Person:John Potts (33)

m. 11 Jan 1858
  1. Henry Potts1858 - 1861
  2. Fanny May Potts1860 - 1951
  3. Sarah Ann Potts1862 - 1941
  4. William Potts1864 - 1937
  5. Edmund Potts1866 - 1927
  6. John Potts1868 - 1940
  7. James Hardy Potts1870 - 1944
  8. Mary Eliza Potts1872 - 1873
  9. Alice Potts1874 - 1943
  10. Samuel Frances Potts1876 - 1961
  11. Walter Lawerance Potts1879 - 1967
  12. Ethel Elizabeth Potts1881 - 1957
  13. Alfred Earnest Potts1884 - 1896
  14. Edwin Harrie Potts1887 - 1959
m. 9 Apl 1889
  1. Harold Potts1889 - 1891
  2. Harriett Amelia Potts1891 - 1979
  3. Oliver John Clyde Potts1892 - 1968
  4. Agnes Potts1894 - 1966
  5. Victor Samuel Potts1896 - 1970
  6. Ruby Pearl Potts1897 - 1985
  7. Gilbert Potts1903 - 1969
  8. Alice Irene Potts1904 - 1911
  9. Beatrice Gwendoline Potts1906 - 1969
  10. Leonard Maurice Potts1908 - 1999
  11. Ivy Doris Potts1909 - 1994
  12. Walter Reginald Potts1912 - 1973
Facts and Events
Name John Potts
Gender Male
Birth? 19 May 1868 Taree, New South Wales, Australia
Marriage 9 Apl 1889 Taree, Australiato Alice Ada Turner
Death? 10 Oct 1940 Taree, New South Wales, Australia
Birth Certificate: New South Wales Births Government Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Registration Number Last Name Given Name(s) Father's Given Name(s) Mother's Given Name(s) District
Death Certificate: New South Wales Births Government Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
Registration Number Last Name Given Name(s) Father's Given Name(s) Mother's Given Name(s) District
The Northern Champion (Taree, NSW : 1913 ­ 1954), Saturday 12 October 1940, page 4


The friends of Mr. John Potts, of Chatham sub-division, Taree, were shocked on Thursday when word was passed round that he had died suddenly at his home. Mr. Potts appeared to be in his usual health when he rose early on Thursday morning, but after cranking the car in order to drive into town, he had a bad heart attack, and passed away within a short period. The late Mr. Potts was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Yates Potts, and was born at Wingham 72 years ago. He spent his early life farming around Wingham, and was later married to Miss Alice Turner, a daughter of the late. Mr. and Mrs. James Turner, of Cedar Party. Their early married life was spent at the latter place and then, some 45 years ago they moved to Lansdowne, and then to Upper Lansdowne about five years later. They lived at the last named place, until 11 years ago, when they came to Taree to live in retirement. Mr. Potts was engaged in farming pursuits, with short periods as a timber getter. He was a hard worker, and since coming to Taree had gone in extensively- for the growing of vegetables. Whilst at Upper Lansdowne he took a keen interest in the old School of Arts, and was also a warden of the Church of England. He was a man of modest demeanour, but nevertheless his many excellent qualities gained for him a wide circle of friends. He is survived by Mrs. Potts and the following children: Messrs. John Clyde Potts (Upper Lansdowne), Victor Samuel (Lansdowne), Ernest Raymond (Taree), Gilbert (Upper Lansdowne), Leonard Maurice (Lansdowne); Walter Reginald (serving in, the A.I.F.), Mes- dames V. Atkins (Upper Lansdowne), L. V. Mitchell. (Upper Lansdowne), J. C. Minett (Upper Lansdowne), Eric Smith (Upper Lansdowne), Eric Hawkins (Gosford), and Ken Gilkison (Comboyne). One son died in infancy: There are 36 grandchildren and four great-grandchildien. Three grandchildren are dead. Surviving brothers and sisters are Messrs. Jas. Potts (Taree), Harry, Walter and Frank Potts (Cedar Party), Mrs. Albert Worthing (Wingham), Mrs. Cartlidge. Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Lean (all of Sydney). The late Wm. Potts (Kimbriki), Edward Potts (Wingham), and Ernest Potts, who died at Wingham, aged 14, were brothers. At 2 p.m. on Friday a service was conducted at St. John's Church, Taree, after which the funeral proceeded to the Dawson cemetery. Rev. Walter Latham conducted the services at the church and graveside, and Mr. W. T. Howard carried out the funeral arrangements.

The Manning River Times and Advocate for the Northern Coast Districts of New South Wales (Taree, NSW : 1898 ­ 1954), Saturday 12 October 1940, page 6


With tragic suddenness, the death occurred on Thursday morning of Mr. John Potts, at his home, which is on the rise of the eastern side of the Taree Bowling Club's green. It appears that he was apparently in good health and intended to come down town. He went to the yard to crank up his car. He returned to the verandah and said he had been expectorating blood, sat down, and in a few minutes passed away. Prior to this attack he had enjoyed good health. Deceased was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Potts, who were amongst the early pioneers of the Upper Manning. He was born on the Upper Manning 72 years ago. Reaching man's estate; he was married to Miss Alice Turner, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs James Turner, also of the Upper Manning. After marriage he and his wife lived on a farm at Cedar Party for a few years, and then they moved to the Lansdowne River, where he continued farming for a number of years. Some seven or eight years ago he decided, to retire and came to Taree to live. He purchased a residence, at Chatham, overlooking the Taree Bowling Club's green, and there he resided until the end came. He did a little market gardening and was a familiar figure at Bidner's Union Sales. The late Mr. Potts had a very likeable disposition and made many friends wherever he went. He was open-hearted and kind, and had a broad view of citizenship. He was a popular figure in Taree. during his sojourn in this town. Deceased is survived by a widow and the following sons, and daughters: Messrs Oliver John Clyde Potts, Upper Lansdowne; Victor:. Samuel, Lansdowne; Ernest Raymond, Taree; Gilbert, Upper Lansdowne; Leonard Morris, Lansdowne; and Walter Raymond, Comboyne; Mrs. V, Atkins, Mrs. L. V. Mitchell, Mrs. J, C. Minett and Mrs. Eric Smith, Upper Lansdowne; Mrs. K. Gilkinson, Comboyne, and Mrs. E. Hawkins, (Gosford, One boy, Harold, died when two years, of age. Brothers of deceased are; Messrs James Pottgs, Taree; Walter, Harry and Frank, Cedar Party. Creek. Sisters surviving are: Mrs. Albert Worth- ting, Wingham; Mrs. Alice, Cartlidge and Mrs. F, Lane. Sydney; and Mrs. F Hall, Sydney, Deceased brothers are Messrs Wm. Potts, Taree, and Mr. Edmond Potts, Wingham. The funeral to the Dawson Cemetery was to have, taken place yesterday. (Friday). The Rev. Walter Latham was to have conducted , a service , at St. John's. Church, at 2, and afterwards at the cemetery. Mr. W. T. Howard was the undertaker.

Australian Cemeteries website. [1]
Family Name Given Names Birth Date Death Date Age Remarks Cemetery Portion Row
Potts John 10 Oct 1940 72y h/Alice; father Dawson River (Taree) General Ang L/36
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