Person:Joseph Bickers (1)

Joseph Bickers
m. 06 JUN 1732
  1. Hannah Bickers
  2. William Bickers1732 - 1798
  3. Robert Bickers, Jr1734 - 1762
  4. John Bickers1735 - 1799
  5. Thomas Bickers1740 - 1835
  6. Nicholas Bickers1744 - 1835
  7. Joseph Bickers1748 - 1817
  • HJoseph Bickers1748 - 1817
  • WAgnes Long - 1834
m. 1770
  1. Matilda Bickers
  2. Elizabeth Bickers1780 -
  3. Susan Bickers1788 - 1875
  4. Nancy Bickers1792 -
  5. Alexander Bickers1796 - 1875
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Joseph Bickers
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1748 Orange, Virginia, USA
Marriage 1770 Orange, Virginia, USAto Agnes Long
Death[1][2] 1817
Reference Number? 396

The Marriage Index of Orange County, Virginia, lists a marriage Bond for a Joseph Bickers, Index to Marriage Bonds, Register XIII, 247, 1775-1854

According to the Orange County, Virginia, Deed Books, the following deeds of Joseph Bickers are recorded between the years 1734 and 1848 Deed Bk 25, p21, 22 Oct 1810, and p80, 28 Jan 1811]: 22 October 1810, Joseph Bickers, Grantor; Francis Abraham, Grantee - Bk 25, P21 [Grantor Index to Deeds from Creation of Orange County in 1734 to 1848] 28 January 1811, Joseph Bickers, Grantor, and Oliver Terrill - Bk 25, P80, Grantor Index to Deeds from Creation of Orange County in 1734 to 1848 According to Brockman 1956, Orange Co, VA, Families, Vol II, Susan Bickers married John Jones in Orange County on 23 December 1811 and Joseph Bickers was recorded as her parent. John Jones was the son of Elijah Jones & Rebecca McClutchem. Joseph Bickers died in 1817 at the age of 69. In his Last Will & Testament [Will Book 6, p284, Orange Co, VA], copy of abstract following, he left all his property to his wife, Agnes Long Bickers: "Will of Joseph Bickers of Orange County, Virginia, dated April 25th, 1816, leaves all property to wife, Agnes Bickers. /s/Joseph X Bickers. Witnesses: William Mallory, Benj. C. Bickers." "Brought into Court September 22nd, 1817, but proved October 24th 1825 and recorded that date. No qualifications mentioned." A Copy- Testate: Katherine B. Brown, D.C. Agnes Long Bickers lived for 17 years after the death of her husband, Joseph Bickers. She died in 1834 leaving her estate to her 10 children as named in her Will [Will Book 8, p89, 1835, Orange Co, VA.]: "I, Agnes Bickers, of the County of Orange, do hereby make my Last Will and Testament in manner and form of doing; that is to say: 1st I give to my son Abner Bickers my household and kitchen furniture; also one negro boy named Thornton and one boy named William as his and his heirs forever. 2nd It is my wish and desire that all my land in the County of Orange shall be sold and equally divided amongst my four children, Joseph Bickers, Matilda Smith, Nancy Brown, and Susan Jones. I do hereby constitute and appoint my son Joseph Bickers, Philip Smith as executors to sell the said land & divide the money equally between the four. 3rd It is my wish and desire that my Executor hereafter named shall pay to my son Alexander Bickers ten dollars, to Joshua Bickers ten dollars, to Elizabeth Long ten dollars, to Caleb Bickers five dollars, to Brumfield Bickers two dollars should they ever apply. I do hereby constitute and appoint my son Abner Bickers as executor to pay the last four heirs named forty dollars. This being my Last Will and Testament hereby laying aside all others and former Wills and Testaments by me heretofore made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the 1st day of October 1831. /s/Agness X Bickers (Seal) Witnesses: Henry Newman, Obco Gregory, Wilson Coleman, George Lewis, Philip Mallory The above Will was probated February 23rd, 1835, and Abner Bickers qualified as executor and gave bond for $1,000." [Note: The wording in this the Will indicates that Alexander, Joshua, Elizabeth, Brumfield, and Caleb had left Orange Co., VA]

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