Person:Joseph Thompson (89)

Joseph Thompson
b.Bef 1744
  • HJoseph ThompsonBef 1744 - 1787
  • WMary WrightBef 1747 - 1787
m. Bef 1764
  1. Mary D. 'Polly' Thompson1764 - 1844
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Thompson
Gender Male
Birth? Bef 1744
Marriage Bef 1764 to Mary Wright
Death? 1787
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    The 1778 Rockbridge Co., VA tithe list shows Edward, John (with 4 tithes), another John, JOSEPH and William Thompson. In 1787, John Davidson (born 1757 in Augusta Co., VA) married a Mary Thompson, and the marriage record showed Mary's father as a JOSEPH Thompson. The above tithe list is the first time that I have seen a Joseph Thompson who was a valid possibility to have been Mary's father. Does anyone have any information on these Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons? Were they related to Reverend John Thomson and his wife Margaret (possibly/probably Margaret Osborne)?

    In addition, an Alexander Thompson left a will at a fairly young age in Augusta Co., VA around 1824 (as I recall). He mentioned several nieces and nephews, including a Mary Davidson. I suspect that she was the Mary (Thompson) Davidson referenced above, but I have no proof of that. This particular Alexander Thompson is said in one Internet post to have never married and to have had TB. Alexander also mentioned a Shields family in his will, and I know that Rev. John Thomson had descendants who married into a Shields family. Does anyone have any info on this Alexander Thompson and his lineage?

    Finally, a William Davidson of Buckingham Co., VA married Martha Baker of Prince Edward Co., VA. Martha's parents were Douglas Baker and Jane Thompson, a daughter of Rev. John Thomson and his wife Margaret. William and Martha (Baker) Davidson moved to Botetourt Co., VA around 1774, and in 1778, that land became part of the newly created Rockbridge Co., VA. In 1781, William and Martha (Baker) Davidson sold their home in Rockbridge, and it was purchased over a several-year period by three different Thompsons. These were John, Thomas and Dorothy Thompson (who married Samuel Kinnerly). Dorothy and Samuel eventually sold the home to Rev. Andrew Baker Davidson, a son of William and Martha (Baker) Davidson. Does anyone know if these three Thompsons were relatives of Rev. John Thomson, and hence, relatives of Martha (Baker) Davidson? Thanks!