Person:Joseph LeBLANC (1)

Joseph Auffrey LeBLANC
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Auffrey LeBLANC
Gender Male
Birth? 1918
Marriage to Lela Mae Morrow
Death? 1979 Stapleton, Baldwin County, Alabama (Methodist Cemetery)
Reference Number? Descencants of Jennings NIX Keyword

Delivered-To: From: "wscc" <> To: "Dalton Nix" <> Subject: grave stones Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 00:22:05 -0600

I didn't get to copy all the info off all the headstones in the graveyard today like I'd wanted to. The wind kicked up and gave me one heck of a bad earache. I did get the info for Grandma and the others. Unfortunately, there weren't any Nix's there other than her like I'd thought. I'll just send you the few I did get.

Pinkey Nix b. 12 Oct 1896 d. 12 Feb 1974 Rev. Mark Morrow b. 26 May 1897 d. 23 Mar 1972 m. 08 Apr 1919

"Captain" Stanley Benjamin Funk b. 12 Jan 1910 Bertha Faye Morrow b. 05 Feb. 1925 d. 14 Jan. 1998 m. 14 Jan. 1962

      • I know Aunt Bertha was married prior to Stanley and his name was Phillips so I assume this is her first. That would fit to with her�3 sons prior to her marriage to Stanley being the age they are. I don't know their full names though. They are, Marshall, Donald & Leslie. I'll try to find what I can on them too.

Louis R. Phillips b. 1914 d. 1965 It just says "Father" under the dates and is right next to the Morrow's plots.

Flavius Morrow SFC U.S. Army Korea Vietnam b. 05 Sept. 1929 d. 07 Jul 1983 On his death certificate it says buried 09 Jul 1983

Leon Morrow b. 10 Oct 1931 d. 21 Mar. 1981 (Inscription says "Darling We Miss Thee" m. 15 Sept. 1956 Eunice Yvonne Minchew b. 29 Jan. 1940

Joseph Auffrey Leblanc b. 1918 d. 1979 (inscription "Beloved Husband And Father") Lela Morrow Leblanc b. 04 Sept. 1937 d. 01 Nov. 1997 ( inscription "Loving Wife Mother And Friend")

Kimberly Leblanc Joseph b. 05 Mar 1964 d. 04 Jan. 1987

That's all I have for now. I'll send you what I can as I get it. Take care. Kimmy left behind a loving huband and a 1 yr. old son.