Person:John Nugent (2)

John Nugent
Facts and Events
Name John Nugent
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1790 Co. Westmeath, Ireland
Marriage to Catherine Cooney
Reference Number? 12428

--- Marg MacMillan <> wrote: > >> I found this website and noticed the following: John Nugent who >> settled in Brock County, Ontario (They probably mean Brock Twp., >> Ontario County. >> >> THE NAME AND FAMILY OF NUGENT >> >> >> >> The name of NUGENT is derived from the residence of its first >> bearers at Nogent or Nugent, in Normandy, France. It was taken into >> The British Isles at the time of the Norman Conquest of that country >> and is found in ancient English, Irish, and early American records in >> various forms of Nogent, Nugun, Nogen, Nugen, Nugent, and others. Of >> these spellings, the last is that most often used in America in more >> recent years. >> >> According to family historians, the Nugents trace their descent >> from Evas De Belesme, powerful Norman Baron, Lord of the Castle, >> lands and Tower of Belesme, Normandy, who died in the year 993 A.D. >> By his wife Godchilda, he was the father of a son named William. >> This William, Lord of Belesme and Count of Alencon, served under >> Robert, King of France. By his first wife, Matilda, he left three >> sons, Fulke, Robert, and William de Belesme. His second wife, >> Adelais, gave him another son, Warrin de Belesme, who became Lord of >> Damfort, Mortaign, and Nogent, in Normandy, and Viscount of >> chateaudun. Warrin died in 1026, leaving issue by his wife >> Millicent, daughter and heir of Hugh, Viscount Chateaudun, of a son >> named Geoffry or Geoffrey. Geoffry, Viscount Chateaudun, Lord de >> Mortaign, Nogent, and Gallardon, married Elvidic, daughter of Odo, >> count of Champaigne, and had a least two sons, Hugh and Rotron de >> Nugent, of whom the former died young. >> >> Rotron de Nugent (the first of the family so designated), >> Viscount Chateaudun, married Adeline, daughter of Nigen de Mowbray, >> of Picardy, and was the father by her of Geoffry, Hugh, Rotron, and >> Fulquois de Nugent. Of these brothers, the first was created Count >> of Mortaign and Nogent and commanded a division of the army of >> William the Conqueror in 1066; Hugh became Viscount Chateaudun; and >> Fulquois, who was also a follower of the Norman Conqueror at the >> Battle of Hastings. His sons were Gilbert, Richard, Christopher, and >> John de Nugent, of whom the last three accompanied Sir Hugh de Lacie >> on his expedition to Ireland in the year 1172. >> >> John de Nugent had a least two sons, Hugh and Philip, of whom >> the first served in Ireland with his cusins, Hugh de Lacy and Gilbert >> de Nugent, and received a grant of Lands at Bracklyn, county Meath. >> He died in 1213, leaving issue by his wife Typhano of Gilbert and >> Richard, of whom the former settled at Bracklyn, in Ireland. His >> sons were Hugh, Eugene, And Almeric de Nugent. Of these Hugh first >> Married Mabel, daughter of Thomas le Tuit, by whom, however, he had >> no issue. His second wife, Joan, daughter of Nicholas Drake, gave >> him two sons, Nicholas and Sir Hugh, of whom the latter resided at >> Everardstown, County Dublin, Ireland, in 1322, and left issue there >> by his wife Margaret, daughter of Walter Cusack of Nicholas, Walter >> and Geoffry. >> >> Nicholas de Nugent, elder son of Hugh and Joan, was the father >> of Richard, who married Juliana, daughter of Nicholas Drake, of >> County Meath. Richard had a son named Nicholas Nugent, who had a >> wife named Judith and two sons, Thomas and Sir William. The younger >> son, Sir William "Fitz Nicholas" Nugent, became Baron of Delvin, >> County Meath. In 1407 he married the Hon. Catherine Fitz John, >> daughter and heir of John Fitz John, Baron of Delvin. To this union >> were born two sons, the Right Hon. Richard Nugent and Sir William Oge >> Nugent, of whom the latter was the Progenitor of the Nugents of >> Moyrath, Dardistown, Ballinselott, Culvin, and Gillstown, Ireland. >> >> The Right Hon. Richard Nugent, Baron of Delvin, was Sheriff of >> Meath in 1424, Lord Deputy of Ireland in 1444, and Seneschal of Meath >> in 1452. By his wife Catherine, daughter of Thomas Drake, he had >> issue of the Hon. James and Edward Nugent, of whom the latter was the >> ancestor of the family in County Waterford, Ireland. The Hon. James >> married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Robert Hollywood, and was the >> father by her of three sons, The Right Hon. Christopher Nugent, Baron >> of Delvin, Robert and Andrew, of who the first continued the elder >> line of the family, while Andrew founded a family of the name in >> Westmeath. >> >> Robert Nugent, the second son of the Hon. James Nugent, owned >> the lands of Dumcree, Ballystrowan, and Oldbawn, County Westmeath. >> By his wife, Anna Cusack, he had a son named Christopher, who died in >> 1526, leaving by his wife Elinor, daughter of Alexander Plunket, of >> Sir Oliver, Robert, Edward, the Right Rev. Edmund (Bishop of >> Kilmore), William, Richard, James, Anna, and Elinor. Of these, Sir >> Oliver Nugent married Anna, daughter of Thomas Barnewall, and died in >> 1557, leaving issue of Christopher, Robert, Lavallin, Richard, and >> Anne, of whom the first died without issue. Robert, the second son, >> left only one child, Oliver, by his wife Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas >> Nugent, of County Meath, and this son died without issue before >> reaching maturity. >> >> Lavallin Nugent, third son and eventual heir of Sir Oliver, was >> the father by his wife Elizabeth of Nicholas, Robert, Edward, Oliver, >> Christopher, Richard, Margaret, Elinor, Elizabeth and Maud. >> Nicholas, the eldest of these, married Anne, daughter of James >> Birmingham, and left issue by her of James, Thomas, Lavallin, and >> Margery, of whom the first married Margaret, daughter of John Dillon. >> this James was the father of Oliver, John and Robert, of whom the >> first was a colonel in King James' Army and a Major General in the >> French service. He married Jane, only daughter of christopher >> Nugent, a cousin and descendant of Andrew of the family of Westmeath, >> Ireland, of Dardistown, in Westmeath, and left a son named Walter, >> who served as a Captain in the Imperial service. The family estates >> were declared forfeit after the Battle of Boyne and many of the >> family left Ireland for the Continent and the Americas. The >> last-mentioned Walter married Elinor, daughter of James Cusack, and >> had a son of the same name, Walter. By his wife Antoinetta, daughter >> of Jacob de Roux, of Antiqua, the last Walter was the falther of >> Walter, Oliver, Sir Nicholas Tyrrel Le Roux Nugent (Baronet), >> Margaret, Mary Antoinetta, Sarah, and Eleanor. >> >> Oliver Nugent, son of Walter and Antoinetta, was first married >> in 1759 to Elizabeth, daughter of William Dunbar, of Kirkeudbright, >> Ireland, and was the father by her of Robert Skerrett, Walter, >> Oliver, Mary, Barbara, and Antoinetta. The second wife of Oliver was >> Bridget Margaret, daughter of Stephen Lynch, and their children were >> Lord Percy, Nicholas, John and Christian. >> >> John Nugent emigrated from Limerick, Limerick County, Ireland, >> to America in 1831, and settled in Brock County, Ontario, Canada, >> with his wife and five children, Edward, Thomas, John, Richard, age >> 12 years, and Mary, a babe of three months. >> >> Richard Nugent married Sarah Pangman to whom were born Sterling, >> John, Richard, Jr., James, Katherine, Jane, Mary, Sarah, Henry, >> William, Elizabeth, and Thomas. >> >> Mary Nugent married Michael O'Sullivan, to whom was born Mary, >> Katherine, Margaret May, Annie, William, and Elizabeth. >> >> After the death of Michael O'Sullivan, Mary Nugent O'Sullivan >> married James Porter. They left no issue by this union. >> >> The two families (Nugents and O'Sullivans) migrated to the >> United States from Canada in 1863 and 1865 and settled in Bingham and >> Verona Townships, Huron County, Michigan. >> >> Sterling Nugent married Phoebe Rogers to whom was born Etta, >> Laura, George, Sterling, Jr. Alex, and Phillip. >> >> John Nugent married Mary Ann Slack to whom was born Hattie >> Effie, Warren, Howard, Judson, Clarence, and Beulah Abigal. >> >> Richard Nugent, Jr. married Margaret May Sullivan to whom was >> born Michael Wallace and Mary Elizabeth. >> >> James Nugent married Elizabeth Sullivan to whom was born Cecil >> Thomas, James Alger, Michael John, Harry Edward, Ela William, Lester >> Gregory, Merwenna, Margaret, Richard and Helen. >> >> Katherine Nugent married William Gardner to whom was born >> Sterling, Sarah Lavina, Jennie and Mary. >> >> Jane Nugent married William Warren to whom was born Tillie and >> Early. >> >> Mary Nugent married John Warren to whom was born Tryphena, Sarah >> Ann, Eva Blanch, Richard Lester, Edna Dean, Elizabaeth May, Mary >> Ellen and Thurza Catherine. >> >> Sarah Nugent married Richard Martin to whom was born Jennie. >> >> Henry Nugent married Irene Granger to whom was born Beulah, >> Libbie, Melzer, Hershel, Grant, Leslie and Lyle. >> >> William Nugent married Alice Bradley who left no issue. >> >> Elizabeth Nugent married William J. Sullivan to whom was born >> May and Richard. >> >> Thomas Nugent married Mandelia Bacus to whom was born Thelma, >> Ardis, Clara, and Thomas, Jr. >> >> To Richard Nugent, Jr. and his wife Margaret May Sullivan, was >> born Michael Wallace. >> >> To Michael Wallace Nugent and his wife, Alice Maude Richardson, >> daughter of James W. Richardson and Rosanna Murdock, was born >> Kenneth Richardson Nugent, September 22 1909. >> >> >> >> Cecil Thomas Nugent married Ida Mary Grant. They had three >> daughters: Lenore Mary (Pangman), Elizabeth Cecilia (Rankin) and >> Margaret Winifred (Flaherty) >> >> Elizabeth Cecilia Nugent married Joseph Dennis Rankin. They had >> seven children: Shirley Ann, Elizabeth Joan, Joseph Dennis, Jr. >> Robert Thomas, Dorothy Jeanne, Merrie Carolyn, and Michael Grant. >> >> Lenore married Harry O. Pangman. They had one son, William >> David. >> >> Margaret (Peggy) Winifred married Richard Flaherty. They >> adopted twin sons, John and Jim..