Person:John Mauldin (4)

  • HJohn Mauldin1765 - 1832
  • WMary Blake1767 -
m. 1780
  1. Keziah Mauldin1782 - 1864
  2. Sarah Mauldin1782 - 1832
  3. Absolom Able Mauldin1790 - 1844
  4. James Mauldin1791 - 1861
  5. Elizabeth Mauldin1792 -
  • HJohn Mauldin1765 - 1832
  • WMary MartinBet 1771 & 1774 - Aft 1839
  1. Joab MauldinAbt 1795 - Bef 1866
  2. Sarah MauldinAbt 1798 - Aft 1866
  3. Taliaferro MauldinAbt 1798 - Abt 1835
  4. Francis M Mauldin1805 - 1835
  5. Mary Mauldin1808 - 1892
  6. Elizabeth Jane Mauldin1812 - 1858
  7. James MauldinAbt 1815 - Aft 1880
  8. Godfrey Mauldin1818 - 1866
  9. Frances Fanny Mauldin1820 -
Facts and Events
Name John Mauldin
Gender Male
Birth? 1765 Granville, North Carolina, United States
Marriage 1780 to Mary Blake
Marriage to Mary Martin
Property? 18 Feb 1793 Pendleton District, South Carolina, United StatesRoger Martin to John Mauldin, A, Both Sides of Beaver Creek, Rocky River, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States|Pendleton District, SC, Roger Martin to John Mauldin, 200 A, both sides of Beaver Creek, Rocky River, neigbors Ancil Garrett, Daniel McCoy, James Garner
Property? 7 Feb 1810 Pendleton District, South Carolina, United StatesJohn Mauldin Pendleton District to WilliamElrod for T500 sold 300 ac on both sides of Beaver Cr, branch of Rockey R, joins W Hoper, Danl McCoy, James Thompson, Ancel Jarrett, Wm Leonard, Toogaloo Cr & William Hannah signed John Mauldin (Mary X Mauldin)
Death? Feb 1832 Anderson, South Carolina, United States
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  1.   please see my page for John Mauldin and Mary Martin. Also known as John Godfrey Mauldin, but no evidence that his middle name was Godfrey. His son was named Godfrey.
  2.   Probable parents of John Mauldin are John Mauldin and Sarah Blake Mauldin who came from Granville, NC, to Pendleton, SC. Captain Blake Mauldin, who also migrated from Granville, NC, to Pendleton, SC, is also a possible father. Probable brother of this John is Joab Mauldin of Pendleton District.
  3.   Children of John Mauldin, died 1832, Pendleton District

    Census data establishes that the oldest children of this John Mauldin were born between 1790 and 1800. His children are listed in his will which is attached to his page. Keziah Mauldin was too old to be this John's daughter and is not listed in his will. Neither Absalom nor Able were sons of this John Mauldin per his will. James Mauldin who married Rachel Martin died too early to be his son. James Mauldin is listed as heir of Godfrey Mauldin, his brother, who died in 1866.