Person:John Tate (6)

Col. John Tate
b.abt 1743
m. bef. 1743
  1. Col. John Tateabt 1743 - 1828
  2. Robert Tate, Sr., of Augusta and Russell County, VA1745 - 1806
  3. William Tate1747 - 1803
  • HCol. John Tateabt 1743 - 1828
  • WMary Bracken1742 - 1817
m. Abt. 1767
  1. Robert Tate1768 - 1844
  2. John Tate, Jr.abt 1769 - 1844
  3. Hannah Tate1772 - 1844
  4. Samuel Tate1775 - 1845
  5. Jane Tateest 1778 - bef 1823
  6. Isaac Tate1780 -
  7. Martha Tate1780 - 1847
  8. Lydia Tateabt 1785 - 1854
Facts and Events
Name Col. John Tate
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt 1743 based on age 85 at death, likely born in Pennsylvania or Virginia
Marriage Abt. 1767 Virginiato Mary Bracken
Burial[1] 1828 Tate-Burdine Cemetery, Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia
Death[1] 15 Dec 1828 Russell County, Virginiaper personal history
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NOT to be confused with John Tate, Esq. (1749-1802) of Augusta County, Virginia, who married Jane "Jinney" Steele [or Jane Berry, according to some researchers].


John Tate may have been a son of Robert Tate and Mary. He first appears in southwest Virginia in November of 1772, when he settled on an 145 acre tract in the Moccasin Creek watershed, about 15 miles southwest of Lebanon, Russell County. (based on his deposition in Russell County court case of George Fugate vs. Nancy Mahon, 1810, fide Burdine, 1978). This tract was surveyed for him in 1774, with the notation that it was first settled in 1772. (See Land records, below. Note: Hamilton, 1968 indicates that Tate's original settlement was for 175 acres. This has not been confirmed. Summers, 1903:813 shows it as 145 acres.).

During the initial period of Indian Hostilities (1773-1775) John Tate and his neighbors on Moccasin Creek "forted up" in the stockaded "Houston's Fort", near modern Snowflake, Virginia. Subsequently, following the restart of hostilities in 1776, the settlers established a second fort, known as Tate's Fort, on John Tate's land. While nearby Houston's Fort is known to have been besieged in 1776, there is no evidence that Tate's Fort was ever attacked. John Tate in his deposition of 1810 for the case of Fugate vs. Mahon, noted that another early settler who lived five miles from him, "did as the rest of us did, defend our land and families, and lived on the land in dispute (1772-1781) except for the time forted."

Over the next 40 years John would serve in a leadership role in Washington County, and after 1786, Russell County. As a Gentleman Justice he showed the best attendance of any of the justices who so served. (See Justices of Russel County 1786-1791 In 1787, he was also appointed Capt. of the Militia of Moccasin Valley and that year he took the oath of allegiance to the Constitution as was the requirement after the Revolutionary War. He was appointed Sheriff of Russell County, Virginia on 3 occasions. [Mentzel, Laura and Ethel Updike. Tate Families of the Southern States, 1984]

John's wife Mary, died in 1817. John himself died December 15, 1828, at 85 years of age. They were buried in "Tate and Burdine cemetery in the Moccasin Valley, 15 miles southwest of Lebanon" according to a descendant. (Tate, 1976.


The children of John Tate and Mary Bracken are:

Robert Tate1768-1844, Winnie Atkinson moved to Pulaski Co., KY.
John Tate, Jr1769-?, Sarah Darity wife and child moved to Claiborne Co., Tn then Monroe Co., In in 1822.
Hannah Tate1772-1844, Colbert Fugate lived in Russell County, Virginia, just southwest of her parents in the Moccasin Valley.
Samuel Bracken Tate,1775-1845 Jane Owens moved to Pulaski County, Kentucky.
Jane Tate1770s-1823 Henley Haddix moved to Kentucky.
Martha Tate, 1780-1847John Buster moved to Kentucky
Isaac Tate, 1780s-?, Peggy Walton of Pulaski County, Kentucky in 1809 lived in Russell County until 1833, then in Kentucky and Missouri.
Lydia Tate, 1785-1854William Fugate lived in Russell and Scott Counties, Virginia

Estate Inventory

Col. John Tate deceased. Inventory of his estate [dated] Feb 11 1829, wit: Martin Fugate, David Jessee and John Olson. At the sale Feb 13 1829 were: John Fugate, Hannah Fugate, Uriah Fugate, Hiram and John Owens, Elisha Price, Isaac, John, Joseph, Robert and William Tate. Adm. of the estate, Robert Tate, a deed of Dec 9 1829 was signed by: Robert Tate, Hannah Fugate, Samuel Tate, and the heirs of Jane Haddox or Haddin, deceased, John Buster and Martha his wife, William Fugate and Lydie his wife. To his son Isaac Tate, Hannah the widow of Colvert O. Fugate, etc. Ancestry Member Tree

Land Records

12 December 1774 - Land Grant surveyed for 145 acres in Fincastle County, Virginia. Surveyed by Col. William Preston, Surveyor of Fincastle County.
1782 - Tract of 100 acres surveyed for John Tate in Washington County, Virginia.


Tate, 1976

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    Col John Tate

    Birth: 1743
    Augusta County
    Virginia, USA
    Death: Dec. 15, 1828
    Russell County
    Virginia, USA

    John Tate was a son of Robert Tate and Mary. About 1766 in Virginia, he married Mary Bracken, daughter of John Bracken and Martha Green.
    In November of 1772, at age 29, John and his family settled in the Moccasin Valley of what is today known as Russell County, Virginia, about 15 miles southwest of present Lebanon.
    Sometime around 1776, John and his neighbors built a fort on his land for protection against Indians. It was known as Tate's Fort, and is mentioned by early emigrants to both Kentucky and Tennessee.
    n October 1780, John as militia-man of (then)Washington County, participated in the successful Revolutionary War battle of King's Mountain, South Carolina.
    In 1789, John became Captain in the 2nd Bat., 72 Reg. Of the Virginia Militia.
    In 1795, John became Major in the 2nd Bat., 72 Reg. Of the Virginia Militia.
    By 1801, John became Sheriff and Collector of Revenue for Russell County, and served two years.
    In 1802, John became Lt. Col. Commandant of the 72 Reg., 3rd Division of the Virginia Militia, and since had become known as Col. John Tate. His appointment was by James Monroe, Governor of Virginia, and later President of the United States.
    In 1826, over 80 years of age, John again became Sheriff and Collector of Revenue for Russell County, and served another two years.

    Family links:
    Mary Bracken Tate (1742 - 1817)*

    Robert Tate (1768 - 1844)*
    Samuel Bracken Tate (1775 - 1845)*
    Martha Bracken Tate Buster (1777 - 1847)*