Person:John Smithpeter (1)

John Michael Smithpeter
m. WFT Est 1780-1786
  1. George Smithpeter1786 - AFT 1811
  2. Catherine Smithpeter1788 - 1858
  3. Mary Smithpeter1790 - 1877
  4. William SmithpeterABT 1791 - AFT 1856
  5. John Michael Smithpeter1792 - 1856
Facts and Events
Name John Michael Smithpeter
Alt Name Michael Smithpeter, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? 1753 Saxe Gotha, South Carolina
Marriage WFT Est 1780-1786 to Mary Katherine Kyle
Death? 5 APR 1836 Johnson County, Tennessee

John George Smithpeter Bio

Descendants of John Michael Smithpeter

 John Michael Smithpeter was born in 1753, Saxe Gotha, SC and died 5 April 1836 in Johnson County, TN (formerly Carter County). He married 1) Mary Katharine Kyle, born 1755 in Tyrone County, Ireland and died after 1823 in Johnson County, TN, daughter of  Robert Kyle and Betty Campbell. He married 2) Christena Miller Strevelstrust on 21 March 1815, born 1766 in Carter County, TN and died about 18 April 1855 in Johnson County, TN. John Michael Smithpeter was a patriot of the American Revolution, serving between 1776 and 1778 (North Carolina Line #w3730; BLW 26006-160-53). 

Children of John Michael Smithpeter and Mary Katharine Kyle: I. George Smithpeter born 1786 in NC, died after 1811, Carter County, TN, married Ms. Miller.

A. Michael Smithpeter born 13 February 1807 TN, died 6 November 1873, Hamilton, IL.

II. Cateren Smithpeter born 1788 TN, died 1858 in Johnson County, TN, married 27 December 1802, James Bradley, son of James Bradley and Ruth Loyd, born about 1777 VA, died 5 December 1859 Johnson County, TN.

A. Daniel Bradley died before 1850, served in 70th Regt., Militia of Washington County,VA. B. Mary (Polly) Bradley born 1803 Carter County, TN, died after 1859 Johnson County, TN. C. George E. Bradley born 10 October 1804 Carter County, TN, died 7 August 1866 Hamilton County, IL. D. Orpha Bradley born 25 May 1810 Carter County, TN, died 11 July 1895 Rocky Station, Lee County, VA E. Naomia (Oney) Bradley born 1812 Carter County, TN, died 6 January 1892 Johnson County, TN. F. Elizabeth Rebecca Bradley born 1 April 1816 Carter County, TN, died 1849 Johnson County, TN. G. Irvin James Kyle Bradley born 1 April 1816 Carter County, TN, died 3 April 1903 Johnson County, TN H. Lucinda Bradley born 1818 Carter County, TN, died 1886 Johnson County, TN I. Nancy Bradley born 1821 Carter County, TN, died 1886 Johnston County, TN. J. Lurenda Bradley born 1825 Carter County, TN, died after 1859. K. Elenor Bradley born 1832 Carter County, TN, died after 1859 Johnson County, TN.

III. Mary Smithpeter born 8 March 1790 in Washington County, TN/NC, died 18 June 1877 in Winner, Carter County, TN, married about 1812 (note: other source says 1806, and children's birth dates indicate 1806 date is correct), Reuben Brooks, born 29 September 1781 NC, died 11 June 1858 Winner, Carter County, TN.

A. Nancy Brooks born 1806 Carter County, TN, died 19 April 1888 Carter County, TN. B. Susannah Brooks born 1808 Carter County, TN, died after 1850. C. Mary Brooks born 1810 Carter County, TN, died after 1870. D. Reuben Brooks, Jr. born 30 July 1813 Carter County, TN, died. 8 November 1862 Carter County, TN.

IV. William Smithpeter born before 1792 in Johnson County, TN, died after 1856 in TN, married Minerva _____.

A. James Smithpeter born 1843 Lincoln, KY.

V. John Michael Smithpeter, Jr. born 1792 in Washington County, TN/NC, died November1856 in Johnson County, TN, married Mary Stonecypher about 1812, born 1791 NC, died 1870-1880 Cobbs Creed (Pandora) Johnson County, TN.

A. Alfred Smithpeter born 1813 Carter County, TN, died 24 December 1861 Laclede, MO. B. Nancy Smithpeter born 1814 Carter County, TN, died after 1856 Johnson County, TN. C. Sarah Smithpeter born 22 December 1817 Carter Countyunty TN, died 17 June 1907 Carter County, TN. D. William Smithpeter born 26 January 1819 Carter County, TN, died 1904 Carroll County, MO. E. Mary Smithpeter born 1822 Carter County, TN, died 9 March 1898 Carter County, TN. F. Dr. David Smithpeter born 6 November 1824 Mountain City, TN, died 17 January 1907 Cobbs Creek (Pandora), Johnson County, TN. G. Matilon Matilda Smithpeter born 10 September 1827 Carter County, TN, died 30 October 1907 Johnson County, TN. H. Hiram Smithpeter born 1831 Carter County, TN, died April 1862 Johnson County, TN. I. Louisa Smithpeter born 18 November 1833 Johnson County, TN, died 8 March 1923 Johnson County, TN.

Children of John Michael Smithpeter and Christena Strevelstrut: VI. Michael Smithpeter born 1815 in Carter County, TN, died after 1880 in Washington County, TN, married Mary ____, born 1816 TN, died 1872 Washington County, TN.

A. Michael Smithpeter, Jr. born 1835 (source originally had incorrect date of 1815), died after 12 January 1813 Carter County, TN (This date is obviously incorrect, too, possibly 1813 should be 1873?) B. Eleanor Smithpeter born 1836 NC C. Elijah Smithpeter born 1838 NC, died 9 May 1864 Andersonville POW Camp, GA. D. Margaret Smithpeter born 1839 TN, died 27 February 1919 Washington County, TN. E. James Smithpeter born 1842 TN, died 20 January 1863 Vicksburg, MS. F. Martha Smithpeter born 1844 TN G. William C. Smithpeter born 19 June 1848 Washington County, TN H. John C. Smithpeter born January1850 Washington County, TN I. Isaac Smithpeter born 1857 Johnson City, Washington County, TN, died 1912.

VII. John Smithpeter, born 27 March 1816 in Carter County, TN, died 30 January 1892 in Cherokee, Kansas, married Sarah Cable Dugger, daughter of Thomas Dugger and Hannah Pierce, born about 1820 Carter County, TN, died 18 June 1897 Weir, Cherokee, KS.

A. Lawson Hardin Smithpeter B. Mary Rebecca Smithpeter C. Matilda Elizabeth Smithpeter D. Nancy Catherine Smithpeter E. Nathan Elihu Smithpeter F. Sarah Florence Smithpeter G. James Smith Smithpeter born 1844 Carter County, TN H. Emanuel Keen Smithpeter born about 1848 Carter County, TN I. Susannah Lucinda Smithpeter born 1854 Joplin, Jackson, MO. J. Elizabeth M. Smithpeter born about 1858 Carter County, TN K. Charles Smithpeter born about 1860 Carter County, TN.

VIII. Jacob Smithpeter born 1817 in Carter County, TN, died before 1850 in Johnson County, TN, married Nancy Laws, born 1815 TN.

A. Cassandra E. Smithpeter born 1838 Jonesboro, Washington County, TN. B. Isaac Smithpeter

Marriage Index: KY, NC, TN, VA, WV, 1728-1855 Carter County, Tennessee Smithpeter, John MichaelSpouse : Strevelstrut, Christena Marriage date : Mar 21, 1815

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Husband's Name 
John Michael SMITHPETERS (AFN:JKD5-MW)  Pedigree  

Born:  1753  Place:  Sc 
Died:  5 Apr 1836  Place:  Johnson Co., Tn 
Married:  21 Mar 1821  Place:  , , Carter, Tn 

Father:  Johann Georg SCHMIDTPETER (AFN:JKD8-5W)  Family  
Mother:  Catron (Catharine) (AFN:JKD5-LQ)   

Wife's Name

Christina MILLER (AFN:N3TV-5W)  Pedigree  

Born:  1776  Place:  <, , Carter, Tn> 
Died:  1857  Place:  , , Johnson, Tn 
Married:  21 Mar 1821  Place:  , , Carter, Tn 



1. Sex Name

M  Michael SMITHPETER (AFN:N3TV-GG)  Pedigree  

Born:  1815   Place:  , , Carter, Tn  
Died:  Aft 1880   Place:  , , Washington, Tn  

2.  Sex  Name  
M  Jacob SMITHPETER (AFN:N3TV-8F)  Pedigree  

Born:  1817   Place:  , , Carter, Tn  
Died:  Bef 1850   Place:  , , Johnson, Tn