Person:John Tompkins (29)

John Tompkins
Facts and Events
Name John Tompkins
Gender Male
Birth[1] 3 Jul 1684 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts
Marriage 1704 Eastchester, Westchester County, New Yorkto Mercy Jones
Death[1] 1741


There are conflicting birthdates for John Tompkins that married Mercy Jones in Massachusetts. There is a proven birth of John Tompkins, son of John Tompkins and Rebecca Knights in Massachusetts Vital Records, born 3 Septemmber 1674 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. The birthdate attibuted to this John Tompkins - 3 July 1684, listed in the Find-A-Grave Non-Burial Index and U.S. and International Marriage Records, is apparently not listed in those Massachusetts Vital Records. If this John Tompkins was truly born in 1684, as listed, then the "older" John Tompkins born in 1674 likely died prior to 1684. Additional research necessary.


The John Tompkins b. 1674 did die. This may be shown because in 1706 (as was pointed out on the Talk page), the probate of the father (Essex County Probate 27801) shows administration granted to his only son Nathaniel. This also shows the John Tompkins does not belong to the Salem family he was placed in. Further there is no recorded birth of a John Tompkins in 1684 found at all in Massachusetts, nor according to in the entire United States. I have removed the parents John Tompkins and Rebecca Knights (1) since they are provably wrong. Perhaps reinvestigation of the sources, including where they get their information from, would be useful because undoubtedly the data has been corrupted or miscopied somewhere along the line, and the original source of information may have something different...

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    Name: John Tompkins
    Birth Date: 3 Jul 1684
    Birth Place: USA
    Has Bio?: N
    Spouse: Mercy Tompkins
    Father: John Tompkins
    Mother: Rebecca Tompkins
    Children: Joshua Tompkins, Thomas Tompkins

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    Name: John Tomkins
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 1684
    Spouse Name: Mercy Jones
    Marriage Year: 1704
    Number Pages: 1