Person:John Osborn (11)

Sergeant John Osborn
d.Bef 24 May 1706
m. 19 May 1645
  1. Sergeant John Osborn1645/46 - Bef 1706
  2. Ann Osborn1647 - 1682
  3. Nathaniel Osborn1649 - 1689
  4. Samuel Osborn1652 -
  5. Mary Osborn1655 - Bef 1692
  6. Sarah Osborn1657 -
  7. Hannah Osborn1657 - 1715
  8. Samuel Osborn1660 -
  9. Esther Osborn1662 -
  10. Isaac Osborn1664 - 1673
m. 14 Oct 1669
  1. Abigail Osborn1671 -
  2. Mindwell Osborn1673 -
  3. Elizabeth Osborn1684 - 1761
  4. John Osborn
  1. Isaac Osborn1694 -
  2. Mary Osborn1695/96 -
  3. Jacob Osborn1697/98 -
Facts and Events
Name Sergeant John Osborn
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 10 Jan 1645/46 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 14 Oct 1669 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Abigail Eggleston
Will[3] 9 Mar 1705/06 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Death[3] Bef 24 May 1706 Will proved
  1. Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862)

    JOHN, Windsor, m. 19 May 1645, Ann, only ch. of Richard Oldage, had John, b. 10 Jan. 1646; Ann, 15 Jan. 1648; Nathaniel, 10 Mar. 1650; Samuel, 25 July 1652, d. soon; Mary, 16 Apr. 1655; Hannah, 18 Dec. 1657; Samuel, again, 8 May 1660; Esther, 9 Aug. 1662; Isaac, 28 Sept. 1664, d. at 9 yrs.; and Sarah, 8 Feb. 1667. He d. 27 Oct. 1636, when were liv. beside John, Nathaniel, and Samuel, all the ds. exc. Ann, wh. m. 12 Nov. 1663, Humphrey Prior, and had left two s.; Mary, m. 22 Oct. 1674, Josiah Owen; Hannah, m. Elias Shadduck, and next, m. 6 Mar. 1678, Benjamin Eggleston. ... JOHN, Westfield, s. of John of Windsor, m. 31 Oct. 1674 [sic], Abigail, d. of Bagot Eggleston, had John, b. 25 Aug. 1670; rem. to Windsor, there had Abigail, 2 Mar. 1672; Mindwell, 2 Jan. 1674; Ann, Jan. 1676; Mary, Jan. 1678; Hannah, 14 June 1680; Sarah, 12 Aug. 1682, both d. young; Elizabeth 19 Dec. 1684; Martha, 10 Apr. 1687; tw. s. b. and d. 3 Feb. 1692; Isaac, 6 June 1694; and fam. tradit. says, he rem. to L. I. there had Mary, again, 10 Feb. 1696; and Jacob, 4 Jan. 1698.

  2. Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States. Records of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1638-1925.

    John Osband son of Jhn Osband was born Janr 10th 1645 (Bk I Page Twenty-Eight)

  3. 3.0 3.1 Manwaring, Charles W. A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records. (Hartford, Conn.: R. S. Peck & Co., 1904-06).

    Page 155-6 Name: Sergt. John Osbourne Location: Windsor
    Invt. £665-00-00. Taken 10 April, 1706, by John Moore, Sen., Daniel Heydon, Sen., and Daniel White. Will dated 9 March, 1705-6.
    I, John Osbourne of Windsor, do make my last will and testament: I give to my wife the new house, barn, orchard and pasture adjoining during her widowhood. Furthermore, I give to my wife during her widowhood my lot called Burge's lot and my other lot called Drake's lot, and my other lot called Pryar's lot, and my lot next about the brook; all these I give to my wife during her widowhood towards the bring-up of my children. My will is that my two younger sons should have the land above specified after their mother. Willing also that my two younger sons should pay to their sister Mary £30. Furthermore, I give to my wife half the team and half what appertains thereto, and the other half to my son John. Furthermore, I give to my wife, to be hers forever, one brass kettle and one warming-pan. Nextly, I give to my son John all my lands from the stake now set northward, running from the river east 3 miles, and also the housing, barn, orchard and pasture, after my wife, to be his. Nextly, I give to my daughter Elizabeth my lower lot next to Scantick. Nextly, I give to my daughter Martha £30, to be paid her out of the stock; and to Elizabeth £16, to be paid out of the stock. My will is that my white horse shall belong to my wife. My will further is that my son John should pay to my two daughters, Abigail and Mindwell, £10 to each of them. My will further is that my son John shall pay to my two daughters, Elizabeth and Martha, to each of them £5. And my will is that my son John be executor.
    Witness: Samuel Osborne, Sen. Samuel Mather, Jr., Jacob Gibbs, Jr.
    John X Osbourn, Sen.
    Court Record, Page 84--24 May, 1706: John Osbourne exhibited the last will of his late father, John Osbourn, Sen. Also exhibited an agreement between Martha Osbourn, widow, and her son John Osbourn.
    Page 61 (Vol IX) 1st April, 1718: Whereas, Isaac Perse of Enfield, Henry Gibbs and Isaac Bissell of Windsor, in right of their wives, children of John Osbourn, late decd., moved this Court for a dist. of about 107 acres of land described in a writ dated 24 March, 1718, on file in this Court, affirming it to be intestate estate and not disposed of by the last will of John Osbourn, decd., Mrs. Martha Osbourn, Isaac and Jacob Osbourn being cited. And the Court having heard the pleas of the parties, are of the opinion that distribution ought not be granted on the sd. estate.
    Page 73--5 August, 1718: Upon motion of John Osbourn, executor of the will of John Osbourn deceased. A citation to Mrs. Martha Osbourn, relict, and Thomas Elsworth and Jonathan Elsworth, to appear and disclose if they have concealed any part of sd. estate. This Court find that they have not concealed any part thereof.