Person:John Sellards (1)

m. 1752
  1. Jean "Jenny Wiley" Sellards1760 - 1831
  2. Catherine Sellards1764 - 1833
  3. John W. Sellards1765 - 1838
  4. Samuel Thomas Sellardsabt 1773 - 1838
  5. Andrew Sellards1774 - 1789
Facts and Events
Name John W. Sellards
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1765 Walkers Creek, Giles County, Virginia
Death[1] Decembe 1838 Ivel, Floyd County, Kentucky
Military? Virginia State Militia under Captain Hugh Caperton

Will Transcript

December 18, 1838 Will of John W. Sellards
In the name of God this day being low in health but in proper mind do make my last will and testament.
For the love I have for my wife Susanna Sellard, I give the land on which I now live, till my youngest child is of age to act for itself. I then intend the land to be sold and money equally divided among my four children, namely Levina Sellards, Jarrett J. Sellards, Phebe Sellards, Arelenor Sellards.
I also give my wife two horsebeast, namely, bay mare and sorrel mare. I also give her two cows the choice of my stock. I also give five sowes and shoats. I also give her stock of gees now on the farm. I also give my choise beds and one trundlebed, also the balance of the hous and kitchen furniture, the clock excepted. I also give the grain and hous now on the farm to my wife for the use of the family.
I also give Catherine Sullivan one Cow. I also wish her to have a childs part of the sheep when she leaves her mother.
I also desre that the ballance of the stock on my farm shall be sold and the money put in interest to school the children.
I also desire that my Buffalow land shall be sold and Thomas Davis and John W. Sellard to be paid out of the proceeds of the land for their improvements.
I also give Cornellius Sellards children one two year old mare.
I also give my wife three hoes, one good ax, two plows, one loom. I also give her five beestands. The ballance of my farming tools and bee stands I wish to be sold and the money put on interest.
I appoint Thomas Witten to be my executor in conformation of the above I sit my hand and seal.

(Signed) John X Sellards [His Mark]
December 18th, 1838
Thomas Davis, Inmon Cassel
[Note: Susannah refused her husband's will, so in the Floyd County March term of court, 1839, she claimed instead her right of dower. She later revoked the dower and accepted her husband's will].
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