Person:John Thompson (254)

Rev. John Thompson
b.Abt. 1690 Prob. Ireland
m. BEF 1710
  1. Esther ThompsonABT 1710 - 1770
  2. Daughter ThompsonEst 1712-1720 - Bef 1750
  3. Mary Thompson1712 - 1761
  4. John Thompson1714 - 1791
  5. Abraham Thompson1716 - 1772
  6. Sarah Thompson1719 -
  7. Rev. Samuel Thompsonbef 1721 - 1787
  8. Jane Thompson1726 -
  9. Elizabeth ThompsonBef 1727 - 1776
  10. Anne Thompson1728 - 1776
m. AFT 1732
Facts and Events
Name[2] Rev. John Thompson
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1690 Prob. Ireland
Alt Birth[2] SEP 1690 Scotland
Marriage BEF 1710 Prob. County Down, Irelandto Margaret Osborne
Marriage AFT 1732 to Mary McKean
Death[1] 1753 Centre, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
Alt Death[2] SEP 1753 Center, Rowan County, North Carolina

Information on Rev. John Thompsom

The Reverand Mr. JOHN THOMSON was born about 1688 in Ulster, County Down, Northern Ireland and died in 1753 in Rowan County, North Carolina. He was married 1) about 1711 in Ulster, County Down, Northern Ireland to MARGARET OSBORNE born about 1694 probably in Ulster, County Down, Northern Ireland who died before 27 August 1734 in Williamsburg, James County, Virgina. John was married 2) by March 1735 to Mrs. MARY REID nee McKEAN of Octorara, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Thompson was married twice.

Thompson Family Descendants of Rev. John Thomson

  • Rev. John Thomson, b. ca. 1690 "by the River Foyle", Ireland, m. 1st to Ms. Osbourne(?) in Ireland, m. 2nd to Mary McKean, aft. 1732, d. 1753 at Salisbury, North Carolina
    John Thomson was a pioneer preacher, teacher, author, and a well known church leader. We know that he entered the University of Glasgow on March 1, 1706. After graduation he was ordained by the Presbyterian Church in County Armagh in1713. He emigrated to America arriving in New York in 1715 with "wife and family". It is thought that John came with his wife, 2 children, a sister Esther Thompson, and likely other relatives. He was then called to minister at Lewes, Delaware in 1718, where he then settled to serve as Pastor and as Moderator for the Synod of the Presbytery of New Castle Upon Delaware.
    In September, 1729 Rev. Thomson moved to Pennsylvania to become pastor of Chestnut Level Church congregation in Drumore Township, Lancaster County. While there he performed additional itinerant preaching duties at various other meeting houses including Middle Actarara, Upper Actarara, Fishing Creek, and Red Lyon.
    Several years later, around 1744, he relocated and settled in the Valley of Virginia where he had alrady been providing itinerant preaching services during visits since 1736. While in Virginia he preached at Tinkling Springs and other new Presbyterian churchs, meeting houses, and communities like Buffalo Settlement, Opequon, and Stone Church. Rev. John made his own home in the neighborhood of Beverly Manor, in Augusta County, Virginia. With the remarkable amount of traviling that he did, it is doubtful that he spent a great deal of time there however.
    This great Christian leader was an "Old Side" Presbyterian who founded the Adopting Act of 17.... He staunchly apposed the "New Side" Presbyterian movement of that day who were promoting speaking in tongues, rolling around on the floor in fits, and feighning "possesion" by the Holy Spirit. We know that Rev. John Thomson published at least 2 books: "An Explication of the Shorter Catechism" published in in Williamsburg, VA in 1749; and "Poor Orphan's Legacy" which was published in Philadelphia by his friend Benjamin Franklin.
    In his later years John removed to Iredell County, North Carolina where he remarried to Mary McKean. Between 1750 and 1753, John bought a large tract of land just west of Statesville, the county seat of Iredell County. There he helped establish 'stands' for four more Presbyterian congregations: Fourth Creek Church (near Statesville), Thyratira Church (east of Mooresville), Centre Church (south of Mooresville), and another believed to be named Bethany, or Concord, or both. His circuit covered some 350 sqare miles.
    John Thomson died at the farm of his daughter Hannah and son-in-law Lawson Roger Lawson in Mecklenburg County. He had spent his last years living in a small cabin seperate from the main house. He was buried beneath the floor of this cabin which stood near Beatty's Ford Road, just a mile north of the Iredell/Mecklenburg County line. After the cabin was taken and other Lawson and Baker family graves were added and this became a family Cemetery. Years later the area was flooded under to create Lake Norman. The remaining portion of the road was renamed Langtry Rd. The Lawson/Baker Cemetery, w/Rev. Thomson's grave was relocated 3 miles down the road to Centre Church prior to that flooding.
    1. Esther Thomson, b. 1710 at Ireland, m. Samuel Crockett, 1735 at Prince Edward County, Virginia, m. William Sayers, ca. 1753 at Southwestern Virginia, d. 19 November 1770 at Wythe County, Virginia
      1. Samuel Crockett, Jr., b. 1735 at Buffalo Settlement, Virginia, m. Jane Steele, d. 1795
      2. Ann Agnes Crockett, b. 1736 at Prince Edward County, Virginia, d. at Wythe County, Virginia, m. John Montgomery, 28 November 1753 at Augusta County, Virginia
      3. John Crockett, b. 1737 at Prince Edward County, Virginia, m. Elizabeth Montgomery, d. 1798 at Crockett's Grove, Wythe County, Virginia
      4. Jane Crockett, b. 1739, m. Henry Davis
      5. Catherine Crockett, b. 1741, m. Mr. Crockett
      6. Robert Crockett, b. 1743 at Wythe County, Virginia, m. Jane Lewis Stuart
      7. Andrew Crockett, b. 1745 at Augusta County, Virginia, m. Sarah Elliot, d. 29 May 1821 at Williamson County, Tennessee
      8. James Crockett, b. 1749 at Augusta County, Virginia, m. Mary Drake, ca. 1772, d. ca. 1826
      9. Robert Sayers, b. 1754, d. 1826
      10. Alexander Sayers, b. 1756
      11. John Thompson Sayers, b. 19 July 1758, m. Susanna Crockett, d. 1816
    2. Mary Thomson, b. ca. 1715, m. Robert Baker, Jr. at Lancaster County, PA, d. 1761
      1. Elizabeth Baker, m. William Baldwin
    3. John Thompson, b. 1716 m. Margaret Phair, bef. 1744, d. 1791 at New London, Virginia
      John came down to the Valley of Virginia with his father around 1744. He was a new imigrant to Virginia who was given large land grants for "headrights" (bringing over other settlers) by the King. He also bought and sold farms in Virginia and North Carolina ammassing great wealth.
      1. John Thompson, Jr., b. April 1744 at New London, Virginia, m. Ursula Jones, m. Lydia Quinn, 9 October 1800 at Bedford, Virginia, d. 8 April 1830 at New London, Virginia
        John, Jr. bought and sold farms and owned many thousands of acres of land in Central Virginia. He was a Quaker.
        1. Francis Thompson, b. 1 June 1775 at Virginia, m. Henry Brown, 7 January 1792 at Bedford County, Virginia, d. 14 August 1822
          1. Anne Thompson, b. 1795
          2. Henry Brown, Jr., b. 25 August 1797
          3. Mary Brown, b. 27 January 1799
          4. John Thompson Brown, b. 7 March 1802
          5. Francis Brown, b. ca. 1806
          6. Lockie Brown, b. ca. 1808
          7. Samuel Thompson Brown, b. 13 August 1810
        2. Sally Thompson, b. ca. 1781, m. Edward Farley, 3 November 1802 at Bedford County, Virginia, d. aft. 1820
        3. David Jones Thompson, b. 9 May 1784 at Campbell County, Virginia, m. Mary Crumpacker, 12 October 1815 at Bedford County, Virginia, d. 1850 at Missourri

          David and his wife Mary, along with several of their children moved to Carrol County, Missouri around 1838. He left his estate at New London, VA to be inherited by his son Alexander when he reached the proper age. He was a Quaker.

          1. Archibald Thompson, b. aft. 1815
          2. Elizabeth Thompson, b. aft. 1815
          3. John Calvin Thompson, b. aft. 1815
            1. Charles Thompson
              1. Frank Thompson
                1. Frank Thompson, Jr.
                  1. Cathey Thompson, m. Mr. Horn
          4. Mary Thompson, b. aft. 1815, m. John T. Cothran
          5. Robert Thompson, b. aft. 1815
          6. Alexander Thompson, b. 10 January 1822 at Campbell County, Virginia, m. Almira Carter Marsh, 1848, d. 11 April 1890 at New London, Virginia
            Alexander was the son of David Jones Thompson and a young local girl, Mary <a href="">Clowdis</A>. His father David moved with his wife and family to Missouri several years after Alexander's birth. He was raised by his Uncle George W. <A href="">Clowdis</A>, and mother Mary <A href=""">Clowdis</A>. Alexander Thompson inherited his father's estate in New London, VA when he reached the age of 21. Two of Mary Clowdis's brothers were left as executers of the estate until he reached that age. Alexander was a Blacksmith and Undertaker.
            1. Edmond Thompson, b. 1849 at New London, Virginia, d. 22 October 1850
            2. David Alexander Thompson, b. 12 May 1849 at New London, Campbell County, Virginia, m. Nannie Murrell, d. bef. 25 January 1931 at Evington, Virginia
              1. John Alvin Thompson, b. ca. 1875 at Evington, Virginia, m. Marie, d. 1936/49 at Cleveland, OH
                1. Isabelle Thompson, b. ca. 1900, m. Mr Hillenbrand, bef. 1951, d. aft. 1951
                2. Warrene Thompson, b. ca. 1902, m. Mr. Rash
                3. Carl A. Thompson, b. ca. 1905, d. aft. 1951
                4. Virginia Thompson, b. 1916, m. Mr. Steinfurth, bef. 1951, d. aft. 1951
                5. Marjorie Thompson, b. 1918, m. Mr. Goss, bef. 1951, d. aft. 1951
                6. Elaine Thompson, b. 1920, m. Mr. Phillips, bef. 1951
              2. Warren Thompson, b. ca. 1878 at Evington, Virginia
              3. Vann Thompson, b. 1880 at Evington, Virginia, m. Matilda E.
            3. Archer Radford Thompson, b. 16 November 1851 at New London, Virginia
            4. Alice V. Thompson, b. 15 June 1853 at New London, Virginia, m. George Washington Shelhorse, d. 25 January 1931
            5. Lemera Thompson, b. 21 June 1855 at New London, Virginia, m. James Dooley
            6. John Claude Thompson, b. 18 November 1857 at New London, Virginia, m. Clara Victor Snow, 5 April 1886 at Pittsylvania County, Virginia, d. 23 January 1916 at Lynch Station, Virginia
              John taught school after his graduation from New London Academy in New London, Virginia. A short time later he established a general repair shop in that same town. He additionally served the community as a land surveyor, undertaker, and funeral director. He was a member of the St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Altavista and was one of the first vestrymen and trustees, later becoming the church Treasurer and Warden. On August 10, 1911, John C. Thompson and H. W. Adams purchased the house of worship from the Methodist Church.
              1. Moses Scott, b. ca. 1880 at Virginia, adopted by John Claude Thompson, ca. April 1885 at Virginia
              2. Claude Alexander Thompson, b. 18 December 1886 at Lynch Station, Virginia, d. 18 January 1968 at Lynch Station, Virginia

                Claude put himself through law school, and was a successful attorney. He had a reputation as somewhat of a strange and unpredictable character.
              3. John Victor Thompson, b. 5 April 1889 at Virginia, m. Elizabeth Pearl Price, d. aft. May 1973
                1. Pearl Price Thompson, b. at Virginia, m. J. Arthur Marsh
                  1. Price Marsh, b. at Virginia, m. William N. Thrower
              4. Marvin Snow Thompson, b. 1 March 1891 at Virginia, d. ca. 1900
              5. Littlebury Randolph Thompson b. 25 September 1893 at Lynch Station, Virginia, m. Mildred Letitia Franck, 28 March 1929 at Louisville, Kentucky, d. 19 April 1959 at Altavista, Virginia
                1. Randolph Carter Thompson, b. 1930 at Lynchburg, Virginia, m. Gloria Betsy Sober, 18 June 1956 at Lynchburg, Virginia
                  1. Elizabeth Nan Thompson, b. 5 April 1958 at Ashville, NC, d. 25 December 1981 at Washington, D.C.
                  2. Randy Thompson, b. 1960 at Frederick, MD, m. Kirsten Ellen Garbe, 21 May 1983 at Fairfax, Virginia, d., m. Julie
                    1. Erik Wesley Thompson, b. 1988 at Fairfax, Virginia
                    2. Colin Randolph Thompson, b. 1991 at Fairfax, Virginia
                  3. David Wesley Thompson, b.1962 at Frederick, MD, m. Ingeborg Jansen, ca. 1986, div. ca. 1990, m. Dawna May Farrar, August 1993 at Fairfax, Virginia
                  4. Mary Fortney Thompson, b. 1963 at Princeton, Indiana, m. Philip Aaron Weber, September 1996 at Rollinsville, Colorado, d.
                  5. Matthew Franck Thompson</A>, b. 1965 at Princeton, Indiana, m. Sherri Lynn Baker, 8 June 1996 at Roanoke, Virginia, d. April 1 2008 at Virginia Beach, VA, m. Raweewan Kongyoo, 5 December 2013 at Leesburg, VA.
                2. John Vincent Thompson, b. 1932 at Altavista, Virginia, m. Nancy Fraser, Feb. 20, 1960, div. April 1976, m. Neva Louise King, 30 December 1970 at Atlanta, Georgia
                  1. John Carey Thompson, b. 1960, m. Alene, bef. 1989
                    1. John Joseph Thompson, b. at Greenville, South Carolina
                    2. Sarah Elizabeth Thompson, b. 1989 at Greenville, South Carolina
                    3. Mary McKensie Thompson, b. 1997 at Greenville, South Carolina
                  2. Margaret Letitia Thompson, b. 1964, m. Gordon MacKenzie Johnstone, August 25, 1990 at Atlanta, Georgia
                    <IMG SRC="MarThompson.jpg" WIDTH=72>
                3. William Bernard Thompson, b. 1935 at Altavista, Virginia, m. Mary Jane Berry, div. aft. 1970, m. Dorinda Doner , 28 May 1977
                  1. Letitia Anne Thompson</A>, b.1960 at Baptist Hospital, Lynchburg, Virginia, m. Charles Harner, bef. 1989 at Atlanta, Georgia
                    1. Jillian Barrett Harner, b.1989 at Atlanta, Georgia
                    2. Suzannah Letitia Harner, b. 1991 at Atlanta, Georgia
                    3. Melanie Grace Harner, b. 1995 at Atlanta, Georgia
                  2. Laura Penland Thompson</A>, b. 1962 at Baptist Hospital, Lynchburg, Virginia, m. Patrick Newman Corleto, 5 June 1982, div. aft. 1984, m. Joseph Tomcho, aft. 1985, div. aft. 1991, m. Douglas Wayne Higgins, 1 March 1997 at Norcross, Georgia
                    1. Katherine Jane Corleto, b. 1984 at Atlanta, Georgia
                    2. William Joseph Tomcho, b. 1991 at Atlanta, Georgia
              6. Jabez Thompson, b. 3 May 1896, d. ca. 1900
              7. Clara Marian Thompson, b. 20 February 1899 at Virginia, m. Alvin R. Caulk, d. aft. 1990 at St. Michaels, MD
                1. Rachel Anne Caulk, m. Hans S. Gruenberg
              8. Frederick Lemosey Thompson, b. 7 January 1902 at Virginia, m. Blanche Deegan, aft. 1916
                1. Anne Snow Thompson, b. aft. 1917 at Virginia
                2. Frederick Lemosey Thompson, Jr., b. aft. 1917 at Virginia
                3. Sally Marie Thompson, b. aft. 1917 at Virginia
                4. John Thompson, b. aft. 1922 at Virginia
              9. Rachel Heloise Thompson, b. 25 January 1904 at Virginia, m. Thomas Joel Bivens, bef. 1940
                1. Thomas Joel Bivens Jr., m. Patricia Phillips
            7. Vann H. Thompson, b. 15 September 1859 at New London, Virginia, d. 30 March 1860 at New London, Virginia
            8. Sarah Thompson, b. 18 July 1863 at New London, Virginia, m. William Dabney Abbott, d. ca. 1942 at New London, Virginia
              1. Alama Abbott, b. ca. 1887
              2. William Dabney Abbott, Jr., b. ca. 1890
              3. Alexander Abbott, b. ca. 1891
              4. John Thompson Abbott, b. ca. 1892
              5. Margarette L. Abbott, b. ca. 1900 at New London, Virginia, m. George Macauley Oliver, 27 September 1947 at New London, Virginia, d. 21 October 1972 at Richmond, Virginia
            9. Warrick L. Thompson, b. 18 July 1863 at New London, Virginia, m. Nora Thorne, d. aft. 1941 at New London, Virginia
            10. Orval V. Thompson, b. 16 August 1866 at New London, Virginia, m. Ava Holmes
        4. Locky Thompson, b. 9 August 1789, m. William Wilson Austin, 26 August 1806 at Campbell County, Virginia, d. 29 April 1833
          1. Lydia Anne Austin, b. 29 September 1809, d. 20 April 1833
        5. Andrew Thompson, b. aft. 1744 at Campbell County, Virginia
        6. Elizabeth Thompson, b. aft. 1744 at Campbell County, Virginia, m. William Gill
        7. Esther Thompson, b. aft. 1744 at Campbell County, Virginia, m. Samuel Phair
        8. Jane Thompson, b. aft. 1744, m. William Mitchell
        9. Mathew Thompson, b. ca. 1765 at Campbell County, Virginia, m. Nancy Mann 11 May 1787 in Bedford County, Virginia, d. aft. 1829. - Mat(t)hew lived for awhile in Christian County, KY
          1. John Thompson, b. ca. 1790
          2. Matthew Thompson, b. ca. 1790, moved to Williamson Co., TN
        10. William Thompson, b. aft. 1744 at Campbell County, Virginia
      2. Abraham Thompson, b. ca. 1718 at Lewes, Deleware, d. aft. 1772
        1. John Thompson, m. Elenor Barton, m. Martha, d. 1795 at Prince Edward County, Virginia
          1. Jane Thompson, d. aft. 14 January 1828, m. Caleb Baker, 18 March 1872
            1. Nancy Baker, m. Thomas Vernon
            2. Betsy Baker, b. aft. 1782, m. William J. Thornton
              1. Harriet Thornton
              2. Jane Thornton
              3. Nancy Thornton
            3. Mary Baker, b. aft. 1782, m. James Rice
            4. Sally Baker, b. aft. 1782
            5. Thompson Baker, b. aft. 1782
            6. Sarah Baker, b. aft. 1872
          2. John Thompson, m. Mary Ann McGehee
          3. Robert Thompson
          4. Roger Thompson
          5. Sarah Thompson
      3. Sarah Thompson, b. ca. 1720, m. Richard Sankey, ca. 1737 at Lancaster County, PA
        1. Esther Sankey, b. aft. 1737, m. Joseph Parks, Jr.
        2. John Thompson Sankey, b. aft. 1737, m. Anne Thompson Daniel at Wilkes County, GA
        3. Sarah Sankey, b. aft. 1737, m. William Hamersley
        4. Margaret Sankey, b. aft. 1740, m. Archibald Simpson
      4. Roger Thompson b. 1723 at Amelia County, Virginia, m. Ann Ferguson, 2 May 1750 at Amelia County, Virginia, d. May 1771 in the Battle of Alamance, in Orange County, North Carolina
        AKA "Robert Thomson". He is recorded as being the first man killed in defense of the American Colonies.
        1. Ephriam Thompson, b. aft. 1750
        2. Rebecca Thompson, b. 27 January 1751/2, m. Isaac Wright, d.1841 near Murfreesboro, TN
        3. Lavinia Thompson, b. 29 September 1753, m. James McKemie
        4. Leticia Thompson, b. 29 September 1753, m. Minos Cannon
        5. Samuel Thompson, b. 18 June 1755, m. Margaret McClintock
        6. Thomas Thompson, b. 2 October 1759, m. Margaret Jones
        7. Abraham Thompson, b. 23 June 1761
        8. John Thompson, b. 23 February 1765
        9. Jason Thompson, b. 27 May 1767, m. Susannah, d. 1833 at Williamson County, Virginia
      5. Jane Thomson, b. ca. 1726 at Sussex County, Delaware, m. Douglas Baker, 1744, m. William Watson, 10 April 1767 at Prince Edward County, Virginia
      6. Ann Thompson, b. ca. 1728, m. James Cunningham, ca. 1747, d. ca. 1778
        1. Andrew Cunningham, b. aft. 1747, m. Martha Scott
        2. Ann Cunningham, b. aft. 1747, m. Andrew Hannah
        3. Elizabeth Cunningham, b. aft. 1747, m. James Daniel, Jr.
        4. Hannah Cunningham, b. aft. 1747, m. William Daniel
        5. James Cunningham, Jr., b. aft. 1747, m. Frances Redd
        6. Jane Cunningham, b. aft. 1747 at Charlotte County, Virginia
        7. Margaret Cunningham, b. aft. 1747, m. Richard Gaines, Jr.
        8. Mary Cunningham, b. aft. 1747, m. William Johnston
        9. Samuel Cunningham, b. aft. 1747
        10. Sarah Cunningham, b. aft. 1747, m. John Daniel, m. Samuel Caldwell
          1. Anne Thompson Daniel, m. John Thompson Sankey at Wilkes County, GA
      7. Margaret Thomson, b. ca. 1730, m. John Shields, d. aft. 1771
      8. Elizabeth Thomson, b. ca. 1732, m. Samuel Baker, ca. 1749, m. Charles Harris, aft. 1758 at North Carolina
        1. John Baker
        2. Margaret Baker
        3. Mary Baker
        4. Robert Baker
        5. Samuel Harris, b. aft. 1758, d. 1789 at Princeton
        6. Charles Harris, Jr., b. 1762
      9. Hannah Thomson, b. 1735, m. Roger Lawson, ca. 1752, d. ca. 1769
        1. Andrew Thomson Lawson, b. aft. 1752, m. Mary Moore Barry
        2. Ann Lawson, b. aft. 1752, m. John Gamble
        3. Hugh Lawson, b. aft. 1752, m. Anne
        4. John Thomson Lawson, b. aft. 1752, m. Alice Moore
        5. Roger Lawson, Jr., b. aft. 1752, d. 1802
        6. William Lawson, b. aft. 1752

      Descendant report created by <A HREF="">Gene 4.3.2</A>, September 28, 2002

      John Thomson entered the University of Glasgow in March, 1706, and received his Master of Arts degree in 1710 or 1711. On June 20, 1711 he began his training for the Presbyterian Ministry in the Grand Synod of Ulster, and completed it by June 23, 1713. In the summer of 1715 he arrived with his family at Yorktown, Virginia. In September 1716 he became the pastor of a congregation at Lewes, Delaware. In 1718 John Thomson was chosen Moderator of the Presbytery of New Castle, and on September 16, 1719, he was elected Moderator of the General Synod of Philadelphia. He was again elected Moderator of the General Synod on September 20, 1722 and he was again elected Moderator of the New Castle Presbytery on September 22. He holds the honor of having been the Moderator of both his Presbytery and his Synod at the same time. Few men have had that distinction. In the fall of 1729 he left the congregation at Lewes. He became the pastor at Middle Octorara, Pennsylvania in September 1730 and stayed there until September 1733. He left there when then congregation did not financially support him. He remained in the area until 1744 and served as pastor of the Chestnut Level, Pennsylvania Church. On July 31, 1744 he was released from his pastorate at Chestnut Level and moved to Buffalo, Virginia. For the next few years he visited and served in North Carolina. In 1751 he moved there, settling in what was then Anson County. He bought six hundred and forty acres of land on both sides of Fifth Creek. During his lifetime it became Rowan County. It is now Iredell County. He became pastor of the Center Presbyterian Church and served the area between the Yadkin and Catawba Rivers. His son-in-law, Samuel Baker, had preceeded him there. John Thomson had a cabin built a short distance from the Baker home and lived there for the last two years of his life. After his death, he was buried under the floor of his cabin.

      Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

      Husband's Name

      Rev. John THOMPSON (AFN:5Q3Q-5V)    
      Born:  Abt 1687  Place:  Ulster, Ireland 
      Christened:    Place:  , 1714 In America 
      Died:  1753  Place:  Mecklenburg Co, NC 
      Married:  Bef 1708  Place:  Sct Or Ire 
      Father:  Mr. THOMPSON (AFN:W96F-75)    
      Mother:  Mrs. THOMPSON (AFN:W96F-8B)   

      Wife's Name

      OSBOURNE (AFN:K0LF-Q1)    
      Born:  < 1690  Place:  Ulster(?), Ireland 
      Died:  27 Aug 1735  Place:  Williamsburg, VA 
      Married:  Bef 1708  Place:  Sct Or Ire 


      1. Sex Name

      F  THOMSON (AFN:K0LF-R6)    
      Born:  1721   Place:  Lewis, Essex, Dl  

      2. Sex Name

      M  Roger THOMSON (AFN:K0LF-SC)    
      Born:  1724   Place:  Lewis, Essex, Dl  

      3. Sex Name

      F  THOMSON (AFN:K0LF-TJ)    
      Born:  < 1726   Place:  <Lewis, Sussex, DE>  

      4. Sex Name

      F  Jane THOMSON (AFN:5Q3Q-3J)    
      Born:  1726   Place:  Lewis, Sussex, DE  
      Died:    Place:  Prince Edward(?), VA  

      5. Sex Name

      F  Esther THOMSON (AFN:5Q3R-9P)    
      Born:  Abt 1713   Place:  Glasgow, , Scot.  

      6. Sex Name

      F  Mary THOMPSON (AFN:5Q3R-BV)    
      Born:  1712   Place:  Glasgow, , Scot.  
      Died:  1761   Place:  , , VA  

      7. Sex Name

      M  John THOMPSON (AFN:5Q3R-C2)    
      Born:  1714   Place:  Lewis, Sussex, DE  
      Died:  1791   Place:  , Campbell, Virginia  

      8. Sex Name

      M  Abraham THOMSON (AFN:5Q3R-D7)    
      Born:  1716   Place:  Lewis, Sussex, DE  
      Died:  1772   Place:   

      9. Sex Name

      F  Sarah THOMSON (AFN:5Q3R-FD)    
      Born:  1719   Place:  Lewis, Sussex, DE  
      Died:    Place:  Prince Edward Co, VA  

      10. Sex Name

      F  Miss THOMSON (AFN:5Q3R-GK)    
      Born:  Abt 1722   Place:  Lewis, Sussex, DE  

      11. Sex Name

      M  Roger THOMPSON (AFN:5Q3R-HQ)    
      Born:  1723   Place:  Lewis, Sussex, DE  

      12. Sex Name

      F  Miss THOMSON (AFN:5Q3R-JW)    
      Born:  Abt 1724   Place:  Lewis, Sussex, DE  

      13. Sex Name

      F  Ann THOMSON (AFN:5Q3R-K3)    
      Born:  1728   Place:  Lewis, Sussex, DE  
      Died:  1776   Place:  

      14. Sex Name

      F  Margaret THOMPSON (AFN:5Q3R-L8)    
      Born:  1730   Place:  Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC  
      Died:  Aug 1776   Place:   

      15. Sex Name

      F  Elizabeth THOMSON (THOMPSON) (AFN:5Q3R-MF)    
      Born:  1732   Place:  Of Charlotte Co., Of Charlotte Co., NC  
      Died:  Aug 1776   Place:  Mecklenburg Co, NC  

      16. Sex Name

      F  Hannah THOMSON (AFN:5Q3R-NL)    
      Born:  1735   Place:  , Of Charlotte Co., NC  

      17. Sex Name

      F  Esther THOMPSON (AFN:C9VV-LC)    
      Born:  1710   Place:  , County Down, Ireland  
      Died:  19 Nov 1770   Place:  Montgomery Co(?), VA  
      Buried:  1770   Place:  Oglesby Graveyrd, Near Sayers, Homestead, VA  

      18. Sex Name

      M  Samuel THOMPSON (AFN:15TR-P9L)    
      Born:  Abt 1714   Place:  , , , Ireland  
      Died:  29 Apr 1787   Place:  , , PA  

      19. Sex Name

      F  Sarah THOMPSON (AFN:15V2-NNW)    
      Born:  Abt 1715   Place:  <, , , Ireland>  

      20. Sex Name

      F  Elizabeth THOMPSON (AFN:15V2-NQB)    
      Born:  Abt 1716   Place:  <, , , Ireland
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