Person:Jonathan Pickens (2)

m. ABT 1730
  1. Catherine PickensABT 1730 -
  2. Joseph Pickens1736/37 - 1781
  3. Jane 'Jean' Pickens1738 - 1824
  4. Brig. Gen. Andrew Pickens1739 - 1817
  5. Israel PickensABT 1740 -
  6. Robert PickensABT 1741 - 1742-1831
  7. William PickensABT 1742 -
  8. Jonathan Pickens1745 - 1781
m. ABT 1764
  1. Jane Pickens1764 -
  2. Hannah Pickens1765 -
  3. Mollie PickensABT 1767 -
  4. Ann PickensABT 1769 -
  5. Andrew Martin Pickens1770 -
  6. Abby PickensABT 1773 -
Facts and Events
Name Jonathan Pickens
Alt Name John Pickens
Gender Male
Alt Birth? ABT 1733 Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Birth? 1745 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage ABT 1764 Waxhaw Settlement, Abbeville District, South Carolinato Mary Caldwell
Death[1][2] 16 DEC 1781 killed by Indians and burned at the stake in Columbia, Georgia
Alt Death[3] 16 DEC 1791

Name: Johathan PICKINS Sex: M Birth: ABT. 1733 in Bucks Co, Pennsylvania Death: 16 DEC 1781 in Indian camp, now Columbia Co, Georgia 1 of killed by fire Reference Number: 40001 Note: material from THE PICKENS FAMILY - Monroe Pickens 1950 K.P. Day: pg 267 "(NOTE:-It is said that the father of Andrew Martin Pickens was captured by the Indians and burned at the stake, and that he was a brother of General Andrew Pickens. Family traditions say that Captain Joseph Pickens, brother of General Andrew Pickens was captured by the British, turned over to the Indians and burned at the stake. A field book of Revolutionary Officers in the Colonial Army gives the date of the killing of Captain Joseph Pickens and June 1781, at Ninety Six, S.C. Traditions also tell us that John Pickens and James Pickens, both brothers of Captain Joseph Pickens, were lost at Ninety Six during the Revolutionary War. History also shows that Andrew Pickens, the father of Captain Joseph Pickens was appointed to appraise lands for a Mr. Andrew Martin in Augusta County, Virginia, March 2nd, 1749.) This is where family tradition and facts clash. Joseph was indeed killed as a result of Indian fire, John was captured and taken to Geogia were he was put to death by fire at the stake. Nothing is known about James wheather he was captured or killed, still remains a mystery.jcp1997 ID Number: 11263

Father: Andrew PICKIN b: ABT. 1707 in North Ireland Mother: Nancy Ann DAVIS b: ABT. 1710 in North Ireland

Marriage 1 Unnamed MARTIN

Marriage 2 Mary CALDWELL b: ABT. 1744 in Augusta Co, Virginia, questionable Married: ABT. 1764 in Waxhaw Settlement, Abbeville District, South Carolina Children

Jane PICKINS b: 1764 in Pickens Co, South Carolina
Hannah PICKINS b: 1765 in Pendleton Co, South Carolina
Mollie PICKINS b: ABT. 1767 in Waxhaw Settlement, Abbeville District, South Carolina
Ann PICKINS b: ABT. 1769 in Waxhaw Settlement, Abbeville District, South Carolina
Andrew Martin PICKENS b: 28 OCT 1770 in Waxhaw Settlement, Abbeville District, South Carolina
Abby PICKINS b: ABT. 1773 in Waxhaw Settlement, Abbeville District, South Carolina

Sources: Title: The PICKENS FAMILY Author: Kate Pickens Day Publication: Hoitt Press Greenville, SC 1951 Note: TITL The PICKENS FAMILY limited ed., pub. 1951 Note: the source is acceptable, but definate checking needs to be done Repository: Note: NAME John C Pickens ADDR 25 Crompton Pl CONT Palm Coast Fl 32137 PHON 904 446-5878 NOTE copy fee and postage Media: Book Page: pg74-75 Text: "JOHN PICKENS, son of the old pioneer Andrew Pickens, from the best information obtainable, was lost at the seige of Ninety Six, during the Revolutionary war" "The estate of John Pickens was paid for his services in the war as stub entry No. 193, book S, of payments for services rendered in the war. The entry reads as follows: 'Issued the 10 of June 1785, to............................. for estate of Mr. John Pickens for Forty One Poounds, Eight Shillings and Six Pence three farthings Sterling for duty done in the Militia and a Maare lost as per. Account audited"............

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