Person:John Maddox (33)

John Maddox
m. 9 Jan 1758
  1. Claiborne Maddox1758 - 1822
  2. Sherwood Maddox1761 - 1839
  3. John MaddoxAbt 1764 - Aft 1840
Facts and Events
Name John Maddox
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1764 Goochland County, Virginia
Death[1] Aft 1840 Fluvanna County, Virginia

Military Service

American Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 3, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Maddox, John - entered service 1780 in Virginia regiement; granted pension 1818 in Fluvanna County, Virginia, abt. age 55; resided there in 1820 occupation farmer when family and wife abt. age 52, son age about 12 & 6 daughters (age of 5 of them 21, 17, 15, 10 & 6); query letter in file in 1921 from great great granddaughter Mrs. Charles Cork of Macon, Georgia whose maternal grandfather was Alexander Compton Maddox of Putnam County, Georgia. F-S38183, R1613.

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    John Maddox, also a son of Jacob and Susannah, served in the Company led by Gideon Hacker from Goochland County, Virginia. The action he saw was mainly along the James River in Virginia, guarding various outposts in that area. Toward the end of the War, he joined a company of militia raised by Captain Thomas Miller that merged with General Lafayette's army and with General George Washington's army about the time of the British surrender. In 1840, he was receiving a pension for his war service in Fluvanna County, Virginia, age 76.

  2.   Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Pension application of John Maddox (Mattox) S38183 f22VA
    Transcribed by Will Graves 2/16/13

    At a Court of Quarterly Sessions held for Fluvanna County on Monday the 22nd day of June 1818 This day John Maddox aged about fifty-five years resident of this County personally appeared in Court and made the following declaration on oath.
    That he entered the Service of the United States as a private Soldier in the War of the Revolution in the month of January in the year 1780, that he belonged to a Company commanded by Captain Thomas Howell or Ewell [Thomas Ewell] of the second Regiment commanded by Colonel Bluford [Abraham Buford] of the Virginia line and Continental establishment, that he served as a Soldier as aforesaid until the end of the War which was upwards of three years when he got a discharge which is lost or mislaid, that he is in reduced circumstances and needs the aid of his Country for support and that he has no other evidence of his said service. And it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the said John Maddox served in the Revolutionary War as aforesaid against the common Enemy for the term of three years and upwards and that he is by reason of his reduced circumstances in life in need of assistance from his Country for support and has therefore a just claim to a Pension in the manner prescribed by an Act of Congress entitled "An Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the Land and Naval service of the United States in the Revolutionary War" the same is ordered to be certified to the Secretary of the Department of War.
    [Certified by John Timberlake clerk of the Fluvanna County court July 31, 1818.]
    State of Virginia Fluvanna County to wit:
    On the 25th day of July 1820 personally appeared in open Court being a Court of record for the said County proceeding according to the course of the common law with a jurisdiction unlimited in point of amount keeping a record of its proceedings and expressly made a Court of record by the laws of the said State, John Maddox aged fifty-six years resident in said County who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary war as follows. That he entered the service of the United States as a private soldier in the War of the Revolution on or about the __ day of January 1780 that he belonged to a company commanded by Captain Thomas Howell or Ewell in the second Regiment commanded by Colonel Buford of the Virginia line on the Continental establishment, that he served as a soldier as aforesaid until the end of the war upwards of three years and quit the service in consequence of being discharged which discharge is lost or mislaid. And I do solemnly swear that I was a resident Citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift, sale or in any manner whatever disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring myself within the provision of an act of Congress entitled “an act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the revolutionary war” passed on the 18th day of March 1818, and that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property, or securities, contracts or debts due to me nor have I any income other than what is contained in the schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed to wit one cupboard one chest one trunk two pine tables eight chairs one pair of smoothing irons eight Plates six cups and saucers six knives and forks six tablespoons two wheels two dishes two pair of cards one Bible one testament one candlestick one lovin [?] two plows two sets of gear three hoes one coalter one handsaw one drawing knife two augers two chisels one frou one horse cart one saddle one grindstone one wheel fan one hundred and six acres of land fourteen head of cattle twenty-one sheep two horses and fifteen hogs. The said declarant states that he is by occupation a farmer and planter which he is illy able to pursue by reason of age and infirmity being afflicted with cramps and rheumatism caused as he verily believes by forced marches in the time of his revolutionary services, that his family consist of a wife aged about fifty-two years a son aged about twelve years and six daughters aged as follows one about twenty-one years another about seventeen years (afflicted with white swelling and unable to work) one about fifteen years one about ten years and the other about 6 years none of whom are able but in a very limited degree to contribute to their support. And the said declarant further states that the number of his original certificate is six thousand seven hundred and eightyeight.
    S/ John Maddox
    [The court valued the property of the veteran at $790.09.]
    For the purpose of obtaining the benefits of the Act entitled "An act for the relief of certain Surviving officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Revolution" approved on the 15th of May 1818, I John Maddox of the County of Fluvanna in the State of Virginia do hereby declare that I enlisted in the Continental line of the Army of the Revolution, for and during the War and continued in its service until its termination at which period I was a private soldier in Captain Johnson's Company Colonel Hall's Regiment Muhlenberg's [Peter Muhlenberg's] Brigade; and I also declare that I received certificates for the reward of $80 to which I was entitled under a resolve of Congress passed the 15th May 1778. The evidence of my services will be found on the files of the Pension office War Department – that I received a pension under the act of 1818, but was struck from the late pension list after the passage of the act of 1 May 1820 & since that time have not received any pension from the United States.
    Witness my hand this 25th day of August 1828
    S/ John Maddox
    Revolutionary Claims Treasury Department, September 6, 1828
    John Madox [sic] of __ in the County of Fluvanna in the State of Virginia has applied to the Secretary of the Treasury for the benefits of the act, entitled "An act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the Revolution," approved the 15th of May, 1828. He states that he enlisted in the Continental line of the Army of the Revolution, for and during the war, and continued until its termination, at which period he was a private in Captain Johnson's Company, in Colonel Hall's regiment of the Virginia line; and that he received a certificate for the reward of eighty dollars, provided by the resolve of the 15th of May, 1778; and further, that he was not on the 15th of May, 1828, on the pension list of the United States, and that he has received as a pensioner since the 3rd of March, 1826, nothing
    The Third Auditor is requested to report how far the several statements are corroborated by the records in his Office.
    By order of the Secretary
    S/ F. A. Dickins
    Treasury Department, Third Auditor's Office, 13th September 1828
    It appears by the records of this office, that a certificate for the reward of eighty dollars has been issued to John Mattox [sic] in the Virginia line
    It further appears that John Mattox is not now on the pension list of any agency, and has not been so since the 3rd March 1826 at the rate of __ dollars per month.
    S/ Peter Hagner, Aud. War Department: Bounty land office
    The records of this office do not show that ___ of the __ line ever received or is entitled to bounty land of the United States.
    S/ Robert Taylor
    [Veteran was pensioned at the rate of $8 per month commencing June 22nd 1818, for service as a private for 3 years in the Virginia Continental line.]