Person:John Streeter (2)

m. 16 May 1666
  1. Stephen Streeter1667 - 1756
  2. Sarah Streeter1669 -
  3. Samuel StreeterAbt 1671 - Bef 1751
  4. John StreeterBef 1680 - 1729
  5. Rebecca Streeter1683 -
  6. Deborah Streeter1685 - 1689
  7. Joseph Streeter1687 - 1736
  8. Benjamin Streeter1689 - 1690
  • HJohn StreeterBef 1680 - 1729
  • WMary WhitcombAbt 1680 - 1715/16
m. 9 Apr 1700
  1. Hannah Streeter1700 - 1728
  2. Mary Streeter1702 -
  3. John Streeter1704 - 1757
  4. Elizabeth Streeter1706 - 1706
  5. James Streeter1707 - Bef 1764
  6. Jonathan Streeter1708/09 - Bef 1728
  7. Elizabeth Streeter1711 - 1712
  8. Josiah Streeter1712/13 - 1739
  9. Jeremiah Streeter1715/16 -
m. 1 Aug 1716
  1. Abigail Streeter1717 -
  2. Rachel Streeter1719/20 -
  3. Sarah Streeter1721/22 -
  4. Isaiah Streeter1724 -
  5. Amy Streeter1726 -
  6. Hannah Streeter1729 -
Facts and Events
Name John Streeter
Gender Male
Birth? Bef 1680 probably Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 9 Apr 1700 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Whitcomb
Marriage 1 Aug 1716 Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, United Statesto Judith Shores
Death[1][2] 5 Apr 1729 Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States. Vital records of Attleborough, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. (Salem, Massachusetts: Essex Institute, 1934)
    p. 723.

    STREETER, John (Streetor), [died] Apr. 5, 1729.

  2. "Genealogical Notes: Som Bristol County (Mass.) Wills", in Rhode Island Historical Society (Providence, Rhode Island). Collections of the Rhode-Island Historical Society. (Providence [Rhode Island]: John Miller, 1827-1941)
    Vol. 5, p. 134.

    John Streeter of Attleboro, Mass. Administration 1729, May, to widow Judith and son John. Division of land 1738, May 20, to widow Judith, eldest son John, other sons James, Josiah, Jeremiah; daughters Mary Ward, Abigail, Rachel, Sarah, Amey; son Isiah, daughter Hannah.

  3.   A footnote attached to the probate abstract, that is cited above, says, "He may have been identical with that John Streeter3 (Samuel2, Stephen1) born 1671, Concord, Mass.; married 1700, April 9, Mary Whitcomb.

    "Early Streeters of Massachusetts" by Edward Doubleday Harris, NEHGR, p. Vol. 36, p. 164, says of him, "perhaps, as supposed by Paige [i.e., Paige, Vol. 2, p. 667 ], a son of Stephen (2), but not impossibly son of Samuel (3) [emphasis added], was of Cambridge, where he took for wife, 9 April 1700, Mary Whetcomb ... [disappeared] unless the John of Rehoboth was the same man. If, as supposed, Stephen the father went to Attleboro' from Cambridge, this son may have gone with him, and from there got into Rehoboth, the next town, but this is all conjecture."

    This same NEHGR article, on p. 163, regarding one of the proposed fathers, namely Samuel (3), which corresponds to the Samuel2 (Stephen1) above, "Wyman [i.e., Wyman, Vol. 2, p. 913 ] states, with what authority does not appear, that this Samuel was of Concord, and Barry [i.e., Barry, p. 414 ] found there one Samuel and wife Mary, who had children..."

    The possibility that John could be a son of Samuel is based on a misidentification. There are several points that need to be made:

    First of all, the probate abstract seems to show that the man from Cambridge was the same as the man in Attleboro/Rehoboth, since it explains eldest son John and the daughter Mary Ward, matching exactly the children found in Cambridge, and supplying the information missing in Attleboro. Additionally the records of the first daughter Hannah seem to do the same, requiring a birth in Cambridge to complement the marriage and death in Attleboro, and all this reconciles why the same man had a daughter Hannah born in Cambridge and another daughter Hannah born in Attleboro.

    Second, Samuel2 Streeter appears to only be known from the Streeter Bible printed from a transcription, in NEHGR, Vol. 85, p. 383, which shows Samuel Streeter b. 16 Jun 1647, m. 21 Jan 1666 Mary Horne, d. 31 May 1694. No records of any of these events has been found. This is not to say this Samuel Streeter did not exist, necessarily, but to suggest he is not the man in Concord.

    There is found in Concord a Samuel and Mary who had children, but their name is variously spelled Stratton, Straton, Straten, and Streaten, never Streeter. It is the Samuel Stratton and Mary Frye that are married in Watertown in 1651 (Watertown Records, Vol. 12, p. 15), have a daughter Annah there, before moving to Concord where they have a daughter Mary in 1656 and others, including a son John b. 1671. But this John Stratton d. 1672, and this family clearly does not match the information from the Streeter Family Bible.

    Thirdly, if, as said above, "Stephen the father went to Attleboro", that would be strong evidence that Stephen was John's father. But the evidence for this hasn't been found. Source:Stearns, Ezra S. Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire, Vol. 1, p. 173, does say, however, that deeds show that Stephen's son Samuel went to Attleboro from Cambridge, about 1706, which is obviously about the same time John did. So there does seem to be a family connection making it very likely John is Stephen's son.