well he might be, and delighted in relating incidents connected with his service. He was a gentleman of the old school, erect and dignified, yet affable and kind hearted, and a favorite with both old and young." -History of Rumford, Oxford County, Maine From its First Settlement in 1779 to the Present Time

From Maine Estate Schedules from Revolutionary War Pensions: "Ensign, Reed's Co., Varnum's Regt, Mass. Real estate, I have none. Personal estate, I have none except a few ordinary articles of household stuff. The land which I mentioned in my first schedule was previously mortgaged in April 1820, to Joseph H. Wardwell and Samuel Bartlett, to secure a debt which I owed to the Town of two hundred and forty dollars. I was afterward sued by David Kimball for debt I owed him of one hundred and eight dollars. Joseph H. Wardwell paid that debt and also the following debts which I owed ... William Wheeler, $78.17, Daniel Gould, $34.40, Nathan Knapp, $19.87, Alvin Bolster, $14.40, Moses Kimball, $12.95, Coleman Goodwin, $9.31, Peter Virgin, $4.99. I have no income and am assisted by charity and depend on charity for support. Farmer, not able [due to] failure of eyesight and universal debility. Sarah, wife, 60 been deranged for 25 years requiring constant care. Mary, 20, Jane, 12, daughters who live with me and not able to support themselves without assistance. Restored $10. May 1823"

From Maine Pensioners, 1835: County: Oxford Co. Name: Joseph Wardwell Rank: Ensign Annual Allowance: 240 00 Sums Received: 3,037 33 Description of service: Massachusetts line When placed on the pension roll: January 22, 1819 Commencement of pension: April 20, 1818 Age: 74 Laws under which inscribed, increased or reduced OR Remarks.: Dropped under act May 1, 1820.

1776, Jan 1: age 16, enlisted as a Private in Capt. Joshua Reed's Company, Col. James Mitchells Farnums' R.I. Regiment (9th Cont. Infantry) as did his brother, Johua II, and their 1st cousin Simon Wardwell. Abstract of wages made up to April 1, 1776 1777, Aug 14: enlisted as a Private in Capt. Samuel Johnson's Company, Col. Johnson' Regiment; discharged Nov. 29, 1777. Service: 4 months with Northern Army, including 13 days travel home (265 miles). Roll sworn at Andover. In list of men raised to serve in.the Continental Armty (3 months) of Colonel Jonathan Glover's Regiment, 5th Essex Company 1778, March 13: enlisted in Capt. Stephen Abbot's Company, Col. Benjamin Tupper's 10th Mass. Regiment. Continental Army pay accounts for service March 13-December 31, 1779. Muster Roll, West Point, March 1799 1780 & 1781: Sergeant in Capt. Stephen Abbot's Company, Col. Tupper's Regiment. Listed as age 20, 5'10", light complexion, brown hair; husbandman; born and residing in Andover, Mass. 1782, Jan. 18: promoted to Ensign. From Feb. 1, serving 11 months as Ensign in Col. Joseph's 1st Regiment and Officer of the lst Mass. Brigade 1783: promoted to Lieutenant and attached to Lafayette's Corps. Genl Lafayette presented hims a sword "for his bravery at Yorktown". "Sick and Absent" at Wallkill (NY) NY) May 2-June 3, and at West Point, July 11-August 8. -William Wardwell of Andover, Massachusetts with an Informal Collection of His Descendants through the 8th Generation. Marjorie Wardwell Otten

Joseph Wardwell, born in 1760, enlisted even younger than (brother) Joshua, with Capt. Samuel Johnson's Co., was with Col. Johnson's Regt., Nov. 30, 1777, and four months, eight days in Northern Army from Andover, 13 days' travel being allowed, (Vol. 20, p. 102); 1778-1782 was with Col. Marshall and other regiments not identified. January 18, 1782, was Sergeant on a wages list of the loth Mass. Regiment, and was with Col. Ben. Tupper, Jan. 1st, 1781, to Jan. 1st, 1782. With Jonathan Glover's Regiment Nov. 7, 1777, enlisted from Andover for Marblehead quota for three years with Col. Ben. Tupper's 5th Essex Regiment, Oct. 26, 1779. He enlisted for the war as 20 years of age though only 19, (but all the Wardwells were tall) 5 feet 10 inches. He served in Capt. Stephen Abbott's Co., l0th Regiment, a Sergeant from 1782-1783; promoted ensign Jan. 8th, 1782. -Antecedents of Solomon Wardwell Elizabeth Wardwell Stay

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    WARDWELL, Joseph, s. Joshua and Mary, [born] Jan. 29, 1760.

  2. Gravestone.