Person:Joseph Stephens (5)

Joseph Anderson Stephens
m. 11 May 1882
  1. Thomas Marion Stephens1883 - 1971
  2. James Clemons Stephens1884 - 1923
  3. Joseph Anderson Stephens1886 - 1980
  4. Samuel S. Stephens1890 - 1970
  5. Ada Virginia Stephens1892 - 1970
  6. Laura Stephens1894 - After 1910
  7. Sallie Stephens1895 - After 1910
  8. Arthur Tine Stephens1897 - 1967
  9. Adelia Iola Stephens1899 - After 1910
  10. Mary Era Stephens1901 - 1997
  1. Philip Donald Stephens1911 - 1989
  2. Hyman Hampton (Hamp) Stephens1922 - 2001
  3. Dixie Autumn Stephens1926 - 2001
Facts and Events
Name[1] Joseph Anderson Stephens
Gender Male
Birth[1] 12 Sep 1886 Walker, Texas, United Statesparents Robert M Stephens and Margaret Virginia McManners
Unknown? January 8, 1911 Houston, Texas, United States
Death[1] 14 Jun 1980 Harris, Texas, United StatesVilla Northwest Convalescent
Soc Sec No? 458-32-1729
Residence[1] 14 Jun 1980 Houston, Harris, Texas, United States117 Burbank
Other[1] 14 Jun 1980 Houston, Harris, Texas, United Statesspouse Oma S Shaw
Burial[1] Clapp Cemetery, Walker, Texas, United Statesremoval 16 Jun 1980

On the morning of January 8, 1911, Joseph walked the 3 miles to the Shaw homestead for his wedding. He intended to move in with Oma at the Shaws'. On his back he carried a small trunk, which had all of his worldly possessions, including his fiddle.

As the wedding progressed, that old fiddle came out, and he played "Eighth of January" (Battle of New Orleans).

Daddy Joe had a dog named Rover, who would herd the cows. He was able to herd only the Stephens's cows, but was impatient with them. If the cow didn't move fast enough, Rover would bite them on the nose, so Daddy Joe had to stop using Rover as a cow herd.

Daddy Joe's Uncle Clarence was a tobacco chewer. One time, while riding in Daddy Joe's brand new '57 Chevy, Clarence spit his chew out the window. The only problem was, the window was closed a the time.

Daddy Joe often liked to purchase new cars. He also was the first person in Huntsville to purchase the Brand New 1958 Edsel.

Gia's notes:----

Listed in the 1900 Houston County, Texas Census as Joe A. Stevens, born Dec. 1886, age 13, born TX, farm laborer, can read and write. With parents and siblings.

Listed in the 1920 Houston County, Texas Census, Precinct 4, ED 82, enumerated January 9th, page 3B, Dwelling 52, Household 53, as Joe A. Stephens, age 33, born TX, father born MS, mother born TX. With wife Oma, age 27, born TX, father born MS, mother born AL; son Philip, age 8, born TX.

Double stone with Oma. Other Stephens buried in Clapp Cemetery: Eva E. Stephens Feb. 23, 1885 - Aug. 24, 1969

 Double stone with Thomas

Thomas M. Stephens Jun. 11, 1883 - Sept. 14, 1971

 "Married ?? 17, 1909"

James D. Stephens Nov. 18, 1894 - Dec. 29, 1923 Lennie Stephens Oct. 1, 1893 - Dec. 14, 1928

---Known as "Daddy Joe" by his Grandchildren ---GSD ---Worked at the Huntsville Correction Facility, Huntsville TX. --GSD

Daddy Joe's niece was named Lillian. She's the one who had all the family tree information.

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