Person:John Perkins (1)

m. 29 Nov 1579
  1. Alice Perkins1580/1 -
  2. Thomas Perkins1582 - bet 1655
  3. John Perkins1583 - bef 1654
  4. Francis Perkins1585 - 1585
  5. Francis Perkins1586 - 1586/7
  6. Margaret Perkins1588 - aft 1608/9
  7. Edward Perkins1590 - aft 1608/9
  8. Agnes Perkins1592 -
  9. Sarah Perkins1595 -
  10. Francis Perkins1596/7 - aft 1608/9
  11. William Perkins1598/9 - aft 1608/9
  12. Luke Perkins1600 - aft 1608/9
  13. Elizabeth Perkins1602 - 1602
  14. Elizabeth Perkins1604 - aft 1608/9
  15. Jacob Perkins1607 - aft 1608/9
  • HJohn Perkins1583 - bef 1654
  • WJudith Gaterbef 1588 - 1684
m. 8 Oct 1608
  1. John Perkins1609 - 1686
  2. Elizabeth Perkins1611 - bef 1670
  3. Mary Perkins1615 - 1700
  4. Ann Perkins1617 - Bef 1654
  5. Deacon Thomas Perkins1622 - 1686
  6. Sgt. Jacob Perkins1624 - 1700
  7. Lydia Perkins1632 - 1707
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] John Perkins
Gender Male
Christening[2] 23 Dec 1583 Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England
Marriage 8 Oct 1608 Hillmorton, Warwickshire, Englandto Judith Gater
Immigration[3] 1 Dec 1630 Bristol, Gloucestershire, EnglandAboard the 1st voyage of the "Lyon"
Immigration[3] 6 Feb 1631 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United Statesarrived at Nantasket Feb 5th, and was at Boston the next day
Residence[3] 1633 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death[2] bef 26 Sep 1654 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Will[3] 28 Mar 1654 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[2] 26 Sep 1654 Probate of Will
Probate[3] 27 Sep 1655 Will proved

John Perkins was baptized, married, and had his children in Hillmorton, Warwickshire. He immigrated in 1631 on the first trip of the Lyon. He lived first at Boston, where "John Perkins and Judith his wife" were admitted to Boston church as members #107 and #108 (this would be in early 1631) [ BChR 14]. He removed to Ipswich by 1633. He served in various minor offices and occasional juries, and appears in the Ipswich records as being excused from service for being 60 years old on 26 March 1650 (when he was at least 67).

He had Ipswich land grants: forty acres in 1634, three acres of upland; ten acres of meadow; an island at More's Point; ten acres where "he hath built a house"; six acres of meadow; six acres of upland in 1635, and forty acres at Chebacco in 1636, and six acres of plowland in 1639 [ Dudley Wildes Anc 88].S2

Will & Probate

In his will, dated 28 March 1654 and proved 26 September 1654, "John Perkines the Elder of Ipswich being at this time sick and weak in body" bequeathed to "my eldest son John Perkines a foal ... also ... to my son John's two sons John and Abraham to each of them one of my yearling heifers"; to "my son Thomas Perkines one cow and one heifer also ... to his son John Perkines one ewe"; to "my daughter Elizabeth Sarjeant one cow and a heifer to be to her and her children after her decease"; to "my daughter Mary Bradbery one cow and one heifer or a young steer ... to her & to her children"; to "my daughter Lidia Bennitt one cow and one heifer or steer ... to her children"; to "my grandchild Thomas Bradbery one ewe"; to "my son Jacob Perkines my dwelling house together with all the outhousing and all my lands ... according to a former covenant, after the decease of my wife"; residue "to my dear wife Judeth Perkines" sole executrix, "as also to dispose of some of the increase to children of my son Thomas and of my three daughters" at her discretion [ EPR 1:190-91].S2

The inventory of John Perkins was undated but totalled £250 5s., including real estate valued at £132: "the dwelling house and barn with out housing," £40 60s. [sic]; "land about the house about eight acres," £12; "more land unbroke up about fourteen acres," £21; "a parcel of marsh about six acres," £12; "a parcel of upland and marsh being much broken about twenty acres," £20; "twelve acres of improved land," £24 [ EPR 1:191].S2

Military Service

During the war with the Tarentines (July - Sept. 1631), he was a sargeant of the allied and friendly Indians under Chief Masconomo at Agawam.

Lyon (1631)
The Lyon made several voyages under Captain William Peirce 1630-1632.
Sailed: 23 Aug 1631 from London, England
Arrived: 2 Nov 1631 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    BIRTH: Baptized Hillmorton, Warwickshire, 23 December 1583, son of Henry and Elizabeth (Sawbridge) Perkins [ Dudley Wildes Anc 87].
    DEATH: Ipswich "1654 aged sixty four years" between 28 March 1654 (date of will) and 26 September 1654 (probate of will).

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    "JOHN, Ipswich, b. a 1590, it is said, at Newent in Co. Gloucester, came, prob. in the Lion to Boston, Feb. 1631, with Roger Williams, bring. also, w. Judith, s. John, b. a. 1614; and prob. other ch. certain. Mary, wh. m. perhaps 1636. Thomas Bradbury; and Elizabeth wh. bee. w. of William Sargent. he with his w. soon join. our ch. had Lydia, bapt. 3 June 1632, was freem. 18 may 1631, and in 1633 went to I. with John Winthrop the younger, rep. in 1636, d. 1654, leav. John, Thomas, b. a. 1616; and Jacob, a. 1624, b. in Eng.; Lydia m. a Bennet."