Person:Joseph Barton (2)

Joseph Thomas Barton
d.26 Mar 1980
m. 3 May 1890
  1. Elizabeth Rose Hannah Barton1891 - 1893
  2. Della Ladoyski Barton1893 - 1920
  3. Joseph Thomas Barton1894 - 1980
  4. Charles Barton1896 - 1975
  5. Dewey Lavon Barton1898 - 1986
  6. Maude Ethel Barton1900 - 1975
  7. Edwin James Barton1902 - 1970
  8. Mary Ann Barton1914 - ABT 1999
m. 13 Jan 1923
m. 27 Dec 1948
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Thomas Barton
Gender Male
Birth? 7 Oct 1894 Kaysville, Davis, Utah, USA
Marriage 13 Jan 1923 to Mary Bertha Lemon
Marriage 27 Dec 1948 to Elizabeth Stein
Death? 26 Mar 1980
Unknown? 7M6P5W

Joseph Thomas and Charles Barton

Joseph Thomas Barton was born October 7, 1894 and Charles Barton was born April l, 1896. Both in Farmington, Davis, Utah. They were the sons of Joseph Thomas Barton and Mary Ann Norris. Their stories are being written together because they were always together, Mother said they were her twins.

As young boys they helped their father with his dray business in Price and when the family went to Ruby City, Nevada to homestead they helped with the building of the home for the family and with the work there. Later they worked for the various ranchers in Ruby Valley and were very good workers.

When World War I broke out they were both deferred because of their value as farm hands. Finally in 1918 Joe was drafted and Charlie said that if Joe had to go that he was going also, but he wanted to go with Joe so he could be in the same outfit. This wish was granted and the two boys were sent together to Camp Lewis, Washington. Twice they were scheduled to be shipped over seas but were not.

After the Armistice was signed Joe and Charley returned home and worked for a while again in Ruby Valley. Then they decided to leave home and go into the northwest and work in the lumber camps. This they did and it seemed that where ever the boys went they were able to find work and were good at whatever job they accepted. They moved from place to place and the early 1920's found them in Los Angeles, California. Here they went to work at a lumber yard. It wasn't long until Joe was yard foreman and Charley was mill foreman.

January 13, 1923 Joe married Mary Bertha Lemon and from then on the two boys were separated although they both remained in Los Angeles and kept in close touch.

Joe's wife Bertha died December 30, 1936 and on December 27, 1948 Joe married Elizabeth Elsa Stein and she died May 11, 1973. Joe died March 26, 1980 at the age of eighty-six.

Written by Mary B. Larsen - sister