Person:Joseph Silver (2)

Joseph Silver
  1. Francis SilversAbt 1740 - Abt 1815
  2. Joseph Silver
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Silver
Gender Male

Silver Spring Tavern

  • SILVER SPRING TAVERN - Oliver Pollock Tavern - Location - 6395 Carlisle Pike - Tavern - Standing - 2-story stone - :Built 1797 - Tavernkeepers were John McCurdy 1771-1776, David Briggs 1796-1804.
History - The original tavern burned in November 1796. The new tavern 40’ by 33’ was built by Oliver Pollock before 1798.
  • Robert Callender, the original landowner on which Silver Spring Tavern is built, died in 1776. The executors wrote in the Pennsylvania Gazette dated 2 Oct 1776,
"TO BE SOLD - 1,200 acres of excellent limestone land situated in East Pennsborough Twp. on great road leading from Harris Ferry to said town of Carlisle whereon are erected and built an excellent merchant mill and sawmill adjacent... now in tenure of Mr. Francis Silver, on a never failing stream of water known by name of Silver Spring. Oliver Pollock purchased the property.
Reverend Manasseh Cutler traveling to the Northwest Territory stopped at the tavern. He was the founder of Marietta, Ohio. He says "We went 7 miles from the Susquehanna River to Pollock’s Tavern. A fat Irishman gave us a grand dinner, but one horse fared badly; intolerably dear."
During David Brigg’s tenure as tavernkeeper, a disastrous fire occurred. It was reported in the 11 Nov 1796 edition of Klines - "CONFLAGRATION - the Silver Spring Tavern, property of Oliver Pollock, Esq., which was kept by Mr. Briggs, took fire and was consumed. Charles Smith, Esq., one of the lodgers and in adjoining room went where several Indian chiefs lodged who joined him in the cry to the other lodgers."
  • Discussions of speculator James Silvers' land purchases in now-Cumberland County c.1735 dismiss warrants to Joseph Silver as a "straw man," that is, Joseph was not a brother but a front for additional warranting by James himself. But it should be noted that one of the George Brandons, possibly this Joseph Silver's father-in-law, was at a vendue in the Silver's Spring area in 1739 and that Presbyterians from York County travelled to Silver's Spring for church until the Monaghan congregation at Dillsburg was given the go-ahead in 1760.
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